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  1. He he! I ain't half becoming hard work though. I though my favorite boot had been invaded by pikeys this morning as I was looking at a boxed N64 with a few games. A whole family of "that sort" came and started to look over it all too. Luckily I didn't see them again though. Not gonna go near the afternoon boots as it's already WAY too hot out there. Rich
  2. Neo Geo Pocket with boxed Pacman, Sonic and Turf Masters - £10 SNES with 10 boxed and 3 unboxed games - £3 Gameboy color with boxed Pokemon Crystal and psu etc - £10 Pandemonium 2, FF VII, FF IX, Final Doom and Sim City 2000 - £11 Snes with 15 unboxed games (Inc Terranigma) + another free snes thrown in (terrible condition) - £20 Boxed N64 with 1 game, extra pad, rumble and case - £5 As usual got other non gaming bits. Rich
  3. Things have certainly changed. Even this year there is a very noticable difference. Some boots I have completely given up on because they are a nightmare. I used to go to 2-3 on a Saturday and 3-4 on a Sunday. I now only bother with 2-3 a weekend. I believe Dreamcasts can be had for less than £20 but I agree with MagicalDrops price guide. Thought of a few more finds... Commodore CDTV with Floppy, Keyboard, Mouse and rare BLACK 1084s Monitor - £8 CollecoVision with about 15 games (Inc Tutankham) - £3 (Might have been £5) Boxed Master System Deluxe Set (Set with 3D glasses) - £5 Boxed and Mint SNES Action Pack - £20 (I really wanted it!!)
  4. In no particular order... Boxed PC Engine GT with 3 games - £5 Boxed PC Engine with around 15 games - £38 Panzer Dragoon Saga - £2 Sega Multi Mega - £10 (Included MD1 and about 12 games) NEW NES - £5 Boxed and MINT Atari 2600 4 switch woodgrain with boxed games - £5 3DO Testing Station - £10 (I think) Mint Boxed Mega CD 1 -£5 Whole bundle of boxed NES and SNES RPGs - About £10 50 odd original transformers - £10 Probably more but that's all I can think of for now.
  5. Virtually stuff all today. Loads of megadrives about but left them all. SNES with 3 pads and 3 games - £10 Boxed GREEN original gameboy with case and game - £5 Boxed Sega Lock-on - £3 That was about it games wise I think. Did get a nice Mini PC for £2 which will end up as a sat-nav system in my car.
  6. Damn right it is. I've had a Lynx from pretty much day one and it's a fabulous machine. Best versions of Road Blasters, Stun Runner and Cali Games (IMO). Warbirds was brilliant as were many of the shooters. I even loved playing Hard Drivin and Chequered Flag. Many happy memories of the last year of school and long plane flights (with big battery pack!). Rich
  7. Not added them all up lately but the last count put the Dreamcast at over 120 and the PS1 at a little over 100. My games list is here... http://www.btinternet.com/~rmorgan/collect...s/GamesList.htm Rich
  8. Got my copy today. Flicked straight to the retro section. It just keeps getting better. Nice one Strider. Rich
  9. Blimey. All from the same person?
  10. Got a few bits this morning.... Playstation1 with 13 games - £10 SNES with 4 games (Inc mario kart and Illusion of Time) - £3 Commodore 128 (Machine only) - £1 Boxed TV Boy - £2 Lemmings and oh no more lemmings - £2 Capcom Generations - £2 Day of the Tenticle fully boxed CD version - £2 SNES with 8 boxed games, boxed Super Gameboy and boxed Mario Paint - £10 Mega Drive with 7 games - £5 Boxed Gameboy Color - £3 Rich
  11. Remember it, I used to play it EVERY lunch time during college with a mate. http://www.geocities.com/simesgreen/ev/ Rich
  12. No but I've put a good few days / weeks play in to it. It's not enought for me to rant and rave about, not even enough to really annoy me as it's only ever happened in take a drive mode. That was my opinion! It looks good, plays well, doesn't seem to have all the problems I've heard about and is overall fun to play. The level of detail in each city is amazing, the physics are enjoyable, the crashes and damage modeling is superb. I think it deserves a bit more credit than it's given. IMO
  13. I have to ask, is all this flaming directed at the PS2 version? Because I have the XBOX one and it is one of the prettiest games I have played. There is popup and I've had it crash about 3-4 times but other than that it's a great game. What am I doing wrong? Rich
  14. Didn't go to any boots this week so got nothing!! My favorite was rained off so I stayed in bed
  15. Terrible weekend. Went to 2 sales and got Toejam & Earl, Panic on Funkotron for 50p and that was it!!!! Rich
  16. I really hope you're right but I have my doubts! There are more and more knowledgable people coming up through the ranks. I see new faces every month that seem to know what they're buying. Rich
  17. WOW, I want that Virtua Racing Mega Drive pack!!!
  18. I think I must be playing a different game to the rest of the planet cos I'm loving it. The only complaint I have is the popup which isn't all that bad really. I haven't seen most of the bugs people are talking about, it's just been a really enjoyable game so far. I have the Xbox version which could make the difference I suppose. Is it the PS2 version everyone is slamming or both? Rich
  19. I don't think there is one particular system I could single out. I still fairly regularly getting stuff for most of the major ones. I guess PS1, N64 and NES are the most active with Gameboy, SNES and Mega Drive following closely behind. I'm not getting any of them particularly fast though. Maybe 1-2 games a week across all retro formats. Rich
  20. Actually, reading that back it does seem a little bit of a contradiction. It just doesn't seem like I got much compared to what I'm used to this time of year I guess. Oops!
  21. Only went to 2 today, not too much stuff. What is going on with car boots this year? Got.... Boxed Pikachu N64 with 6 games and extra pad - £10 Dreamcast with 2 pads, memory, rumble and 22 games - £15 Boxed Mega Drive Lion King set with 7 games - £5 2 SNES Consoles - £7 for both SNES console with 4 games - £8 Semi-Boxed 48k Spectrum - £5 Few other non gaming bits. Rich
  22. Got 1 (ahem 4!!). I keep it for the arcade perfect Mad Dog McCree. Brings back many memories from school and spending Wednesday afternoons at the local bowling alley and arcade playing it. I do have some other games for it but they don't really get played. Rich
  23. http://cgi6.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...&sort=3&rows=50 L@@k at the prices and the descriptions. I doubt they'll get a single bid on anything!!! £29.99 for a NegCon???? £29.99 for a NES Zapper and Duck Hunt??????? £59.99 for a Namco arcade stick??? Sorry, had to share!
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