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  1. On a run of 11 defeats in a row (including our mini tournament). Completely questioning the team and tactics and trying a million things every new match now. I have no fucking clue how to play this game. And finding info of how to get better, anywhere, is a fucking fruitless hunt. All the youtube vids are 'New SECRET OP MOVE' rather than actual useful fundamentals. Also pretty bored of facing much better teams than mine every single game... Mine's 83 rated too. It's hardly a bronze hybrid.
  2. Recap of me v Gooner. Doesn't include Gooner's flick and volley off the post, does include the jammiest super-goal I'll score all Fifa.
  3. Top match. Well enjoyed that. Played mate.
  4. Ready when you are bud. I won't go easy though as I'm going to struggle to keep the goals conceded below 10 as it is.
  5. Pants 2-3 Chewylegs. Great game, better man won. Pato can fuck off though.
  6. Me and Chewylegs are partied up, feel free to jump in.
  7. Pants McSkill

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Er, both player's feet are off screen when he comes in. I've literally no idea if this is supposed to damn him or acquit him.
  8. And now I've just had my most satisfying win of Fifa 19... You know when you go 2-0 down to a sit deep, counter attack, shoot from 35 yards, score from 2 jammy corners dabbing prick? And then you do not just this first goal to him... but then the second? FEELS FUCKING GOOD MAN.
  9. First time I've ever qualified for the weekend League. I know it's different this year, and everyone gets in if you play enough games... but still. A nice feeling after failing to do it all last year.
  10. Pants McSkill

    Football Thread 2018/19

    That's brilliant.
  11. Rivals starts on a Thursday. Everyone plays weekend league Friday - Sunday. Then they flood back and play Rivals Monday-Wednesday. That's my theory anyhow.
  12. Rather than set a rating limit or anything, let's make a gentleman's agreement to not field a team of cunts. Friendly tournament and all that.
  13. As in it fucking cheats. Or plays 11-behind-the-ball at all times, even when 1-0 down.
  14. @Mitchell I would say there's squad battles to get even more rewards... but they seem to have fucked that up this year. It's not much fun above Professional difficulty.

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