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  1. The switch thread is a bit of a mega-thread so seeing if we can carve the eShop part of it into its own chat - not going to create a new thread every week but hopefully this will move some of the traffic out the mega-thread. Can I buy from a browser from the eShop ? You need to access the eShop at least once from your Switch before you can buy online. Once you've done that though, yes you can buy online and it'll download automatically. http://www.nintendo.co.uk/Nintendo-Switch/Games/Games-1178441.html eShop Price Comparison www.eshop-prices.com/?currency=GBP How To Access Foreign eShops Specifically looking to set up a Japanese account? Eurogamer have a handy guide here, though the same method applies for all regions. I’m based in Europe… can I log onto overseas eShops? 1) Use a browser to go to accounts.nintendo.com 2) Create a new account 3) Set your region to the one you want, e.g. Japan. NOTE: This can be changed at any time 4) On the Switch, go to SYSTEM SETTINGS > USER > ADD NEW USER. 5) Set icon and nickname (anything memorable will do, but you might want to add ‘JPN’ to the end of the nickname for easy reference) 6) Link this to the account you created in step 2 You can either repeat this step for different territories OR simply use your second account as a floating region, remembering to change the region at accounts.nintendo.com and re-entering your password to agree to the country's specific EULA. NOTE: Any eShop funds you have tied to a specific store (e.g. Japan) will be erased if you switch the account region. ____________ How do I log on to an overseas eshop? Simple: click/press on the eShop icon, then choose the account you want to log in with. Do I have to swap accounts to play overseas games? NO (yippee!). All games show against all accounts Will Japanese/overseas language games show in my local language when I use my local account? Not so far. Game languages support is always on the 'disk' Can I use my credit card to buy from all European countries? Yes. This includes Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Russia, so be sure to check their prices. Can I use my credit card to buy from the US and Japan (and other international stores) ? Unfortunately, no (unless you happen to have a card from that territory). You will have to buy eShop cards from places such eBay, Japan Code Supply or Play-Asia, etc. or use an alternative method (Sorry, no PayPal either). Stocking up with eShop funds has it's disadvantages, however as they can not only be expensive, but should you change your region, any remaining credit will be erased. This goes for changing your main account, too, so please be careful to only top up with the correct amount or as close to that as possible.
  2. Gotters

    Football Thread 2018/19

    why would Pogba hand out these rings in English, shouldn't they say Coup du Monde
  3. Gotters

    Love Death and Robots

    there are different orders for different users https://www.digitalspy.com/tv/ustv/a26885980/netflix-shuffling-episode-orders-sexuality/
  4. Gotters

    Football Thread 2018/19

    I assume FSG have had to put money in as the Coutinho money whilst huge, was 'only' c£110m wasn't it, which has been more than spent (spent quite well but still spent) - Liverpool's income isn't in the same league as Man Utd so to keep up with them on spending would indicate outside investment.
  5. Gotters

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Recalled this from last year where they tried to adjust transfer fees for 'football inflation', found this table on the page too which I didn't recall from the time which is outright spend, rather than net. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11662/11490165/most-expensive-premier-league-transfers-in-todays-money
  6. Being on ITV I didn't give this a second look when I saw the synopsis - Arry looks to reform a team of great 90s players for one last match against 'ze Germans', it seemed more suited to channel 5. I saw a positive review on the Guardian though and just watched the first episode from last night (part 2 is tonight). It's surprisingly good - it's not all fake banter and back in our day shite, but instead is a surprisingly warm, heartfelt and honest look at middle aged bloke type issues, especially if you've done alright in your younger days. The friendly match they're training for is almost an irrelevance compared to the far more relevant and interesting conversations being had. Worth checking out, especially if you've passed this over due to 'ITV phobia'.
  7. Gotters

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    I may be being naive but I always thought Dillashaw was one of the good guys and never suspected he'd be up to no good, though who knows what concoction of supplements he was on to make that cut for the last fight.
  8. Gotters

    Harry's Heroes - The Full English

    Second part was really good too - wonder if the German team had a similar programme on their side. What was most unexpected for ITV was every time it veered towards the expected sappy 'old lad bants' it pulled it back quickly with a more pertinent point or issue, credit to the guys involved that they allowed it to be shown and were so open discussing it. As for the game itself you could see the class that certain players had, even at a much lower speed, Le Tis, Merson & Fowler in particular still had that vision and skill.
  9. Gotters

    Football Thread 2018/19

    interesting Premier League net spend view, really shows what an amazing job Wenger did balancing the books and staying competitive in his time, and 2 of the top 10 are no longer in the league. Also really surprised at how close Liverpool and Utd are, especially bearing in mind how much more income Utd generate.
  10. Gotters

    Love Death and Robots

    the more I watch this the more it's really grating on me and feels like a missed opportunity as so much effort has been put into so much rubbish.
  11. Gotters

    Fleabag - BBC3 Comedy

    I agree, ep2 felt like a drop in the intensity from the first, but last night felt pitch perfect again. Some brutal lines between Fleabag and her sister too.
  12. I’ve gone from being one of the biggest fanboys of this going after seasons 1-3 to barely able to watch the most recent eps - its almost painful to see how far its fallen and painful to watch.
  13. Gotters

    Love Death and Robots

    I really enjoyed the first 4 of this too last night, though its a bit of a shame so much effort is going into such trashy dialogue at times. What really struck me is how good it looked and how detailed the scenes were (like the spaceships interiors), way more impressive than physical sets on sci-fi like the Expanse recently - I could happily watch whole shows of that level of CGI and human animation now (like say in first ep, apart from the boobs, they always looked odd, moreso than the faces). Is that level of CGI way more time consuming and expensive to make than people nailing bits of wood and Thule roof-racks together to make sets ?
  14. Gotters

