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  1. LOL! I'm not doing too well so far this year. It was tough going this morning, hardly anything worth having at all. Still, my favorite boot is on tomorrow and the other one starts next week. Good luck to everyone tomorrow, don't forget to post The 3DO cost me £10 and I'm gonna keep it, specially if I can play any region games on it. I will be selling my normal 3DO though. I also got a boxed german SNES for £2.50 but it's yellow. I have a replacement case for it though. Other that that, nothing!! Still, I keep having to leave boots early at the moment. Rich
  2. What is it? I found an almost new one at the boots this morning. It has a little flip switch on the back and says "3DO Testing Station on the draw front. Other than that, it's box and everything else is the same as the normal 3DO. Was it a developer unit and more importantly can I play the US Crash and Burn on it? Thanks, Rich
  3. That was a one off find!! There has to be £300-£400 worth there. That would make it my most valuable carboot find ever. I thought the day was going to be rubbish too This was the final pic I took with all the guns 'n stuff added before I packed it all safely away... http://www.btinternet.com/~rmorgan/all.jpg The other Optimus Primes in there are ones I've had lying around since last year. They're only worth about 20 notes as none are 100% complete. Rich
  4. I'm with Redsquirrel on this year, I'll only be buying stuff to sell on and not really stuff for myself as there's not a lot I want now. There were BOAT LOADS of playstations and megadrives as usual. It's not been very good pickings games wise this weekend. From what I can remember... Boxed Majoras Mask, Conkers BFD, Mario Tennis and MK Double Dash - £20 NES Action Set - £10 Loose Majoras Mask - £3 Game Gear in case with battery pack and game - £2 Time Crisis Boxed Set - £3 Mint Boxed Original Gameboy - £5 Tombi PS1 - £1.50 Namco Museum Vol 5 - £2 Spyro enter the dragonfly and Spiderman on PS2 - £6 Megaman Legends 2 - £2 The 2 best buys of the weekend were not game related.. I got a brand new RC plane with brand new engine, prop and radio gear worth £400 for £115 I also got this little lot.... http://www.btinternet.com/~rmorgan/transweb.jpg Transformers, all for £10. All original release and with a good amount of the accessories. Must be 50 different items. Rich
  5. the seventeen million Mega Drive FIFA carts that appear at every boot sale evah?
  6. I went to 1 for an hour but it was rubbish. Final Fantasy VIII - £3 Mario Is Missing - £2 Mint Shining Force II - £2 (Made it all worth it) Kyosho RC Impreza - £40
  7. There are 39 UK Colour games. Those are the most collectable of them all. Here they are... Faselei Last Blade Match of the Millennium SONIC Pocket Adventure Metal Slug 1 Metal Slug 1 (Alternate case design) Metal Slug 2 Puzzle Link Puzzle Link 2 SNK Card Fighters Clash Capcom Card Fighters Clash King of Fighters R2 Puyo Pop Puzzle Bobble Mini Pacman Pocket Tennis Baseball Stars Dive Alert (Matts) Dive Alert (Becky) Samurai Shodown 2 Biomotor Unitron Gals Fighters Magical Drop Pocket Neo Turf Masters Golf Crush Roller Evolution Shanghai mini Dark Arms Beast Busters 1999 Cotton (Fantastic Night Dreams) Picture Puzzle Cool Boarders Pocket Dynamite Slugger Pocket Reversi Neo Geo Cup 98 Neo Baccarat Neo Mystery Bonus Fatal Fury First Contact Cherry Master Neo 21 Neo Dragons Wild Pic of all 39... http://www.btinternet.com/~rmorgan/collectionpics/ngpc.jpg It's a great system to collect for as the games are great and the little snap cases are so rewarding Only sticky point to completism is Pocket Reversi as it's gonna cost you around £200 on ebay!! I'd like to get a complete JP Virtual Boy collection as there were only about 19 games but I refuse to pay £900 for Virtual Bowling
  8. I walked away from todays carboot with a big smile and a mint copy of Shining Force 2 under my arm for £2.
  9. Yeah sure, my GX4000 can leave whenever it likes. It's already been banished to the garage!
  10. I don't think they will de-value. Over time, the condition will play a major factor in their value. Think how much a brand new condition SNES or NES would be worth now. One of the oldest consoles is the 2600 which has been rising in value over the past few years. About 3 years ago a boxed machine would have sold for about £30 - £40 on ebay. It's about double that now. Can you imagine how much a sealed one would be worth? Mega Drives and Master Systems are currently rising in price though I don't expect it to last. There is a growing interest in retro too. We now have 1 dedicated mag and 2 others that regularly have a retro section. Things are just starting to get interesting. As they say on bargain hunt, it's all about the condition!! Rich
  11. I actually found a NEW NES last year. It had been de-boxed, but the controllers and psu were still wrapped up, the cable had never had a plug on it and the whole thing still had the new sheen to it. It's been boxed up now in a MINT box and is safely tucked away. Rich
  12. Not me I'm afraid Had a poor day as detailed above due to smaller boots, being skint and not really being bothered!!! I'll get up to speed again soon when my favorites open up. Roll on easter.
  13. First one in my area(ish) started today so I dragged myself along to it. Not many cars so results were limited... Mario Kart 64 - £3 Time Crisis + Gun box set - £8 Dark Cloud PS2 - £5 Risk PS1 - £4 5 GB Games - £10 Bit rubbish really. LOADS of people fighting over very few items.
  14. It's around 15 dollars in the states which is about £9 after tax.
  15. That's a bit of a freak price. It's generally around £35 - £45.
  16. Cool. Think I'll start with Chronicles first though as it has Crono Trigger on it
  17. Just got back from the states with a few nice ps1 items... Lunar Silver Star Complete - £20 Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete in new condition (parts still sealed) - £20 Arc the Lad Complete box set (New and sealed) - £40 Chrono Cross - £9 (x3) Final Fantasy Chronicles (original) - £20 Legend of Mana - £10 Can't wait to start going through them. Rich
  18. I had it on the Lynx too and it was one of my fav games on the system. It regularly used to get passed round at school because people got addicted to it. The Lynx pood all over the gameboy!! The BMX section of the Atari 2600 version is very entertaining too. Rich
  19. Just got this in my email.... Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2004 11:05 PM Subject: Question for seller A few queries, not familiar with this model of trap. Is this mouse trap used or new? Can it catch more than one mouse or does it need reset after each catch? Is the animal killed or just trapped alive allowing humane release? Thanks. -------------------- Title of item: Mouse Trap - Atari 2600 Starts: 22-Feb-04 09:41:24 GMT Ends: 29-Feb-04 09:41:24 GMT Price: Starts at £1.99
  20. Anyone seen these babies in the shops (apart from the Atari one)? I had a look in London for the Namco jobbie today but couldn't find it. Rich
  21. Excellent, look forward to picking this up.
  22. Just got a copy of the Collectors Edition today and I have to say I love it. It's so nicely presented. I love the way they have animated the old NES box art. The retrospective is a nice touch too. I played a little of the NES games, but really want to get in to Majoras Mask as I haven't really touched that one yet. Couldn't resist a little family photo... http://www.btinternet.com/~rmorgan/100_0616web.jpg (Sad, isn't it!!! ) Rich
  23. I go to one or two on Sundays when I can be bothered. They are full of traders though so I don't get much. I'll start up again properly in March/April when the big boots are back. Rich
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