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  1. They’re playtesting the entire mass effect trilogy to check it doesn’t cause it to crash
  2. Yours was from smyths want it? When did you get notice of dispatch, I’m not panicking but I’ve heard nothing since the order acknowledgment
  3. I think the only hint from dragon kart I can remember is the last kart you get is not actually the best one
  4. They're a massive operation so i'm sure they'll be fine. I'd much rather use them than game, as a comparison.
  5. Well, i've used them to buy toys for my nephews and nieces and never had a problem at least...!
  6. I managed to get on that preorder about half an hour ago and the confirmation email says availability 30th-7th may so assume they’re expecting the delivery today
  7. Have you got the ice bucket host move, fortune teller thunder move and foreman explosive throwing move on all male characters? Pretty much all you need if you’re levelled sufficiently and know what each enemies weakness is? They all have one
  8. Yeah, I used to sub to their monthly box which i'd highly recommend. The last i received was December - check how great this was for around 60 GBP: https://indd.adobe.com/view/54270366-1210-48d5-9626-377cf7d1dff1 Sadly, as you mentioned, they've had to stop UK shipping for the time being. My January one got sent and returned and they refunded me. Think that more or less happened for everyone in the UK (a few slipped through with a charge) so they've stopped for the time being.
  9. Level 99 is ‘easy’ it’s the jobs that take time. You can equip two of the items that increase job experience at the same time for most jobs. It was the only way it was vaguely doable for me without destroying my brain. it’s also useful to have all the best weapons at their max ex ex
  10. If you’re going for all the trophies you’ll need to be level 99 and prob level 99 for near all jobs...
  11. The mildest of mild spoilers - there’s neither any trophies linked to doing that nor any reward from it that’s worthwhile
  12. Finally got the platinum on this! Game of 2020 by a large margin
  13. Without giving much of a spoiler, check out all the controller icons on the map
  14. Give them a gentle roll before opening, that often does the trick
  15. Got this To Ol box on the way which i'm really looking forward to. they're definetly a brewer that should have a bigger profile: https://indd.adobe.com/view/54270366-1210-48d5-9626-377cf7d1dff1
  16. Make the worlds first ‘location location location’ game exclusively for Xbox
  17. Ah, I enjoy a bourbon one as long as it’s not overpowering. Of the 12(!) I got, for me, the fierce and tiny rebel were the best of the bunch then maybe the hammerton. Some were not great, but was pleased to try them particularly at that price!
  18. Got that one left. Did you get the fierce one in your box, that’s probably my favourite so far
  19. If you mean the beautiful beers site, you cant really go wrong with anything on the trappist page.If you've not had them before the rochefort and westmalle 33cl (unless youre sharing and want a bigger bottle) are great intros/value. Ridiculous ammount of good stuff in the 'other' belgian page, and the st bernadeus on the abbey page is good too. I'm sure if you dropped them a mail saying how much you wanted to spend and what general sort of stuff you'd like they'd put together a good box for you - they did that for me to give as birthday gifts in the past.
  20. Any of the westmalle and the rochefort are a safe (slightly cheaper) bet too and if you're splurging theres some great lambics too...
  21. Sorry, wasn't trying to build suspense, i just forgot! https://www.beautifulbeers.co.uk/beers-belgian-trappist.irc Lots of excellent stuff in at the moment even if the categories are a bit unwieldy. On the news section its free delivery on orders over 45 ( i usually pick up) I'm sure the 12 is in stock, there was a crate of them when i last went in just before lockdown 2 started... I'm not associated with them but run by very nice people! support a local business that i hope can stick around! Oh, and if you fancy something different, try the de vossen the
  22. It’s not that big but it’s run by a Dutch guy who knows his stuff. Just had a look and he’s got the 8 as well at the moment.
  23. It’s not that hard to get is it? My local bottle shop in the sticks usually has it in
  24. So...how does this run on a bog standard PS4?
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