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  1. Got spare keys: Warhammer 40K DoW GOTY Warhammer 40K DoW II Warhammer 40K DoW II Retribution PM if anyone wants them
  2. I'm trying to install this with the non-Steam version. I run the installer I got from RSC and get to the point where I choose the install directory (left on default) and press next. The splash screen with the green bar comes up, and then disappears and nothing happens. When I click on the shortcut it made nothing happens either. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, repaired the installation, run as administrator and downloaded the latest Direct X manually, made sure there's 2 x 60GB space on the destination drive. Every time it does the same thing Most of the fixes I've found online refer to the User Account issue which was supposedly fixed in the latest update. And my user account name does not use unusual characters anyway. So if I just got this it should be fixed... Has anyone else had this problem and know any fixes? :( edit: It's ok. If anyone else gets this problem you just need to reinstall Windows...
  3. I used R477YLN99NMA, bottom-left Thanks!
  4. Would this probably run ok-ish with an i5-3570 / 8GB ram / AMD 6870 1GB ? I'm getting more and more tempted by this game, but I can't afford any new hardware. I shouldn't have bought any other games in the sales :/
  5. I want Tony free. Hopefully he gets out to rescue Jack or whatever. I don't even really remember much of the bad stuff he did, just that time he was Skyping all those shady guys with bluetooth headsets.
  6. What happened with that drug dealer guy who they threatened to leave with that rival gang, after he gave them the info? Those two were talking in the car like he wasn't with them anymore. I might have missed a scene around the parliament part, as I skipped forward because I was cringing so hard at the Prez.
  7. The first season was a bit more serious and grounded in reality (I guess?). Then the show gradually turned crazier and more ridiculous over time. So there's been upsides and downsides but the show now is pretty different from the start. Jack at the embassy
  8. Tom*

    Battlefield 4

    Is a lot of this down to a lack of enough servers of PS4, or would the netcode need some proper refit before it's all fixed? Either way they need to sort it out asap and let people rent their own servers too. Sounds pretty shit! The only problem I still get on PC is showing a random player (often a teammate) as my killer rather than the enemy it actually was. Other than that everything's been fine since the last patch. Just in case any PC bros came in here and got put off by the justified PS4 outrage...
  9. Is the Amazon streaming generally good, compared to say Netflix? If I didn't have Prime or LoveFilm at all currently, the streaming and Prime sub all for £49 seems ok... right? 9 hours to go!
  10. Tom*

    Yung Lean - Kyoto

    I listened to these a lot recently too: And people linked from his soundcloud e.g. BLADEE, suicideyear, friendzone https://soundcloud.com/gravityboys
  11. Not played many Wii U games ... and I know this has all been discussed endlessly already. But in multiplayer you usually want to get in and out of the menu as quickly as possible, with your focus ready to jump back in. So the on-character immersive HUD stuff seems like a better evolution, and moving a static HUD onto a separate screen that you have to look away at seems like a step backwards. It sounds great for the ZombiU gameplay but that could be quite a unique experience, given that many games are trying to take HUDs the opposite way. People don't necessarily want that tension in every game. So I suppose I'm saying as long as that's not the only use they can find for the gamepad, then things might be alright?? The Nintendoland chase game with 5 players is pretty great with the pad. edit: this is tedious actually sorry guys
  12. Tom*

    Battlefield 4

    The patch kinda broke the sound on PC. No sound in-game except for the occasional spotting blip or reload, and the End of Round music kicks in randomly. Everyone is complaining about it in the server chat. Thanks for trying DICE :( edit: it's supposedly only cutting out in certain game modes like TDM
  13. Tom*

    Battlefield 4

    I think it was mentioned before, but LevelCap uses those stats to break things down in his review videos of weapons and loadouts, and how to use the best attachments. They're worth a look although a bit technical and serious. I like trying out all different things but if I want to concentrate on upgrading one weapon for a while it's useful to see if it's worth it first. There's also some other stuff:
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