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  1. mingmong


    It is absolutely brilliant even considering how early it is in development it's still a cracking game in it's own right. Very much the successor to Project Reality so if you loved it you will love this.
  2. Right?! Loved him in BoB. Was chuffed to see him get a decent role in Drinking Buddies.
  3. There's nothing wrong with YA books, Abercrombie's especially!
  4. The different colours refer to either side of the horizon, and you can use the degrees on it as well.
  5. Learn how to use the navball, basically. It takes a bit of getting used to but it starts to make sense after a while. Here is a Mun launch, in stages 1) Launch vertically upwards, keeping velocity around 100-120 m/s to minimise drag 2) Rotate the aircraft so that you are facing east 3) Begin pitching down around 10k. I normally go down slowly to 45 degrees, then start pushing down a bit more towards 60-70 as you go through the ascent. as you go through the atmosphere you can start to increase speed. 4) Use the map view and keep an eye on your Ap. Depending on your speed you will probably find you reach an Ap of 100k around the 80-90k mark, at this point you cut your engines. 5) As you approach around ten seconds of your Ap, you want to do a prograde burn. The closer your burn is to the Ap, the more even your orbit will be (ie, your Ap will stay at 100 instead of increasing). How close you can get to the Ap with your burn depends on your thrust to weight (TWR). Once you get your Ap and Pe pretty equal then you're in orbit. 6) Line up with the Mun. If you have the Mun at 0 degrees relative to Kerbin then you should be burning round about 120 degrees. Use a manoeuvre node on the map and fine tune it so you have a Mun Pe of <10k. 7) Transfer to Mun, do a retrograde burn at the Pe (opposite of the circularisation burn when you took off from kerbin) and then another retrograde to land.
  6. I loved the second season, although Gillian's 90s action movie scene at the end was so completely at odds with her character and her skills as an actress that it put a bit of a downer on it. The interrogation was so fucking good though. Incredibly well acted, beautifully shot. I actually put iplayer back a few minutes so I could watch it again.
  7. Yeah, should be interesting to get another opinion on it-
  8. In fairness they're pretty good in terms of regular updates and it's coming along nicely.
  9. I had an X52 Pro, upgraded to an X55 and don't regret it.
  10. I had a bit of a dabble in gamma but I'm quite happy to wait and start afresh on the 16th. What I played was fun, though. Being scattered across the galaxy is great, I was so far away from the 10 system cluster I'd been calling home for the last 6 months it felt a bit weird.
  11. Think you have to have made an account to buy the game, no?
  12. Wait, buying your own station? I thought they were staying away from that kind of stuff?
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