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  1. Have to be honest I'm a little disappointed after downloading the app, I was quite looking forward to at least wasting a tenner but can't really justify that based on what I see from installing it. The biggest issue seems there be the games selection, the website claims thousands coming, the loader shows, at best, a hundred (and that's including the duplications over differing platforms). This creates a big disconnect in me. I did a quick search on games I remember playing (e.g. North Vs South, Shadow of the Best 2, Lemmings, populous, even Oscar) and nothing was there. I look at Strategy and there's 4 games showing, it doesn't really match with a claim of a large, or essential in any way, catalogue. Alongside this, there's artefacts on the loader (MacOS), and the scrolling messes up when loading the header view (keeps dragging the screen upwards), also the toolbar items seem to have no description and the most prominent one closes the app, which seems an odd choice. So whilst not that important, alongside the website design, it comes across as a little rushed and cheap. I would love to try some actual games but I'm not paying a tenner for such a small selection of stuff. Maybe I'm not being stupid and missing something simple?
  2. Don't actually try and change zone either, I've just been kicked out of Odin for that mistake. It's safer to just not move if you actually get in.
  3. Definitely not worth the £14 I spent on it - maybe £3 or £4 to pass an hour and a half it lasted but nothing more. It's an interesting idea and the first half hour point to something more suited to something interactive but that slowly dwindles and you realise all there is is collecting a reasonably well presented story through notes and the odd incidental detail and nothing more. Most of the main story is well trodden, so much that you can guess what is going to happen from the first couple of notes that introduce it properly, mind the way it's fleshed out via the environments adds a nice extra dimension to it. Ultimately thought, If you didn't use a controller for it I personally don't think anyone would care. The secondary stories are probably of more interest as you have to put at least a tiny bit of effort into piecing them together but again it's just a case of finding the relevant text and looking at the environment a bit. As a game it's just really not one, as an 'interactive movie' it's better than a cutscene but really doesn't deliver on the emotion and atmosphere it promises at the start so it's a bit of a let down. The fact I was bored before it's full 99 minutes as nothing really new was being offered probably sums it up. I imagine people who are a bit better at suspending there disbelief of what they're actually doing would enjoy it more. The Magic Eye pictures where an awesome nostalgic inclusion though
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