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  1. I was hugely lucky with this one and got it for £50 just before the price went through the roof On the DC collection front. I have about 120-140 Pal games and there isn't another one game worth buying. I really wouldn't bother with it. Most of the games I have were bought when it was a current console and many of them I would never play again.
  2. Only went to one, total rubbish. Got a boxed SMS II with 4 games (Inc Rainbow Islands) - £6 Ms Pacman Maze Madness - £5 Point Blank - £3 Turned down... Boxed and pristine Saturn with wheel and 7 games for £20 Mega CD and Mega Drive with Sonic CD, After Burner 3 and a few others - £50!!!
  3. Just got back from hols and read that bit. Did have to chuckle myself too I did half expect letters like that to be sent in. strider was that the only one or were there a few? Thanks again for doing the feature, was pretty cool to walk in to newsagents miles from home and see a pic of myself Rich
  4. Didn't go to any, did a 54 mile bike ride for charity instead. Little bit tire..... zzzzzzz
  5. Ahh the states. I was there in March and came back with loads of stuff. I got both Lunar games with all their extra bits, Arc the Lad Collection, Final Fantasy Chronicles, 3 copies of Chrono Cross, Legend on Mana, GBA Card Reader with pretty much all the NES games, 3 news copies of hey you pikachu and a few other bits. Have fun shopping it's a whole new world of stuff out there Their shops are streets ahead of us for retro stuff. Check out the Game Crazy stores in the Hollywood Video shops for some gems. You'll also find loads of independant stores in the little outdoor malls and they all do retro stuff. Rich
  6. Only went to one today as I'm saving money. Got.... Boxed PS2 (Actually works ok) - £25 Atari 2600 6 switch woodgrain + sms 2 both with games - £8 Gameboy Printer with 2 unopened paper rolls - £2 Sega Lockon Double Pack - £3 SNES pad and scope pickup - £2 That's the lot I think!
  7. Can't take all the credit for these finds as my dad was out finding most of the good stuff today and phoning to get prices from me. Boxed and Perfect Sinclair QL with lots of micro cassettes (Even has all the original bags and manuals) - £15 Boxed Atari 2600 Woodgrain with 3 boxed and 8 unboxed games - £25 NES Action Set - £5 SNES Action Pack with boxed controller, arcade stick and 8 boxed games - £18 NES with 4 games - £2 BOXED NES with 2 boxed and 4 unboxed games - £7 (Box is like new!) Final Fantasy VII - £1 Mr Driller PS1 - £9.99 (Gamestation) Rich
  8. I was absolutely gobsmacked!! I think he had put one of them on the table as a guy had something that looked like a transformer in his had but I got the rest of the box!! I've already sold the extra primes I'm afraid, sorry. Rich
  9. I nearly fell over when he said the price.
  10. Ah Transformers. My best car boot haul ever was a bunch of them. I got this little lot Minus 2 of the primes).... http://www.btinternet.com/~rmorgan/all.jpg for £10!!!!!
  11. Awful morning for gaming stuff. Gameboy Color with 1 game - £6 Konami Open Golf + Vandal Hearts on PS1 - £3 Boxed Sonic and Knuckles - £1 Few other PS1 games - £few quid!! Did get a Kyosho Snakebite nitro RC truck though for £20. Needs a few bits to make it work but otherwise in very good condition. Rich
  12. Some better pics... To compare old and new... http://www.btinternet.com/~rmorgan/psone2.jpg http://www.btinternet.com/~rmorgan/psone3.jpg It's not a fake I can assure you nor is it a photoshop. Rich
  13. Did that come with the non DS pad then?
  14. It has the PSone logo and the new rounded plug!!
  15. This is probably a little bit stupid for a new topic but it's bugging me. I got a little PSone on Sunday at the car boots and I've just had chance to have a look at it. It came with an original style controller (no analogue) but is official Sony, white and says PSone on it. It just shouldn't exist should it? Appologies for such a stupid thread but red wine does strange things to a persons mind!!!!!!
  16. Ouch, nasty That'll be the end of your spare cash then What format you collecting? Rich
  17. Thanks It's taken a long time to put together. Check out http://www.btinternet.com/~rmorgan/collectionpics/ for more. Rich
  18. Not raining here so I got... SNES with 16 games and super gameboy - £5 Snes Mario Kart and Super Mario Loose - £3 Boxed Dreamcast + VMU - £4 Boxed Dreamcast with memory card, Sonic, Sonic 2 and Headhunter - £5 Boxed Toejam and Earl + Sonic & Knuckles £3 30 PS1 games inc Monster Rancher, Tombi, FF6, 7, 8, 9 and Monopoly - £30 Boxed Gameboy Pocket with 1 game - £2.50 Mario Kart Double Dash - £4 Boxed I-Cybie Robot Dog - £22.50 Panzer Front - £2 Rich
  19. Thanks mate but I picked up a copy this morning. All good stuff but I know my girlfriend will rip the piss for the plastic bags comment! Rich
  20. I second mean bean machine, my fav game on the megadrive
  21. Oh 'eck, that's come around quick I'll have to get a copy of this asap. Rich
  22. Some good stuff there 213, nice one.
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