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    vinyl lovers

    2100 exactly at the moment it appears! never paid over 40 for anything, its just about buying when released or waiting for the right price. Apart from very very rare exceptions everything comes round at the right price or gets reissued in the end! Prices are getting stupid now though, even for new releases so i’ve probably bought less than ever the last couple of years.
  2. markh

    vinyl lovers

    Finally got most of it on Discogs. CDs, 10s and 7s left to do
  3. what made you change over to Xbox? Not bought the new expansion as yet, but the navigation was already awful on my (standard) PS4
  4. This does not sound like the kind of content I would enjoy.
  5. It’s 20 for a year or 3.99 a month btw if you didn’t already know
  6. I took this list from hot deals, this is apparently all the games at present: A Way Out Battlefield 1 Battlefield 4 Battlefield Hardline Battlefield V Burnout Paradise Remastered Dragon Age: Inquisition Fe FIFA 15 FIFA 16 FIFA 17 FIFA 18 FIFA 19 Madden NFL 15 Madden NFL 16 Madden NFL 17 Madden NFL 18 Madden NFL 19 Madden NFL 25 Mass Effect: Andromeda Mirror's Edge Catalyst NBA Live 15 NBA Live 16 NBA Live 17 NBA Live 18 NBA Live 19 Need for Speed Need for Speed: Payback Need for Speed Rivals NHL 15 NHL 16 NHL 17 NHL 18 NHL 19 Peggle 2 Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Rory McIlroy PGA Tour Star Wars: Battlefront Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Titanfall 2 The Sims 4 UFC UFC 2 UFC 3 Unravel Unravel Two
  7. Try going to your library (far right on the dashboard) and looking under games. It should (?) be there to download if the purchase went through
  8. To be honest, in my view the 2lp is perfectly fine. It’s the same vinyl quality - when the 3lp was first listed I assumed a couple of bonus tracks, but nope! In fact it’s pretty annoying changing the speed on my turntable and prefer the 2lp
  9. Yes, I’ve been listening to this whilst running a fair bit. Definitely recommended. Wouldn’t bother with the 3lp version though - it’s the same as the 2lp version but with a couple of sides playing at 45rpm!
  10. Probably destiny. Had great hopes for the sequel but it doesn’t really improve on anything and adds very little, if anything of note. Expansions for the original would likely have made for a better experience than the standalone ‘sequel’ the interface is even slower on the sequel
  11. markh

    Google Stadia

    Please stop your shitty ‘ooh, I’m a insider’ b.s.
  12. Didnt find gambit prime that sweaty in the couple of games I tried, but I guess I was in before that really came to the fore. Yeah, and then it opens up an arena thing a la blind well/escalation protocol/forge etc...which is not really inspiring me to do plus the same set of ancient unaltered activities for powerful engrams to grind up power for said activity. might play a bit if there’s a fire team together but I’m quite enjoying using my fairly limited gaming time to play some stuff with a definitive ‘end’ so that’s probably it for me unless i’m teamed up/ the unlikely event I get through my backlog
  13. markh


    Depends on the reading speed of your audience i’d guess...
  14. Possibly one less powerful engrams a week though I guess
  15. You’re never truly out, it’s like the mafia
  16. £10 for a new raid though isn't it? Don't think anyone can really judge until they've had a look at that. Unless you're a non raider, in which case i'd think the game would have lost its allure a while back.
  17. I still quite like Crimson for gambit occassionally. You can rush in the adds a bit more recklessly due to the heal and get a good amount of motes quickly. Then if you get the portal first whilst the other team are still stacking you're well on the way to a win.
  18. This game man, just a great amount of stuff to do at the moment! Plus, I finally got the ikelos shotty!
  19. You definitely don’t need to complete one before getting another, as I had two on the first skill at once.
  20. I want to do it at some point tomorrow before raid time if you fancy some inept jumping time
  21. markh

    Suede Suede Suede

    If you happen to be near a fopp, they have hardback copies in their 2 for £5 deal
  22. Uber Jason sounded promising (if it was some sort of crazy taxi mode)
  23. No probs Ben, @Scruff by the way, I hit level 4 in gambit and did get a reward but it popped ‘strangely’ after I had been floating in orbit for a while, so it’s a bit glitchy
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