    Food Prepping

    Nothing new this weekend but 2 previous returning recipes tweaked up with some new equipment. Starting with the Italian meatballs, these really redefine how good you think a meatball can be and raise them to a whole new level of tastiness, and equal billing is given to the tomato sauce. I use the Serious Eats quick recipe for the sauce and pimp it up a little bit with some tweaks (cooking an onion and carrot in the sauce at the simmering stage, extra red pepper flakes and the secret to savoury flavour, fish sauce), I follow the meatball part precisely. What made the sauce much simpler was using my Thermomix for the first time, so much easier sautéing, weighing, blitzing and simmering all in a single device - and the consistency at the end is a commercial feel. https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2015/01/italian-american-beef-pork-meatballs-red-tomato-sauce-recipe.html Next back up was the Chicken Pilaf, lot of flavour going on in this one pot dish - I follow this recipe to the letter apart from doubling the glaze & chicken. Used a new vacuum marinater I got a couple of weeks back and the results were really good, the meat was incredibly moist and the marinade seems to adhere and flavour the chicken far better. https://www.recipetineats.com/oven-baked-chicken-and-rice-pilaf-cranberry-walnut-apple/
  15. Gotters

    Food Prepping

    Just started getting into this in last few weeks and I’m quite excited by it. I’m not going down the full 3 meals a day prep thing, rather trying to get a great stock of home made ready meals stashed in the freezer so when I get home from work I don’t have to cook, I just decide the night before what to defrost in fridge for next day. My own rules checklist is dish must be microwaveable with no huge drop in quality (i.e anything crispy or pastry is rubbish in microwave) and more importantly must be edible with just a fork or spoon - I have use of both arms fortunately but don’t want to be cutting when I get home from work (my prepping my rules). Must also fit into a nice disposable food tray they sell on amazon (lots of choice there for these, and I tend to use a couple of times as they quite robust) Stews been popular so far, as has chili, meat loaf (portion up and freeze it) Below is a Hairy Bikers chicken stew with Potato Cobbler and mash, and the most divine smelling Tom Kerridge stew & Dauphinoise spuds, made with beef shin (its a weird recipe, got apples and all sorts in but made the kitchen smelll like a gastropub and tasted gorgeous) Next step is to get sausage mash and onion gravy in a pot - I’m going a bit higher end at moment and making all from scratch myself, so looking for some inspiration for other things to try, I could just whack some rice and a cooked chicken breast in a pot but the reward from a bit of effort is pretty high at present.
  16. Gotters

    The Baking Thread

    My first ever attempt at a loaf not in a bread machine, came out pretty well and tasted great (for a pretty bog standard bread, its 90% white flour, 10% wholemeal and molasses instead of sugar.
  17. I found this utterly tedious, first half is like a straight to VHS 80s film setup and I kept waiting for something interesting or clever to happen, which it never did.
  18. Gotters

    Songs about the loss of faith or challenging old gods

    Jellyfish should have been huge, I still listen to those couple of albums even now - Bedspring Kiss, Home, The Man I Used To Be - brilliant songs.
  19. Gotters

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    weird art style on that Atomicrops - not sure why none of the characters have noses ! Gameplay graphics instantly reminded me of Zombies Ate My Neighbours on SNES I bought that little £4 mini golf puzzler, you don't play shots as usual with a power bar but rather have to get the ball in the whole using the grid the course is laid out on and the set distance cards you get given - its quite neat and very clean to play.
  20. Gotters

    Switch - Too many ports?? (Ports Die Twice)

    so the problem with Nintendo is either there are no games apart from 1st party ones (Wii U) or too many games (Switch) ?
  21. Gotters

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Are you saying that if City make the final having got past a lesser selection of teams that will diminish the achievement then - I thought after last year the line was you can only beat who you get drawn against. When we were in the CL we seemed to get peak era Bayern (before this current crop of players all got old) or Barca every season in the KO stage (then ballsed up the year we did get a lesser team). Not sure what the Rennes point is exactly but teams have off days as we did away, and we rectified it last night.
  22. Gotters

    Football Thread 2018/19

    oh come on, you get to the quarter final of the CL and get the current 2nd best team in Portugal, you'd be delighted to get them in a Europa league group stage, at this late stage of the CL you're ecstatic.
  23. Gotters

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Bloody hell what deal with the devil have liverpool done to constantly draw tat in the CL ? Can't see Spurs doing City over 2 legs.
  24. this sort of stuff is like catnip to me - I just can't resist despite knowing I'll play first 10 levels, enjoy them, then get stuck and not play again
  25. Gotters


    Good to go thru like that from behind - if only Emery can sort out the lingering away form issues we are pretty potent at home. Watching Aubamyang he's a bit of a conundrum of a player at the moment, he scores a lot of goals, misses a load of sitters and doesn't add much to team play when out of the box - the criticisms seem harsh and I even say to myself 'just look at the goals' What does perplex me though is people still call him a speedster, I started to doubt this in the Milk Cup final vs City last year when he couldn't beat Kompany in a foot race, and ever since then I've seen countless defenders not get burned by him and at the very least keep up comfortably. Lacazette is a transformed player though from what we saw in the first season, he's so physical and playing with a bit of bite - I thought we'd signed a dud there but now there aren't many I'd swap him for.

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