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  1. This link has a list of links to them all: https://www.goal.com/en-gb/amp/news/video-fifa-puskas-award-2020-nominees-suarez-son-best-goal/f27ai6ufo5731ps2m4e2b6els# One of the best years ever I think. Giorgian de Arrasca... gonna try that in my Tuesday night seven a side game.
  2. Scored a lot in the Vernon awKay end though.
  3. Man entirely responsible for the amount players play in angry rant at the amount players play.
  4. Absolute scenes in the MLS playoffs. Orlando City win their shootout against NYC after their keeper saves the penultimate penalty. But VAR rules he has come off his line before the ball is kicked. Which is a yellow card offence. And he's already been booked. And... well it descends into utter farce from there. Here's FIFTEEN MINUTES WORTH of ridiculousness, that just gets worse and worse. Pt 1 https://streamable.com/dnxsnn Pt 2 https://streamable.com/w424ya
  5. They absolutely do. Did you know that the registered-as-not-for-profit organisation Fifa has over $2.7billion in cash reserves?
  6. I care England won. I suspect me and Fry are in the top 3 caring-about-international-football-posters on here. But I feel exactly the same way, it's ridiculous that international games are going ahead. And forget even the totally justified concerns of a condensed schedule on player's fitness - There's a pandemic with hundreds of thousands of people dying. Stay the fuck indoors, or at least in your own fucking country.
  7. Southgate's formation against difficult sides is a 5-3-2, or 5-2-3. We don't play difficult sides often, and he's been hamstrung by injuries when we do, so it's tough to say what his favourite system/XI is. In the first instance, the midfield three often having the classic trio of ball-winner, runner and playmaker (Rice, Ox, Henderson for example). In the second, we play an all rounder and runner (Henderson & Ox would be an example), but the favoured front three are Sterling-Kane-Sancho. Two world-class inside forwards and the world's 2nd best striker (don't @ me).
  8. (Not claiming the loss was Grealish's fault, nor that he even played badly.)
  9. The Press: It's a disgrace Southgate won't use a system to make the most of Grealish. *Southgate builds system that allows Grealish freedom in his best role. England lose 2-0.* The Press: Well that was a dreadful idea Southgate out we OBVIOUSLY have to play 433
  10. Modern day footballers, in FM... it's gotta be Pogba right?
  11. Biesla is a visionary, or more pertinently, was a visionary. And yet also, his legend has been overstated. He's like what The Sex Pistols were to punk. Or The X-Files was to long form TV. Or what a Nokia was to mobile phones. Did a couple of original things brilliantly, was rightly heralded for them, inspired so many works of genius that have come after... but when you go back and re-examine, you realise that there's some utter shite there too that people have forgotten about.
  12. That's a great question. I would expect (guess) that there are clauses that explicitly state a player is not guaranteed any sort of playing time - I can see how that becomes a legal nightmare when it comes to niggling injuries. But equally, I'm employed for a specific role, and that role is stated in my contract. If the project I'm on started asking me to do something different, I'd tell them to fuck off. If being a football player is their contractually stated role, it would then depend if the contract has a legal description of what 'player' actually means.
  13. I absolutely did, because Millwall on the telly never gets old. We were outstanding. I'm really enjoying how hard we work, Romeo was up and down that right flank more than a prozzie's gusset. I also like our two pronged attack: 1. Can Wallace do something spectacular. IF 1 FAILS... 2. Stick it on Smith's face.
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