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  1. Yip, you're right that the physical design was by Rick, but the I was meaning the keyboard functionality design. Sadly, yes. The keyboard company is an experienced keyboard manufacturer. They were sure that it'd all work perfectly when it was all put together and it turns out they were quite wrong. Ah well.
  2. I avoided appearing in that video along with 2 others. I’ll happily do the graphics and talk to you about them but there’s no way I’m appearing in videos! I’ll let my graphics do the talking...
  3. The keyboard design was designed and manufactured by a keyboard specialist company, apparently. Obviously, they were given the spec by the Next team but it was the keyboard people who provided the solution...which didn’t quite work...so it’s with them for alternatives.
  4. Thanks all! Honestly, much appreciated! That's someone else. They're using their own isometric engine and I think they're just using existing graphics from Ultimate games, though slightly modified. You're not the first person to ask this question and it was asked quite a few times over the weekend. The answer is that we're not planning a physical release...but that's not to say it's completely ruled out. We approached Rare at the beginning of the project just to sound them out and they gave us their blessing and wished us all the best. They only asked for 2 things from us; that we don't use the Atic Atac name and we don't sell it. Both of these we're completely fine with. We hoped they might allow us the use of the Atic Atac name but never expected them to and we never planned in selling the game, always intending it as a free download. You could argue that the name change and the use of my original graphics, even though we have reference all the Ultimate games, could be enough to sell a physical release but we really would like to remain on good terms with Rare, especially after we promised we'd stick to what the asked of us. Ach we'll see what happens.
  5. Thanks! I was there in an unofficial capacity, so I was free to roam around the Expo with my son all weekend, though I regularly popped back to the stand to chat with people about the game. Oh man, the names were difficult to come up with but, like the rest of the game, we decided to stick with the Ultimate Play the Game connection. The game will be full of little nods and references to all their 8-bit releases. The ghost enemy sprite, which is taken from Knight Lore, is only a temporary place holder graphic until I get to producing all the enemy graphics.
  6. Yeah we had great positive feedback from Play Expo Manchester at the weekend there where we had a special Play Expo demo for the PC and the Spectrum Next version was shown off for the 1st time. One change has been done already based on feedback - the original PC version was running at 30fps to keep in with the retro goodness but people much preferred the smoother 60fps that the Next was running at, so the PC version was changed to 60fps yesterday. We teased the lower caverns a couple of weeks ago and I’ll be finishing off all the cavern graphics within the next couple of weeks before returning to the rest of the character animation the Knight (Sir Stamperlot) and the other 3 selectable characters. The most common question we got asked over the weekend is “When will it be finished?”, and the answer we can only give is “When it’s ready!”. There’s only Richard coding and myself doing the graphics and we’re doing this in our spare time. 1 of the Spectrum Next team, Kev Brady, is converting it to that machine and heck knows how Bob Smith, the Spectrum 128K magician, will cram it into that. Still got a long way to go.
  7. I’ll be there. Seeing as there’s a Next conversion of the game I’m working on being converted by one of the Next team, I’ve been invited by them to join them at the Spectrum Next stand.
  8. Yeah, I think the auction was won by ex-Ocean artist Mark R. Jones. If he didn’t win it (I can’t quite recall if he did or not) he got the oppportunity to scan in all the stuff from it. Some of the people involved went on to become Denton Designs, therefore what they learned with Bandersnatch they put into other games, Gift from the Gods, for example. I can’t remember where all the scans of that documentation was out online, I’ll have a look for it later if nobody else links it.
  9. 1001 Ltd is right up there with Kjonami! Both still give me a wee chuckle when I remember them.
  10. Apologies for the shameless self promotion... I’m currently working on a remake of Atic Atac for the PC/Android only using Knight Lore’s isometric viewpoint. I’m doing the graphics and decided to stick to the Spectrum’s palette but not worry about the attributes. It’s still in early stages of development, the Guard from Knight Lore is only a stand in until I get the chance to produce the 4 playable characters (8 directions). It’s all new graphics. Interestingly, we’ve had some support from some ex-Rare members and we’ve even approached Rare themselves. We’d never be charging for it when it’s complete, but wanted to see if we could still use the “Atic Atac” name.
  11. Nah, Peter Jones is a real person and has pretty much kept his distance through the whole thing.
  12. Oh Sweet Moses, I did the graphics for “Byte Me”! I had no idea it was going to be on it.
  13. Like the previous 3, I’m producing brand new pixel art illustrations for the book. I can add Mark Cerny to my list of big name game developers and designers I’ve done pixel portraits of - he loved his, thankfully. Created the Alex Kidd holding the Visual Compendium book for the t-shirt and had to wait ages for SEGA to approve it. I’ve not had any issues with what I can’t do other than I couldn’t add a specific arcade cabinet to my arcade illustration.
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