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  1. Try Puzzle Link / Puzzle Link 2 and Picture Puzzle. Both are also great little NGPC puzzlers. Rich
  2. He he, I forgot the Jag did that when switched on Nope, never resprayed one. Ps1s, Dreamcasts and N64s only
  3. http://www.imaginsystems.com/ It's real apparently. Check out the discussion on Digital Press - http://www.digitpress.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=27323 Rich
  4. Not while the number of copies of Kizuna Encounter are less than the number of fingers on one hand So you're saying it's rare then!!
  5. Yaaayyyy!!! If I shut my eyes and turn the thermostat right up it could almost be July!! Not to worry Rich - my territory's Northants (and Barnet every now and again), so I don't think we'll be bumping into one another outside of this forum. But once we lock horns again on rllmuk, the gloves are off sunshine! I look forward to it, lets hope it's a good dry summer If I can find Boxed PC Engine GTs with games for £5 then anything's possible It's not really rare, but probably would have made you a tidy £12-£15 on ebay.
  6. LOL, I'll post them up when the boots start again in March. I have only been going to a couple of small ones every so often over the winter. Look forward to being given a run for my money as long as it's not from the same boots There's enough competition already I can give you the small list from this weekend... Boxed N64 with 5 boxed games and 2 pads - £5 Dual Shock 2 - £2 Final Fantasy IX - £3.50 Freak Out PS2 - £3.50 (for curiosity value!) Panzer Front PS1 - £3 As for rare PS2 games... Dark Cloud (we know about) Klonoa 2 Space Channel 5 part 2 Gitaroo Man Knight Rider (possibly) Struggling...... The PS2 scene hasn't really taken off yet. It's difficult to pin point any real rare and valuable games at the moment. I don't see many copies of Dark Chronicle considering it's a fairly recent release. Could be one to watch. Unlimited Saga in mint condition could also keep a good price as most will get mashed up. Rich
  7. http://www.diehardgamer.co.uk/retrolists/sega_mega.htm£3 You mean, what I thought to be a rare game is actually worth barely anything compared to the one of the most popular MD games ever? I mean, I can understand how Sonic is, like, the game that spawned an icon, but it should be common as muck and so people shouldn't be selling it for £50. Or have I got the whole "retro trade" thing messed up again? It is common as muck and worth about £1.99
  8. I refuse to buy any pre-owned game from them if I can get it elsewhere for this reason. I've been up to the counter on a few occasions and then refused the game as they had written on it. [edit] Thanks to the wonders on nail polish remover, it's now perfect with no marks Got it for £4.97
  9. I'm still looking for it. Bugger, I saw that today. I had better phone the shop tomorrow and reserve it first thing!! DOH Bagged it from Game It's in pretty good condition too apart from the big red "p" that game have defaced it with
  10. Yup It's the fun of the hunt! Nothing like finding a rare gem then handing over about a 10th of it's actual value Rich
  11. It's taken a long time to get it all and a lot of hunting through pre-owned bins and weekends full of carboot trips. Most of it cost me far less than ebay prices through being patient and a good measure of luck
  12. I'm still looking for it. Bugger, I saw that today. I had better phone the shop tomorrow and reserve it first thing!! DOH It wouldn't be fun if I had everything I've now got Suikoden 1 but there is still a lot to get hold of. I also have Theme Park but I don't see that as rare/valuable enough to make the pic.
  13. This one? http://www.btinternet.com/~rmorgan/psback.jpg
  14. Thanks Had a Calibra before, but this one is newer and has all the toys!!
  15. Can't think of any games I've parted with but I was spectaularly dumb with a rare Atari 2600 once. I had an exeptional 4 switch woodgrain with all paperwork, mint inner box and unused paddles that I sold. I did get a good price for it but damn I'd pay it all back to have it in my collection again. 4 switch woodgrains never appear now (at the boots), it's all 6 switch models Still have the auction pic... http://www.btinternet.com/~rmorgan/AtariAll.jpg Rich
  16. Bought a new car at last... http://www.btinternet.com/~rmorgan/blue2_web.jpg All my money has been going towards that lately so I've been spending a lot of time on the Club Calibra forums. Rich
  17. I've changed my mind. The bleedin' game has kept me up long past midnight two nights in a row and I'm off to play some more now Rich
  18. I've only played the NiGHTS table so far and haven't looked at the other game modes too deeply yet.
  19. Some nice purchases there. What do you think of Manic Miner though? I bought this as soon as it came out, but the backgrounds make the game unplayable as half the time you don't know if something is in the background or on the same level as you. I sold mine on Ebay after only a few weeks of play. The Spectrum version of MM has yet to be beaten. Rob From what I've played of it so far, I like it. The backgrounds do get in the way at times, but not really too much. I'm playing it on the cube though so that might make the difference. I never use the GBA as I can't see it! I've been after Suikoden for a long time now, so I had a small excited child moment when I saw it in the preowned bin. Game have done there usual bloody scribble on the manual though which I think they should be sent straight to hell for as the manual is totally mint apart from that Managed to get it off the disc with nail polish remover. Of the others, I love Smash Cars (when my half dead PS2 will load it). Not too sure about Pinball Party, though having NiGHTS in a new game is great. Rich
  20. They were a mix of both. Girlfriend is now hooked on Manic Miner Fired up the speccy emulator and she went all misty eyed at Jet Set Willy and Dizzy. Rich
  21. Been out to Bluewater, Lakeside and London today with the girlie and had to visit every game shop I could of course Got.... New Sonic Pinball Party for GBA - £19.99, reduced from £29.99 from Game Boxed Manic Miner for GBA - £7 from Game Arcade Party Pak for PS1 - £4.99 from Gamestation New Smash Cars for PS2 - £12.99 from Woolworths (Need a good RC game) Suikoden for PS1 - £4.97 from Game (Couldn't believe this one!) All in all a very good day. Gonna go play 'em now Rich
  22. LOL!! Nope, I can honestly say that's better than any of my NGPC deals so far bar possibly Pocket Reversi for £50 Rich
  23. Unlimited Saga is one of the nicest boxes I've seen in a very long time. Rich
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