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  1. Hey guys,


    Got a quick question, I have a copy of PDS that I've lost the first disc for (think I used to listen to the music on it).  I do however have the old demo disc that was I believe the first disc of the game.  Question is, does this disc lead on to using disc 2 or is the demo disc a stand alone thing that isn't complete. 



  2. Had a late start this morning, my wife wanted a lie in. So I went just to one car boot on my own today.

    On the first row I saw a 50th anniversary edition of Edge in a pile of books and magazines, I rooted through a bit more and found more Edges.

    "how much for the magazines?"

    "take them, as many as you like, I'll even give you a carrier bag"

    post-234-002247900 1313917278_thumb.jpg

    FF8 guide was free too :D

    Also found a pile of 40k marines for £2 ( i've not sorted through them yet.

    Then on the last row I found this little lot for £15

    post-234-093689700 1313917381_thumb.jpg

    I don't think Rob's complete but a nice selection of NES games inc Kid Icarus!!

    In all my years, I never found a delux set with Rob. Always wanted one but it always eluded me.

    This page has really amazed me, I genuinely didn't think hauls like these were possible anymore. Great stuff guys.


  3. Damn I miss the old days of car booting :o Nothing beats that rush of finding something special and coming home with a boot full of stuff. Many happy Sundays were spent sorting everything out.

    What's it like out there now guys? I haven't been for about 3 years properly.


    Edit: Just remembered, I walked in to a charity shop a couple of months ago and found a mint copy of Azure Dreams for £1. Brought back many happy feelings!!!! :o

  4. I've just bought an intercooler for mine as it sits in a cabinet and was freezing up. Seems to keep the case really cool now. When my network port got fried, MS fixed and returned in 7 days!


  5. I haven't been proper booting now for a couple of years. By the sounds of it, things are seriously drying up now. It seems more and more people are finding ebay and selling on there. Put a few smiles on faces last weekend though as I took a whole car load of old gaming stuff to my local and sold it for old school prices :wub: (Roughly £5 per console!)

    Only saw one gaming item on my walk round before setting up my stall which was a Pokemon Battle set N64 with about 8 loose games. Didn't even ask how much!!


  6. Hey all, spotted a fs thread on another forum i go on and a lad is selling....

    ...is this right or is it just a replacement lid/case from somewhere?. I've had a quick google and not found anything about  a clear limited edition for the UK...


    100% it's a replacement case, there was no limited edition released in the UK like that. The only LE we got was a blue sonic adventure edition.


  7. I find this hard to believe. Surely no one is stupid enough to sell something in that condition, boxed for as little as £2? Even the most stupid of car boot sellers is aware of ebay and tends to knock stuff like that up.

    REALLY, there are people that stupid. A few weeks back I picked up a £80 technic lego set for £3. There's lots of it about. How about my haul of £400 worth of transformers for £10. SURELY, the guy selling them most have known they were valuable, you'd have thought!!!

    But NO, they don't seem to or don't care.

  8. That other file has got the program working, thanks. I did a search for 'rappy' as I just had a favourite searches email sent to me to alert me of a new item. Ebay Hunter however, said there were no matches. But, double clicking the term rappy on the list opens an IE page (any chance you could make it use Firefox instead) and there are 2 listings, both from international sellers. Is this a UK auction only tool?

    Download it again and you should now find it'll do UK and worldwide auctions too.

    Glad to hear people are getting it to work.

  9. Is this capable of looking for items ending soon?

    if not could it be modified to only find items ending in a few mins at a certain price?

    It could be modified to do that but that's not really what it does. It's made to alert you to items that don't appear very often and give you a possible chance to be the first to see them and maybe even "buy it now" if there is one.

    Anyone experiencing a bug where it keeps reporting back "-" as the number of items found? I will look in to this tonight. If you do, reloading the program and making sure you have a net connection at the time sorts it.


  10. Good stuff. I've just updated it a bit too. Now you can select if it pops up or not when something changes as well as adding in a little bit more internal error checking so it doesn't crash when it see's something it doesn't like!

    Just download again from the .EXE link above!

    Also forgot to say - Clicking on one of the lines it's searching for should bring up the results on ebay in a seperate window.


  11. I was thinking about writing some code to interogate ebay to do averages of finishing prices for certain items and the like but I'm not too hot on how to incorporate web interogations like this into code.

    I was going to expand this to do just that at one point but never got round to it. Problem with ebay is they change their page designs so regularly, it's a real problem trying to keep up!


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