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  1. They do sometimes. I got a mint Vectrex with 2 boxed games by leaving my name
  2. They'll give you £7 for a super gameboy? Can you take the 4 I have too and post me the money
  3. Boots in my area were not very good today. Nothing was really turning up for anyone! Panzer Dragoon - £1 Boxed and immaculate SNES Mario All Star set with all the bags and mint manuals together with 15 odd games including Yoshi's Island - £25 N64 Pikachu Edition with just about every Pokemon game released in the last 5 years on every format (including stadium 2) - £20 Unboxed NES - £5 Boxed N64 Super Mario Set - £6 Boxed Amiga 600HD in very good condition - £5 Super TV Boy - 50p Got quite a few non gaming bits today including a 1/8th scale Nitro R/C Buggy for £65 Rich
  4. Blue Lightning Road Blasters (Best home version of the time) Stun Runner (Best home version of the time BY FAR) Gates of Zendocon Warbirds Zarlour Mercenary Battle Wheels APB Shadow of the Beast Desert Strike I love the Lynx to bits, it's a great machine and had some brilliant games (see above!) Rich
  5. Things that are generally perceived by the public as good / have a limited production run / are sealed / are made by well known people will be a fairly safe bet. I'm off to stroke my 2 sealed Dreamcasts!
  6. It's a fairly common problem. You need to replace a resistor on the controller board. Have a search on the web as there are sites that tell you what to do. Rich
  7. Original or green label re-release?
  8. Did good this weekend... Boxed Mega Drive 2 with 2 games - £3.50 Mario Kart 64 - £2 Azure Dreams PS1 (no manual or cover ) - £1 Boxed 48k Speccy rubber key - £12.50 Boxed and could almost be new Gameboy Classic (most of contents still sealed) - £10 SOCOM Navy Seals with headphones - £6 NES with 3 games - £5 NES with 5 games and 4 player adapter - £6 Boxed N64 4MB Memory Upgrade - £2 Boxed NES Action Set - £6 Beyblade GBA - £2.50 Parappa the Rappa and Star Wars Masters of blah blah blah - £5 Dreamcast with 3 pads, memory and 2 games - £10 Boxed and perfect GBA Street Fighter 2 - £5 Boxed N64 pad - £2 Best find of the weekend... Boxed and pristine SNES Action Pack with all manuals and packaging - £20 Other great find that was non gaming was a pretty much unused Scalextric Newmarket horse racing set with most of it still sealed. - £35 (with two other boxed cars thrown in!) Rich
  9. Yeah, it's Pandamonium 2 that's the rarer of the two and it was worth money. Value has dropped a lot in the last year. Rich
  10. They are Model no NES-004E. Have all the usual markings but with those weird buttons. Oh well!!
  11. Never seen anything like them! Are they Japanese? Thanks, Rich
  12. Not too much to report. Didn't go at all on Saturday (pretty much given up on Saturdays now) Got... Boxed Mario Kart 64, Diddy Kong Racing, Smash Bros, 4MB expansion and Red controller - £8 Pokemon Ruby (Boxed) + 2 other loose Pokemon games - £8 Everybodys Golf - £2 Boxed MD1 with 5 games & unboxed Master System 2 with 5 games - £2.50 Not game related but best buy of the weekend - 2 Tamiya RC cars (Hornet & Thunder Dragon) complete and in good condition - £20 Rich
  13. I've found one copy of PDS in all the time I've been going and again it was a couple of years ago I think. It was complete and cost £2. Never seen one before or since. Radiant Silvergun, nope!!
  14. I've had..... Boxed PC Engine GT with 3 games - £5 Boxed PC Engine (White) with 11 games - £38 Both from boot fairs but that was a couple of years ago. Weirdly enough, they were got one week apart!! Rich
  15. It's a good price if you don't want to get up at the crack of dawn and trawl the car boots for a couple of weeks. Put it this way, you'd pay more than that for it on ebay but less at a car boot. If it's got games you want then go for it, you're certainly not being ripped off.
  16. £4 - £8. There's one on ebay right now with a BIN of £4.99
  17. It is simply a FAR better game imo with the original voices. It draws you in more and feels more authentic. It's not quite as pretty but there's not much in it. Rich
  18. Went to 3 boots today and got... Game gear with game and PSU - £3.50 Super Bomberman - £2 SNES in case with 5 games and 2 pads - £6 NES action set with Zelda 2 - £12.50 SNES with 5 games - £10 N64 with 4 official pads, 4mb upgrade, 2 rumbles and about 10 games (inc mario, zeldas etc) - £15 Psycho Fox - 50p Boxed N64 Clear Blue/White with Mario 64 set - £12.50 Saturn Skeleton Warriors + 4 NES games - £4 Probotector on NES with instructions - £1 Zelda LE Retro disc (full boxed version) for the cube - £4 Boxed Master System convertor - £1 Mario Kart 64 x2 - £5 Mint Harvest Moon PS1 - £7.97 (From Game) Think that's the lot.
  19. I love both games to bits, they are without a shadow of doubt my favorite games of all time. Shenmue 2 is absolutely mind blowing just make sure you get the DC version and not the xbox one. It does get better as it goes on, you sound like you have barely scratched the surface. Rich
  20. Didn't bother, they were mostly all rained off anyway!! Rich
  21. Game.com - I've seen 2 in the whole time I've been going. I think they were around £10. NGPC - £15 - £25 - Only seen one this year and it was £25 with no games. Neither are regular items and a boot fair. You will have to visit quite a few or be extremely lucky to find any. Rich
  22. Rained pretty much all weekend here in the mornings, so fairly poor finds again Got... 3 Snes (only 2 with leads) - £4.50 GB Color - £3 Boxed SNES Scope - £1.50 JP Zero Wing & Darwin 4081 MD - £4 Boxed Mario Kart - £1 Unboxed Mario All Stars - £1 Boxed Master System Convertor - £1 3D Lemmings - £2 Non Gaming... R/C Glider with 2M wingspan - £10
  23. Xenogears has been re-released and can be picked up quite cheap on the green label. Rich
  24. I went to 2 car boots over the weekend... Boxed German SNES - £2.50 Boxed 3DO Testing Station - £10 3 Snes', 1 NES with 8 SNES and 12 NES games - £10 (SNES consoles are fit for bin!) 2 N64s and Mk1 Master system with 5 N64 games - £6 Panzer Front PS1 - £3 Boxed NES with 5 Boxed and 3 unboxed games - £5 Mega Drive in case with 9 boxed games - £6 Think that was it. Rich
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