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  1. It's an actual map on a wall somewhere, searching for it while being shot is a bit rubbish!
  2. I've had a bunch of Solo wins getting around 10 kills on the pro controller but using the joy-cons I'm lucky to get a single kill! It's an essential purchase i reckon.
  3. Dimahoo...I used an old set of g25 pedals with my csr wheel, it just needs a serial port dongle that you can make yourself easy enough.
  4. Harns

    Nintendo Switch

    Is it crazy to be thinking of getting 2 consoles instead of buying extra Joy-cons and Dock separately? It only works out a hundred quid more and you'd get a spare screen for local lan play!
  5. Most Vr games make me feel off at some point, even cockpit based games, but i've had zero sickness with eagle flight on pc. They really have nailed it in that aspect. Best made-for-Vr game so far folks.
  6. I've been playing it a couple of weeks now on the Oculus cv1 and it's my favourite vr game by quite some margin, it pisses all over the likes of EVE for the feeling of flight. The controls are amazingly intuitive, done mostly with head tilts - for tighter turns - and directly looking where you want to go which enables you to fly through areas that would kill you in a second with a control pad. At times it looks like the speeder bike chase from Jedi. Multiplayer is great but sparsely populated at the moment but when you get a match it's great fun even 1 on 1 and there's quite a bit of skill and tactics involved too. It's more or less Quidditch with eagles. I reckon i'll be coming back to this one for a long time even if it's just to swoop around the city for half an hour.
  7. Beware! The analogue stick has a huge dead zone that makes the game impossible to play. It looks great but badly needs a patch.
  8. Won't be back home in time for this one, someone else will have to come last.
  9. Cheers for the race guys. Need to figure out how to get my mic working with the wheel consistently, it worked last week! Sorry about that. Glad we restarted a second time seeing as I was dead last after that spin on the curbs. Anyone not using manual gears with clutch should start doing so immediately, i,m sure it's worth a couple of seconds a lap depending on the track!
  10. Cheers Dimahoo, much better showing by me than last week for sure. I don't know what was in that tune everyone was using but it was nearly impossible to spin out. Clubsport v2 is amazing by the way!
  11. Moi please. I'll probably need some assists on this time as the game is very unforgiving with a wheel.
  12. Cheers King, my gamertag is Harns. Gt3 cars are my favourite to race so far and the Lotus 49 is my least, mainly because I often spin out driving in a straight line, just me?
  13. Having a (mostly) great time racing on Xbox live with randoms. Also patiently waiting for Boozy or Mr Meers to get the game and start a league or something. Get the game guys, it's brilliant imo.
  14. I've got some g25 pedals so i'll probably get one of those adapters but the TX pedals are actually ok i think. The rubber on the wheel is a bit too grippy for my liking, hoping it will smooth down after a bit of use. And the directional button is very hit and miss on some menus, needs to be more clicky. Apart from that it seems like a nice wheel and Forza Horizon plays great. Must resist splurging on all the add-ons.
  15. I've just grabbed a Thrustmaster TX from Overclockers for £219, can't be arsed waiting for Fanatec any longer. Should be able to enjoy the Forza games a lot more now.
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