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  1. Is there any way to fight while swimming / under water?
  2. I resorted to going up to hard difficulty level a bit after the tutorial - does anyone know if I'll get the achievement for completing on Hard or shall I just start again?
  3. What's the likely hood of game having stock? I wasn't going to get one until after Christmas but the hype has got to me!!!
  4. Will happily share; just need to catch some cruddy Pokémon, get it infected and trade it over for those who want it.
  5. Just discovered my Pokémon are infected with Pokerus, fuck.
  6. You can sprint?!
  7. I don't understand the purpose of the dual destruction perk when you can already dual wield a destruction spell?
  8. Suffice to say I don't think I'm going to get any sleep tonight, Christmas for me (and I believe everyone else who has it) has come early.
  9. Why would you use internet explorer in the first place?
  10. Finally opened Left 4 dead. Currently playing it through with some friends, however the lack in campaign maps and weaponry is disappointing. Nevertheless I'm getting the same fun out of it as I did playing through Earth defense, I feel this is mainly because I am playing it alongside with others.
  11. I didn't know the Xbox was capable of 3D? Specially the older models. Will this be full-on 1.4 hdmi stereoscopic 3D, twin 720p frame buffer configuration? Or some option that's there to just say 'it's in 3D' but it'll look crap.
  12. Saving the ammo for a special kick-ass gun or the energy for a fighting combo and unleashing it when there's a shit load of enemies.
  13. Not being able to open a door after you've just demolished a whole army Rambo-style. One of the things I hated about Call of Duty was waiting for my team to catch up with me and open the bladdy door, as if my character that just killed a hundred soldiers with just a pistol wasn't capable of opening doors. Additionally, going through the inevitable missions where the story will go as follows: Get to point A and collect x. Protect point A as you collect x. Now get to point B and wait for your vehicle to collect you. After a good half hour of enemy waves at point B and waiting, oh looky here, the fucking vehicle crashed or cant get to you for some absurd reason, so instead just take the path in front of you to get away which has been there the whole time you've been waiting. Twats. I enjoy lengthily missions, as there's a great sense of achievement after completion. But sometimes they just take the piss.
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