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  1. Do I need to tell you all to sell any hunters or shadows in your club? I don't do I?
  2. It's Black Friday next week. If previous years are anything to go by there's going to be some ridiculous prices.
  3. Just to follow up on this, I haven't bought any yet as they're all a bit too high still. I'm waiting on a big pack supply - a huge SBC paying lots of packs, or maybe thursday morning rewards. We want them as cheap as possible! Two reasons - a penny saved is a penny earned, and if I'm wrong about all this, then we don't lose coins.
  4. Massive! And there I was thinking Lloris at 150k was too much. Every single card is ridiculously overpriced. Which makes me well tempted to cash in on my Allan... But I love him so very, very much...
  5. Or you play one of Neymar or Mbappe on the wing and get Ian Wright as striker.
  6. Allan's your ball winner so you need a playmaker and someone to fill the remaining winger or striker role. OTW De jong in for Pogba for playmaker. CAM 86 John Barnes in for Matuidi for winger. 760k for the pair, minus 320k back for Pogba.
  7. What's your ingame formation? And how much roughly will you have?
  8. Coins were the right choice. Do you now have a spare 32,250? Because you could buy this: I challenge anyone to do better for less.
  9. I know I said investing is dead and trading is the way forward this Fifa, but I'm going to do some over the next week, and here's the reasons why, presented in a particularly annoying Q&A format. -Alright then Mr 'I don't invest anymore', show us what you got. Currently high rated golds are low. Not the lowest they've ever been, but lower than usual for this Fifa and waaaay lower than usual for previous Fifas. -What the fuck does that actually mean Pants? Well, high rated golds are non-special cards (so, just gold, not In-forms, Screams, et, al) with a rating of 84 and up. The cheapest 85s, cheapest 86s, cheapest 87s, etc are cheap compared to what they normally sit at, and are much cheaper than they were in Fifa 19 at this part of the year. Take Thiago, an 87 good nation, good league player. He's at 14.5k. He sat around 18-19k through October, then sat around 16k for a bit, but has been as low as 13.5k. Last Fifa he was only an 86 rated, but sat at 19k in November... that's 5k more than he is now. -YAWN. So the fuck what? You nerd. Well how much lower can he go? More importantly, how much lower will EA want him to go? -Like EA give two shits about the price of Thiago. They just want you opening packs. EA do give two shits abut the price of 87s... because they want you opening packs! Think of it this way. We need an incentive to spend real life money on a slot machine. It can't all be about winning the jackpot - in this case packing Messi. Slot machines need to pay out small winnings here and there to keep you paying back in. Firstly to trick you into not being able to keep track of 'small winnings adding up' versus 'amount you've spent'. Secondly to give you a small 'reminder' dopamine hit that's a taster of the one you get when you pack Messi. Now think on how hard it is to pack an 87. It rarely happens. So when it does happen, they want you to get excited about it... excited enough to chase that dragon. -Yeah, fascinating. What's all that got to do with buying 87s now? Black Friday is coming. Prices on Black Friday drop. -Why? Lots more people buy the game in the sales, lots more people buy Fifa points in the Sales, so there's waaaaay more packs than usual being opened. Which means there's more supply. Which means Prices go down. Like, a lot. Like, as much as 50%. -And? And EA don't want 87s, or 86s, or 89s to drop more than they are currently, because then packing them won't be worth it. If an 87 costs 8k, it's doesn't give the punter that same dopamine hit when they pack one. They can't stop prices from falling - supply and demand is the base of all economics. BUT... they can inflate the price of them before Black Friday so that the crash brings them to where they are now. -Riiiiiiight.... so you're saying Big SBCs are coming this week or next that require 86s or 87s to remove the supply from the Market and push prices up? BINGO. -Nice one. You fucking nerd. I might be wrong of course. -...You might be wrong? I've already bought four thousand Marco Verrattis. I was thinking of picking up one of each of the lower cost, higher rated cards. You can find the 87s here: https://www.futbin.com/players?page=1&player_rating=87-87&sort=ps_price&order=asc Just change the 87-87 in the url to whatever number you like. Or use the drop down box on the page to determine the rating. -Oh yeah. That would have been a better idea. I'll pray for a Ligue 1 SBC for you.
  10. Futbin does! On the right hand side of the player's page, you can show what different chemistry points do, and even see what Chem styles affect them in which manner. Here's Mertens on 8 chem in a 100 chem squad on basic chem style: Ah bollocks, it does screw Otamendi. Ooops.
  11. Maybe try it with Felipe Anderson first, as he's 7k and Scream Bernard is 177k. Cos if you hate it, less chance of losing coins. Telles would be on 10 Chem as long as you had a Brazillian at LW, as he's also linking to Juan Jesus, or JJ and Alan depending on formation. Surrounded by Brazilians. HOWEVER.... With Sandro it means you could try Sane at LW if you started in a 433 flat. Sane would get 10 chem from green link to Aguero.
  12. Mertens on 8 Chem with Manager and Loyalty. Also, how is Sandro 50k? Telles is 7k! Telles IF is 110k at the minute. I'd be tempted to upgrade to that.
  13. For that matter, you could go RTTF Neres on 7 chem too. He'll upgrade as well.
  14. Felipe Anderson or Scream Bernard? Start in a 433 and choose either your LW or Mertens to be on 7 chem?
  15. Yep, weekends tend to be trickier as more people are on the game. Try silvers as well, sometimes there's less people on them.
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