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  1. I was the seller There's plenty of competition there, I'm usually buying plus I know of at least 4 others at that boot alone all after retro stuff I've been going there for about the past 4-5 years
  2. He he, I took that to Gamestation after the boot and they gave me £60 for it. Saw you walking round with that bigtrak, was quite jealous!! Rich
  3. Went to one today, got the following few bits... SNES in carry case with 8 average games -£7 Ghost House Sega Card -Boxed - £2 Bomberman World PS1 - 50p Tetris Worlds XBOX -£3 Wario Land 3 - £1.50 Atari Lynx 1 in carry case with 6 games, battery pack and car adaptor - £10 From Gamestation... Boxed and complete Kolibri for 32X - £9.99
  4. I got nothing at all this morning apart from an i-cybie. Went to one boot and it was really small. My Dad got this little lot from a guy at work though for £20... Games are all complete with manuals. Not too bad
  5. Went to one car boot late today so there was nothing much there. Couldn't be bothered to get up early this morning as I had a late night on Saturday!!! Got Lethal Enforcers and Virtual Bart all boxed up for the mega drive. While up in London, went to a little shop I know of that somethimes gets a job lot of obsure and old ps1 titles. This time they had these... Well, got 4 copies anyway. 2 of them are factory sealed too and all were new condition. £9.99 each!
  6. It does happen. As I said earlier, I got mine boxed with 3 games for £5 about 3-4 years ago from a boot sale. Got a boxed White PC Engine with 11 games the week before that for £37. Rich
  7. Got my boxed PCE GT for £5 too, but only had 3 games Good Work
  8. Spent the day pampering my car and driving a go kart. Come on CBSK, what ya' get? EDIT: GOOD LAD!!! B)
  9. Great pics guys and some great finds I didn't go to any boots this weekend and probably won't next weekend either. Keep posting up the piccies each week, it's great to see stuff that people have picked up. Rich
  10. Had a leisurely wander round 3 boots today and picked up the following... Broken Sword 2 + Burning Rangers - £5 2x N64 Zeldas, Mario 64, Donkey Kong 64 and a gold controller -£5 3x N64 games + 2 Gameboy games -£1 Klonoa 2 - £3.50 Golden Axe Duel + Trash It - £1.50 for both Boxed N64 DK64 pack with Worms - £12.50 Other stuff... New Thunder Tiger Nitro Mini Cooper - New in box - £75 Pic of the haul... http://www.btinternet.com/~rmorgan/carboot080505.jpg
  11. You need to get that sorted asap. Shenmue II is a stunning game, for me the best game I've ever played.
  12. I'm liking the photos people are putting up. Think you should make it a regular thing. Much more fun to see the goods rather than reading lists
  13. Went to a couple today and came back quite pleased. Left the usual mega drives, ps1s, dreamcasts and gameboys to the "others"! Came home with a CD32 with quite a few cds - £12 This little NES package for £25.... http://www.btinternet.com/~rmorgan/nes0105.jpg Every game has it's instructions bar 1 and 95% of them are uncrushed. NES is "well loved" but I can clean or re-shell it! Didn't think big lots like this still existed. Rich
  14. Went to my first boots of the year today, it was good to be back. The boots however were rubbish and swamped with people seeming to all be after the same thing!!! That thing being the same as me Came back with a SNES, NES (both with no leads but I have some spares). Snes had Mario Word and Kart - £10 Boxed Super Mario Kart for 50p I left a Dreamcast, mega drive, psone, N64 and a german SNES with a bunch of boxed german games as I'm determined to buy for me only this year. Best buy of the day wasn't game related. I got a boxed Savage 21 with fuel, electric roto-starter, 2 glo starters, transmitter, spares and chargers for £60. Oh and a table mounted wine bottle opener for a fiver
  15. Nice finds guys. Boots haven't started round here yet Managed to get these for £550 today though !!!!! http://www.btinternet.com/~rmorgan/419s.jpg
  16. Went for a wander round one close to me. Wasn't expecting to find anything at all as it was small and I was late but managed to find 8 game gears for £12. Got a really really mint boxed copy of Zelda LttP for the SNES on Saturday. Cost me £19.99 but it looks like new. Even has the seal on the box in tact and a sealed secrets book. Rich
  17. I think they can sell electrical stuff as long as they have a qualified electrician that can check it over first. Not that many of them do though.
  18. Small box snes games had the little pull thingies but not the big boxes like this one. You can tell it's an original seal as the film is thick and the little pull out flaps underneath have no creases. The box is perfect underneath it too. Woman in the shop also said the person who bought it in told her it had never been opened (If you can believe them!). Some very nice finds there 213 The charity shop was Cancer Research on Chiswick high road. Rich
  19. Thanks guys. Felt a bit guilty only paying that for it!!!! Anyone else found any good bargains so far this year? Carboots are still a month or so off yet and I'm missing the weekly threads.
  20. Slightly more than £3.49 but slighty less than £3.51
  21. That is until I found this.... Yes it is sealed and brand new!!!! I nearly died when I saw it in the window, couldn't get in there fast enough. I've looked in loads of charity shops and found nothing at all. Someone must be smiling down on me today!!! Sorry guys, had to share as I haven't stopped smiling yet Rich
  22. Personally thought issue 22 was the best Problem is that not everything can be shown in a photo and there's no room for a big list of stuff so the guy probably has a lot more. Rich
  23. RichM


    Seriously, how many fingers am I holding up?
  24. The coming season isn't exciting me much this year I think it's bacause I don't have a single boot where it's not one big fight for stuff anymore. I also have more things than I'll ever use / need and nowhere to store them. I'll still go I would think but I don't think I'll be getting the huge hauls of old any more. Still have a load of excess stuff from last year to get rid of (mostly tat!). Things I'd still like... NES Deluxe Set Decent box for my Atari 2600 Box for my Vectrex (Yeah Right!!) Few boxed SNES games Few Mega Drive and Mega CD games. Rich
  25. RichM


    I just started to dribble!!! Love that car but looking at other pics the model looks a bit wrong!!
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