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  1. Cheers @kthxbliz. That sounds like too much of an arse to be honest!
  2. If I wanted to set up a brand new account (on advice from a few in here back in Fifa 20 days due to believing mine is cursed for packluck), how would I go about that? I didn't plat 21 at all.
  3. Who should Southgate have played in the LW role against Hungary then if not Grealish?
  4. For a midfield comprising of Jorginho, Mount, Havertz, Ziyech, Kovačić, Ruben Loftus-Cheek and now SAUL... You have to wonder how Ross Barkley believes he's getting a game.
  5. Random post, but here's an excellent breakdown of some top drawer shithousing in the USA v Qatar Concacaf Gold Cup Semi Final.
  6. Also, because football off-season is so quiet and devoid of talking points, The Netherlands women's team have just beaten Zambia 10-3 at the Olympics. The excellently named Barbra Banda grabbing a consolation hat-trick for the Africans.
  7. Boca Juniors are out of the Copa America on penalties, after having VAR rule a goal out for offside. And oh boy, it's a close one. So naturally, they quietly accepted the result and respected the pressure on the officials to decide the fine margins of a VAR call... lol of course not. They smashed up the VAR area, charged the Atletico dressing room, had running fights throughout the stadium, got teargassed in their own dressing room and ended up with 8 players arrested. The VAR Call: Boca smashing shit up:
  8. Millwall's new kit. I don't recall us having gold in our shirts before, so this feels very 'different'. I think I like it.
  9. This thread would ONE HUNDRED PERCENT be full of admiration and praise if Southgate took off both our player of the tournament and our main penalty taker (and England's two top scorers), brought on an injured Rashford, didn't bring on Saka, and we still lost on penalties.
  10. OK, so everyone in here is 100% all in agreement he should definitely be in charge at the World Cup then. Because, and this may well be entirely on me of course - text doesn't carry tone particuarly well - but comments like this: ...Kinda makes it sound like that's not the case.
  11. Genuine question to those wanting to sack England's second most successful manager ever - the manager who just took us to our first ever European Championship final, who came within one spot-kick of delivering us only our second ever tournament, who took Roberto 'Premier League winning, triple Serie A winning, Fa Cup winning, Quadruple Italian cup winning manager' Mancini's Italy to penalties, the same Italy who everyone agreed were the team of the tournament, who got further than World Champions France and Golden Generation Belgium and World Cup winner Lowe's Germany... - Genuine question to you all: Which manager that we could realistically appoint would *categorically* improve England and definitely win us the World Cup?
  12. I was at the game on Wednesday. The Danish fans outsang the booing of their anthem - which was applauded after with far, far more gusto than the boos by the vast majority of England fans. I didn't hear the booing of the knee, because everyone around me was again, applauding. Erickson's shirt unraveling got a massive cheer. We applauded the Danish team after too - as did all the England fans that I could see. And the atmosphere... My word the atmosphere. I've been to a lot of football games. I've seen some belting crowds. They've all had a decent slice of vitriol in them. But... I didn't see that this time. Trust me on this, it *is* different. Maybe it's the joy of the circumstances. Maybe it's a covid thing - first real crowds back in 18 months. Maybe the message is getting through - what was considered 'banter' isn't as fun as some thought. I couldn't say why. But it was different. It's genuinely given me hope.
  13. It's a properly fascinating conundrum. 3 at the back gives us extra protection in the channels against Insigne and Chiesa, and allows Shaw and Trippier to bomb forward against weak full backs. But like you say, being a man short against that middle is incredibly dangerous. On the other hand, giving Saka free reign in front of 3 man midfield, against Emerson would lead to overloads on the right, which in turn creates space for Sterling/Shaw to exploit on the left. Mount sits in the AMC position pressing Jorginho, then drifts right when we win the ball, dragging the Italian defence with him. Equally, stretching play through Sancho would achieve the same thing, and create more space in the centre for Kane. This is all armchair tactical theory though.
  14. Abraham Lincoln. Was the first notable leader of the Anyone But England movement. Shot in the head by a Brexiteer for not supporting ARE BOYS.
  15. It's the first time England are not only doing well, but also have a likeable team. And some England fans can't believe ABE are still judging us on past actions. They feel an air of unfairness that despite how far we have come not only as a team and our football culture, but also as a fanbase, it's being overlooked by those who point to the genuine horrors of our past as a reason to still despise us. And as a Millwall fan, let me say to my fellow England fans feeling this was for the first time... HA HA YOU AMATUERS. DRINK IT IN. IT'S NEVER GOING AWAY. You feel it's unfair? You merely adopted this misery. I was born into it, moulded by it, I didn't see the press praise our community work until I was a man... etc. (Leeds fan @Mike1812will probably have similar thoughts.)
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