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  1. Me and my 10 year old daughter have rinsed this over the weekend, absolutely brilliant.
  2. Never followed these games before but my 8 year old is massively into gaming at the moment especially with her pals from school. Can someone basically give me a summary of what you do as I’ve ordered her a copy. Albeit at £70 for a physical copy of the game
  3. tec1122

    SNES Mini

    Got mine hacked recently and it’s fantastic. My daughter loves turtles in time!
  4. Also just got round to playing and finishing this. Loved it from start to finish, didn’t really get the hate for the final third either. Roll on TLOU2 as Naughty Dog can do no wrong!
  5. Bloody hell this is good fun once it gets going! I died very quickly one round then came back as Tommy. Managed to shoot Jason, escaped his grab! An just made it to the cops by the skin of my teeth. My old man was round at the time an even said it was fun to watch. This is basically spy's vs mercs. The proxy voice stuff is brilliant, some random yank going "hiiiiiiii" as he jumped out and crushed my skull.
  6. Yo guys sorry to interrupt the Connor hype.... I had my second mma bout on October the 29th links just gone up
  7. Wouldn't like a can of monster bouncing off my dome like
  8. Colin is a lovely guy, one of my main training partners trains with him at Spartans up in Sunderland regularly an say he's sound. The guy who owns an runs our gym former cage rage champ Abdul Mohammed said Bisping was an absolute twat back in the day. Lanchana is probably one of the most humble people I've ever met but yes she is very busy running her gym with her boyfriend.
  9. Not sure how arsed people are about this season but it was tough seeing my friend lanchana lose on tuff an how devastated she was she hasn't been able to say but judging by the fact she's been over to novo unao to train with Claudia she might have a fight on the finale
  10. God damn that UFC 200 card is stacked. The trailer also gave me goosebumps. Anyone on here fought mma?
  11. So popped into my parents loft before they moved from our childhood home to pastures new. Found my Mega drive 2 with one controller, Captain America and the avengers (boxed) Spider-Man maximum carnage, tailspin, Aladdin, taz, steady headdy (boxed) and street fighter 2 (boxed) Was just sat in a plastic bag. The entire lot still bloody works. Greatest Friday I've had for a long time!
  12. Away tickets are like gold dust. Luckily I know a guy
  13. My pal Lanchana is fighting again tonight on tuf, frustrating not knowing the result. I'll be watching through my fingers seeing as she's not allowed to spill the beans.
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