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  1. Check the timeline, the episode should be playable from there. Although whether it streams or not...
  2. Just finished. Got an ending spoiler bugging me. Halp. Other than that I enjoyed it. Takes too long to get going and the combat is a chore until you've unlocked all of the time powers and upgraded them a bit, but certainly the last half and especially the last quarter of the game is about as good as a game of this nature tends to get.
  3. Yah. Like I say, from a personal point of view I simply don't care about it and I'm sure in stats terms Andy had the right things set. I should've clarified that I didn't suspect people were flouting this rule intentionally or anything, it's just fucking annoying to have gotten in this evening, immediately had issues actually loading up FIFA and getting onto the EA servers, had <2 minutes to change my pro to his new settings out of nowhere, did everything asked of me in accordance with the rules of the league and then see that on the opposing team.
  4. Another week, another incorrectly named pro. Legendary Chelsea full back, Andy. I don't especially care because I think it's a rubbish idea *anyway*, but if people are going to flout this rule continually whilst I have to take charge of a real life player from Manchester fucking United then I will be renaming my pro to Biggie Smalls with immediate effect.
  5. Well, I got in 15 minutes ago from a night out AND I'm having trouble getting FIFA to sign in so that's gone really well. Why is this league so full of bollocks rules
  6. I would've arguably said in terms of the mindset of the British consciousness the MD was generally THE ONE in that era. It feels like Nintendo have always played second fiddle, Wii and handhelds excepted. Not that playing second fiddle is bad, they've made a pretty strong business out of it in the west. That said the conflict was considerably closer then than it is now...
  7. I'll be on from 9 also. Have we moved positions?
  8. Legendary Arsenal player, Finn. (ggs though)
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