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  1. In his post match interview, Pulisic said this about his game winning penalty: "I said I'm gonna go out swinging so I'm gonna just put this top bins.”
  2. So, France are surely the big favourites. Then there's probably 5-6 teams in the mix that have some exceptional players, but one glaring positional weakness. Who's everyone liking the look of? I'd plump for the Germans if I had any faith that Low had decided on what he wants the team to do.
  3. Didn't take it as a dig at all, was asking a genuine question. Completely agree with your sentiment too.
  4. Where are people reading that Maguire is out for all the group games? Because the main reporting - as it has been for a good while now - is that he may be fit for Croatia.
  5. But... we are. Two of them. The free kick specialists from both the La Liga champions and the European Champions.
  6. It's a weird debate. We have a set piece personal. Trippier is Atletico's free kick taker (and smashed home a belter for us in the Semi Final of the World Cup), Mount is on FK and corner duty for Chelsea, Kane takes direct Fks for Spurs, and both Foden & Sterling are regular 2nd choices behind De Bruyne.
  7. The Croatia game will obviously be England's trickiest group game, but I think tactically more so than just the personnel we will face. Croatia will play a 433. We would surely want to be playing 3 up top, against a shoddy backline of Lovren (old), Vida (old), Vrsaljko (who has barely played this season) and Barisic (Rangers fans can tell us if he's to be feared). Which means we could play three at the back to nullify the threat in the channels, especially on our right against Perisic. But that would leave us outnumbered in Midfield vs a proper world class trio of Mo
  8. I saw someone talking about how good the CL anthem is. So ahead of the final tonight, a quick reminder of what the lyrics actually translate to: They are the best teams They are the best teams The main event The master The best The great teams The champions A big meeting A great sporting event The main event The master The best The great teams The champions They are the best They are the best These are the champions The master The best The champions
  9. Ronnie Rosenthal-esque open-goal-missing here, on a joke about 'being in the team for his delivery'.
  10. White can also do both, although I haven't seen much of him in midfield to comment on his skills over Dier. I think it's Trent vs Trippier for the 2nd RB slot. Walker is adept at CB in a 3 man defence, which Southgate prefers against bigger teams, so we can swap in game with him there. It's also incredibly hard to leave out the PL champions RB and the La Liga Champions RB, when both teams are so reliant on them for their style of play. Still, it's much nicer to have this conversation around tournament selection than the last time. We've come a long way from "OMG how can
  11. Provisional 33 man squad named. I guess the biggest talking points are Trent in over Wan Bissaka, and Mings in over Tomori, but they're hardly even a nudge, let alone a shock.
  12. Massive congratulations to City. 3rd league title in 4 years is a hell of an achievement. CL Final to come too.
  13. YEARS they've been threatening this. Years of reports of clandestine meetings, of 'secret discussions' about super leagues or breakaway competitions. Years of this threat being hung over our heads. All so they can have more. More, more, more. More money, more control, more. The Premier League, a breakaway league of it's own, wasn't enough. All that TV money wasn't enough. We've had proper community based teams struggling to survive, Bury FC going under, removal of replays & 2nd legs in cup ties that smaller teams relied on to exist. While th
  14. The richest clubs in the game feel that they deserve even more money, as they are the biggest pull of global audiences. Some of these clubs, while being historically successful, have seen their recent performances not allow them to qualify for the Champions League, or not make the latter stages, so they miss out on performance related windfalls. UEFA acquiesce to their demands - such as qualification and prize money based on historical success, not just the most recent season. But the new reforms are not enough for the clubs liking. They form a new League, unsanctioned by either UE
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