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  1. Bugger!!! I have a full install version if someone wants to give it a try. It should contain every file needed all wrapped up. Would like someone really to try it on a spare pc first to make sure it installs ok!! Any volunteers?
  2. Thought you guys might like this... It's a simple little program I wrote to search ebay for me every five or so minutes looking for rare items. I run it from my startup folder and it's found me a few gems over the years that appear maybe once a month or so. Thing is, I've never used it anywhere but this machine so it could fall over in a heap when used by someone else If it works, then I though it might be very useful to you guys? Some people might find it asks for missing files when it starts, so let me know if it does. http://www.btinternet.com/~rmorgan/ebayhunter/EbayHunter.exe When you first start it up, you might get a warning from your virus software saying it's trying to communicate with the internet. All it's doing is pulling down the .INI file it needs to know how to talk to ebay. Rich
  3. I don't know for sure if I am yet, I just have to do something as it's taking over the house. I won't be putting anything up just yet judging by the prices I got for my last auctions!!! Wonder what my chances of listing the whole lot for 10k and getting a sale would be? Rich
  4. Cheers guys. I think probably the approach I'll take is the one where I sell seperately the rare and valuable and bundle the rest. I think ebay is the only route I'd take so I can get the decent prices. I've spent a lot of time building this stuff up to top quality. Still having trouble making the final push to get rid, it's taken me so long to collect and is still growing. I think a serious slimming down is needed first so I only have 1 of each machine etc. God this is a hard decision to make!!! Rich
  5. Been thinking about this for a while now. Just what is the best way to sell a really large collection of items? Do you spend weeks and months listing it all individually on ebay? Do you list by machine, say one big saturn collection? Do you just lump the whole lot in together with a large reserve? I keep thinking I should seriously slim down my stuff as it's in most rooms of the house now The thought of listing loads and loads of auctions leaves me cold!!! What would you do? Rich
  6. Mine came in a plastic storage box. Guy had got one out on the table which someone was looking at but I spotted the box load he hadn't unpacked yet Still have a pic uploaded of my little lot... http://www.btinternet.com/~rmorgan/all.jpg Still ranks as my most valuable boot fair find of all time
  7. The things I can remember are... Rarest and most valuable... Sega Multimega - £10 (with a md1 and about 12 games) Master System set with gun and 3D glasses - £10 ish Panzer Dragoon Saga - £2 Box of 52 original release Transformers (valued at around £300 - £400 worth) - £10 Colecovision with around 12 games including Tutankham - £5 New NES - £5 I think, can't remember Boxed and near mint NES Zelda 1& 2, Castlevania 1, 2 & 3 + couple of others - £15 Obscure... Boxed PC Engine GT with 3 games - £5 Boxed PC Engine (white) with about 15 games - £38 Parappa Vs De-la-soul vinyl single - £3ish
  8. Yeah, saw him buying it and approached him after he had walked off and asked if he was going to sell it on which he was. He asked for £30 for it but took £20 in the end. It was missing a psu, but I have spare ones laying about so it wasn't a problem Rich
  9. Cheers guys. Been after the turtles NES for a while. Think it's quite a rare pack. Mega Drive box is very good. Only thing letting it down is the tab that locks the lid has been torn off. Rich
  10. My modest haul from 2 boots today... NES Turtles pack - £20 (bought from a booter that just beat me to it but really wanted it for my collection!) Mega Drive - £3.50 with Sonic Atari Jaguar - £5 Point blank and gun - £3 Other ps1 games between £2 - £3 Civilization 2 PC LE - £1.50 That's about it for today. Have to congratulate the guy who sold me the NES on picking up a fine boxed JAP SNES, superb find
  11. Yup, it came from Gamestation and is to replace my "written on by game" copy
  12. Not a huge haul today. Only went to one boot sale... Boxed NES with 3 games - £5 Sonic Compilation and Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble - £1 each PS1 games £1 each Master system convertor (this thing is new) - £1.50 TV tuner (as above £9.99) Suikoden (as above £24.99) Big Technic 4X4 - £3 Rich
  13. Thought I'd start the thread off this week. Not that I have any carboot finds to report yet but the alarm is set and I'm itching!!!! Got 2 nice items in Gamestation today.... Boxed Gamegear TV tuner with instructions - £9.99 Suikoden complete & VGC- £24.99 Looking forward to pics and lists tomorrow. Rich
  14. Well I have a battered copy of Gyromite, errr..... it's a start!!!! That's the one set I don't have and really want. NEVER seen one in the wild at all. Thankfully never seen anyone else with one in a bag at a car boot either!! Anyone else have pics to share?
  15. I would but I'd have to shoot myself for thinking the same thing!!
  16. It's kind of like a museum type thing. I'm trying to get one completely perfect example of each machine. It's not to sell, it's just a nice thing to have. I usually have one machine to play and one which I try to make complete and original.
  17. For years now I have been going to boot sales, buying loads of stuff and using the best bits of it all to make up a single shining example of each console. I'm not just talking good condition here, I'm talking looks like new!! For instance, this weekend I completed my NES action set right down to the cable ties and every original bag. I'll swap out a manual if one has a slight crease etc, just wondering if anyone else does the same and what you have managed to complete? ....or am I far too anal!!
  18. Cool, thanks for the info. I think I've heard of Bren on the site so will check out his stuff. I'll be really careful with it, I have a lot of respect for power and rear wheel drive! Rich
  19. Very nice. I've been over to SXOC and registered, just can't wait to have the car sitting outside now. I'll probably leave it standard for a while before the modding begins Rich
  20. Always wanted a 200sx and my current car is giving me loads of hassle. This is the third one I went to see this weekend and it's a low mileage minter so very happy. Excellent finds guys, been a pleasure as always looking through the piccys Rich
  21. I had a brilliant day today. I didn't go to any car boots, but I did buy this..... ... ... ... ...
  22. It does now!!! I had to replace the drive band as I have on my other one. It doesn't look like it's been used much either. Yeah it seems to work just fine I still have my machine from when I was a kid, good little game.
  23. My bits for the day.... NES with games - £20 (Bit high, but never mind!) SNES with All Stars, like new (apart from box!) - £6 Spectrum +3, complete - £11 GBA (screen is dodgy ) - £6 Stereo Skyfighters - £1.50 Glove (Completely mint) - £3 Pip, I have kinda the reverse to you with Castlevania, I have the game with the artwork book but no manual!!!
  24. Yeah didn't do too badly actually. made a little over £200 My girlfriend didn't do so well unfortunately but it was still good fun. First boot I've done in about 10 years!!! Got rid of a lot of less valuable games and things that would be difficult to post to people. I've had some great stuff from there over the years but like all boots, it's gone down hill from what it was. Taplow is a nightmare, I still go sometimes but rarely get anything good. I'm kind of done with serious booting now, I still enjoy a wander but don't buy like I used to Still jealous about the bigtrak, been looking for one of those for years
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