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  1. I should clarify that this is true only for high-grossing movies. There are plenty of films that are wonderfully entertaining that never find an audience for reasons far out of their control.
  2. Good job we didn't make it for the critics then. $95m worldwide box office. The film is a huge success. Of course box office is no indication of whether or not a film is great/art/worth a high score on Rotten Tomatoes. But box office is a pretty good indicator of entertainment. Films don't make 3x their budget in cinema ticket sales if no-one is entertained by it. And swathes of young women across both the US and the world were entertained by it. They said so on Twitter and Instagram. Sidenote: I'm genuinely proud to have a movie that's scored 14% on RT AND almost scraped $100m worldwide box office. It's almost impossible to do either, let alone both together!
  3. Atlanta United broke the MLS attendance record last night with over 72,000. It's not the playoffs yet. That's just a league game. Huge numbers being thrown up over there.
  4. That headed miss was awful... only redeemed by the close up of Jill Scott shouting 'FUCK'S SAKE' immediately afterwards.
  5. Meanwhile in the U20 World Cup, Norway have beaten Honduras 12-0, with 18-year-old Red Bull Salzburg striker Erling Haaland scoring a hattrick of hattricks. http://www.espn.com/soccer/match?gameId=537883
  6. Did Waghorn have a go on all the other Derby player's girlfriends or something? 4-5 times now he's been wide open in dangerous positions and they refuse to pass to him. EDIT: And the brilliance of football comment timing strikes again as it's a through ball to Waghorn that leads to the goal.
  7. Using IMDB ratings to rank films/TV is like using a room full of solely Liverpool & Everton fans to rank the greatest club sides of all time.
  8. Or, conversely, they are a fanbase who have suffered some really tough times, who have lived in the shadow of the massive corporate Man U machine gobbling up title after title, and have always been laughed as the runt of the litter. There's fans in those Etihad stands that were not long ago turning up to support third division football. And there's been times where not only have they been behind United in the Greater Manchester pecking order, they've been behind Bolton, Oldham or Wigan too. Judging a club by some nebulous ranking of the morality of their owners - fine, whatever. But those fans who've had to suffer in the shadow of United their entire lives and now, finally, get a chance to taste the glory? Nah, I reckon they paid their dues.
  9. English Domestic treble. First time in (men's football) history. Amazing achievement. That puts them up there with the Invincibles and United '99.
  10. Oi! That gave the world Dennis Wise kicking the fuck out of Ronaldo.
  11. Joe Lolley has won Nottingham Forest's player of the season award.
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