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  1. Glad you’re enjoying it. I think it’s a 50% IPAs, 25% stout, 25% fruit beer split. I enjoyed the stout, though I find triple IPAs a bit sweet usually I’m looking forward to trying that one.
  2. Yep I did, although I didn’t get pulled out of that draw, I think there were only 12 bottles. If you don’t take it I’d be interested. It’s expensive for a beer but it was pretty much released as an exclusive (in the us). I’m not into beer reselling (too much hassle) but a bottle would cost a lot more than 50 to but usually as it wouldn’t be commercially available I think.I’d provably have it with my brother and dad on Xmas day. https://untappd.com/b/great-notion-brewing-timberbeast-2021/4678121
  3. I've gone with the brewexport one. All import american beers, and their selection and service so far has been excellent so this should be good.
  4. Re use of character names but different stories/levels, so more of a reboot than a remake. you’re best off with the remasters of the original two they did a while back. They were originally bundled with other games as a bonus but I think they got a general release later
  5. Yeah, I played the sequel on ps4. It’s fine but it certainly doesn’t bring anything new to the gameplay formula, it’s probably a bit lesser actually. I think the draw is meant to be the continuing/quality of story but that didn’t do much for me. I’d definitely give the original a go and if you love it the sequels a DLC
  6. A stupid question: I’m on the extra tier and I can see there’s games on the top tier that I can’t download that I have bought digitally before. Should they be available/are they making these available? I just want to play trash panic dammit!
  7. On a bit of a tangent what’s the best deal to renew plus currently? Are you limited to just buying from the store now?
  8. Yeah, and from what i can see, these DTV are real low effort roles where he's basically just reading off a cue card often just over a telephone communicating with the other actors, rather than face to face acting. It's quite possible that he couldnt manage a full action film, the above isnt going to wash in a die hard film for example.
  9. Depends on what background you chose creating your character. Each route has a different intro, sounds like you chose nomad? If you want to see the city/less driving for the intro go streetkid
  10. Michael Owen is truly awful. Real odd duty copper vibe to everything he does:
  11. You just know they'll do some cringe inducing episode about leaping into someone on 9/11
  12. Time out of mind and my rival are great too. Think it just had a bad rep after aja but it’s really grown on me.
  13. That's probably only as far as your cinema listings go up to - mine is the same. i'm sure it'll be around longer than that.
  14. They need to add in sat nav or it’s a no from me. My terrible sense of direction made going back to these unpleasant. Dunno how I used to play them!
  15. Just save up your boosts and don’t use them until you’re near the end and hammer them and you win every time. The rubberbanding Is awful, there’s no point even being in front until the final 10 seconds max
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