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  1. I think this is a really good point and hits the nail on the head. Thinking back to the more narrative focussed games I do like, the thing they have in common is they are linear experiences. For these a more traditional form of story telling can be applied and pacing can be much tighter controlled. Open worlds and non-linear paths lead away from that older style of x->y story telling and need a new paradigm to present them. As suggested, maybe we just haven’t reached what that should look like yet? Maybe it’s not a bridgeable gap. In the future AI could generate believable story content to fill the gaps between more crafted big story beats but that feels a long way off.
  2. Funnily enough I was playing portal 2 the other week for the first time since its release and that’s a game that got all this right for me. The tutorial was completely integrated into the flow of the game and made sense the way it built up my abilities, it was very much just part of the game. The sidekick I quite enjoy listening to him witter on and the fact I can just carry on doing stuff at the same time he does means I’m quite happy to entertain it. Ultimately it’s a puzzle game where the story bumps you from one puzzle to the next but those puzzles are so well integrated into the theme of the game and the storyline that one enhances the other and creates something greater than it’s parts. We’re well over a decade on from its release and games have become even bigger business in that time yet it feels the vast majority never learned anything from how seamlessly integrated portal was.
  3. Yeah, this is pretty much the exact yardstick I use to judge if I can be arsed with something, though 5 minutes is it for me. Unskippable tutorial - gone in-engine exposition that cuts half the controls - gone 30 minutes in and still stopping to chat to my pointless sidekick - gone Ive never liked voiced cutscenes, I can read much quicker than I can listen so why waste my time?
  4. It’s not that it’s shite but it’s not something that really justifies a subscription in 2022 on its own. If you had any interest in it youdve played it already I reckon.
  5. Yeah I’ve downloaded it on the back of some of the positive comments in the thread after not clicking with any of the assassin’s creed games since 2. Really enjoying it at the minute, seems much brighter and lighter than origins which did not hold me for long at all. It’s lovely just jumping around and enjoying the views.
  6. Yeah I’m on 500mb connection and it’s only as good as which room I’m in. If I sit next to the router it’s fine but that’s not really a very practical use case for hand held. It needs to work everywhere, not just sweet spots.
  7. I think the aesthetic/size point is a really good call out. For myself I got a series s as a stop gap as I couldn’t get anything else at the time, however I’ve really grown to love it and a big part of that is how small and unobtrusive it is. I’ve had a few chances to get a ps5 now but I know it’d have my young kids all over it just by how in your face it is. The s just sits there silently waiting to be used.
  8. This does read a bit like ‘I don’t want to use it outside so why would anyone else?’ I’ve had reasonable use of my switch on the go, it wouldn’t be a total deal breaker but it is a negative. There’s plenty of people who do use portables portably.
  9. Yeah I’m with you on that, I found bloodborne easier for the exact same reason, it rewarded jumping in and smacking down enemies. Except for Rom. I hated Rom. Really, really hated Rom. The hardest mandatory boss in any From game by a margin for me.
  10. 30 years in the making, really makes me feel old! can’t wait for this.
  11. I don’t think calling it a flask of crimson tears is really a problem, or any of the things that it does differently, that’s part of the charm. I think the actual issue is how little effort it puts into making these differences clear. The tutorials pop up but don’t really make sense at the time as they’re framed within the more of the game rather than being a key to it, so it should clearly say “drink crimson tears and live longer”. I’m really into adventuring around now and having that element of the unknown does add to it, but there needs to be a key when needed. disagree on the graphics though, Individual parts may look rubbish but the overall ascetic is great.
  12. Well, I was totally wrong, this is awesome. Ditched the shield, switched to rolling to escape stuff and I haven’t looked back, manage to destroy a cave worth of enemies and the boss on the first try and feel like I want to plough my way through the entire map. Some of the visuals are breathtaking.
  13. I’m liking this but not loving it. The world looks pretty and enticing in a delightfully macabre way and I love some of the incidental detail, you round a corner and there’s a zombie picnic. I’m finding some of the gameplay just a bit too much of a rehash of dark souls though. I loved bloodborne to death, it mixed both an awesome setting and fighting that rewarded smacking the hell out of everything. This feels pedestrian in comparison, in the same way as dark souls 3, I beat it but didn’t truly love it. On top of that I’ve had one too many times of knocking a guard to the floor then finding my axe seems to just go through him rather than hit him if he’s at the wrong part of the animation. Going to plough on though as I’m really loving the world and hope I get a Bloodborne like ‘click’ moment where I realise I’m totally wrong and it’s really awesome.
  14. Have to be honest I'm a little disappointed after downloading the app, I was quite looking forward to at least wasting a tenner but can't really justify that based on what I see from installing it. The biggest issue seems there be the games selection, the website claims thousands coming, the loader shows, at best, a hundred (and that's including the duplications over differing platforms). This creates a big disconnect in me. I did a quick search on games I remember playing (e.g. North Vs South, Shadow of the Best 2, Lemmings, populous, even Oscar) and nothing was there. I look at Strategy and there's 4 games showing, it doesn't really match with a claim of a large, or essential in any way, catalogue. Alongside this, there's artefacts on the loader (MacOS), and the scrolling messes up when loading the header view (keeps dragging the screen upwards), also the toolbar items seem to have no description and the most prominent one closes the app, which seems an odd choice. So whilst not that important, alongside the website design, it comes across as a little rushed and cheap. I would love to try some actual games but I'm not paying a tenner for such a small selection of stuff. Maybe I'm not being stupid and missing something simple?
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