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  1. Thanks Goose, good read, I'm not sure I've ever seen it, I'll have to seek it out
  2. Got my pro setup tonight, turns out even though my 4k TV doesn't support hdr, pro won't output through PSvr to 4k port, works fine direct and PSvr works fine if not in 4k port Looks like I'll be cable swapping even without hdr, Annoyed with it, had to do area x to calm down TV is a Panasonic ax802b
  3. Just got area x unlocked, holy fuck, mind blowing
  4. I've convinced my wife to watch the movies in sequence with me, for bad or for worse ( if we like the main movie's we will also watch the recommended) I will withhold reading each section until after watching Looking forward to rewatching some old classics and some new ones
  5. Ordered the paperback, only caught a few of the reviews in the thread so looking forward to it
  6. Tickets bought for the europa game - exited!
  7. Best BBC series I've watched in years
  8. http://livetv.sx/en/eventinfo/282431_liverpool_burnley/ if you dont mind russin commentary, sopcast and acestream are very good vid quality, havent tested web streams
  9. Hyperion by Dan Simmons, got it in a 50 years best sci fi gollanz pack - first book is very good, i also enjoyed the other three books in the series
  10. Good ol crapppy 0-1, mignolet clean sheet! Still looked flaky
  11. Good finish sterling, 1 on 1
  12. xeviousx


    Just sent back the ps3 disc with all the lovely new content, worked perfectly Thank you
  13. Countinho! Finally gets a good shot off
  14. i enjoyed this show, but series 4 deffo hasn't been as good
  15. yeah, windows only, theres some advice to running it on a mac here but looks a bit complicated this late in the day crappy flash stream here, taken from wiziwig
  16. take a look over at wiziwig.tv, and bloodzeed on sopcast is running
  17. Saw it today, liked it, only 5 viewers in the late afternoon show though Wish it wasnt a 3D show
  18. Never read the books but liked it better than the few sherlock ive seen
  19. Series 2 just ended on american tv, i thought the second series was consistently funny throughout, got too used to those long series though, 6 seems too little
  20. seasons 1-6 now available in HD on UK netflix I've got rips of them all but I might just watch them all again
  21. I didnt mind it, twas not as good as others but not bad to have 'young' frank episode
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