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  1. Everybody needs a fun car, never had a convertible but would have liked one. The Monaro isn’t my daily driver so I can keep it nice and garaged during the winter
  2. I’ve sold off most of my collection now from when I was active in the late nineties and early two thousands, it’s allowed me to buy the car I always wanted so won’t miss it too much. It was fun while it lasted and I do miss the epic car boot days. Kept a few choice bits like my new US gold N64 just because I couldn’t part with them still.
  3. Lovely find. In all the years I was going, always wanted one of these but never found one.
  4. That's what I heard but would like to know if someone has played through it to be sure.
  5. Hey guys, Got a quick question, I have a copy of PDS that I've lost the first disc for (think I used to listen to the music on it). I do however have the old demo disc that was I believe the first disc of the game. Question is, does this disc lead on to using disc 2 or is the demo disc a stand alone thing that isn't complete. Thanks.
  6. In all my years, I never found a delux set with Rob. Always wanted one but it always eluded me. This page has really amazed me, I genuinely didn't think hauls like these were possible anymore. Great stuff guys. Rich
  7. Thanks mate, it's good to still see some familiar names are still here . I drove past the signs for my old regular boot today, very temped to get up and go tomorrow. My daughter will be up around 6 so might bundle her in to the car
  8. Wow, I miss the car boot scene. Some great stuff in this thread. Great to see people are still out there finding stuff. I'm married with a toddler now so my regular car boot trips are well and truly over. Still have good memories of comparing notes with you guys on a Sunday afternoon / evening Rich
  9. Damn I miss the old days of car booting Nothing beats that rush of finding something special and coming home with a boot full of stuff. Many happy Sundays were spent sorting everything out. What's it like out there now guys? I haven't been for about 3 years properly. Rich Edit: Just remembered, I walked in to a charity shop a couple of months ago and found a mint copy of Azure Dreams for £1. Brought back many happy feelings!!!!
  10. Yeah, i've read the horror stories, but I'll keep an eye on it. Already checked to make sure it's pushed on properly
  11. I've just bought an intercooler for mine as it sits in a cabinet and was freezing up. Seems to keep the case really cool now. When my network port got fried, MS fixed and returned in 7 days! Rich
  12. I haven't been proper booting now for a couple of years. By the sounds of it, things are seriously drying up now. It seems more and more people are finding ebay and selling on there. Put a few smiles on faces last weekend though as I took a whole car load of old gaming stuff to my local and sold it for old school prices (Roughly £5 per console!) Only saw one gaming item on my walk round before setting up my stall which was a Pokemon Battle set N64 with about 8 loose games. Didn't even ask how much!! Rich
  13. Just had the cutscene in the lift, nearly wet myself. This game just keeps getting better.
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