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  1. 'Rolls Royce Riyadh how can I help you' 'Hello, we'd like to cancel the order for 26 Phantoms we placed the other day please'
  2. You know your mind is wandering during a game when you look for anagrams in the team abbreviations up in the top corner. By far the most interesting moment of the first half was realising that you can make Polska out of these 2.
  3. I'd recommend avoiding the minced ginger/garlic in a jar on favour grounds, I find it horrible stuff and it tastes weird compared to the raw fresh stuff. Even if you freeze whole garlic cloves and inch or so pieces of ginger they can be microplaned straight from frozen into a dish, and are ready to chop very quickly from frozen if you leave them out.
  4. We've seen it enough now that Southgate will employ this terrible to watch safety first approach in certain games, which as Arsene would say sees the team 'play a little bit with the handbrake on'. It's that miserable horseshoe of shame passing where you go a bit down one side before retreating to the back and try up the other side, bits of last night were even worse as we totally ceded possession to the US, especially at the start of the second half. The subs steadied that and I expect we'll see a little more adventure against the Welsh in the final game, but not a lot. It's the Euros thread all over again - we know he's super pragmatic and just won't let them play freely or start the more mercurial but in his eyes untrustworthy players like Foden/Grealish at this stage of a tournament. It's not that great to watch but I think a WC Semi and Euros final gives him the right to a bit of trust, if not admiration. That said if any of us were in charge we'd clearly be winning the tournament at a canter and stuffing everybody on the way.
  5. Stop blaming Gareth. Since 1986 ITV have only shown 1 England group stage win live, whilst BBC have had 10. England v Wales is on BBC. Phew.
  6. I’d freeze it, doesn’t sound an issue to me.
  7. Have to assume with 2nd half exactly the same as the 1st this is the gameplan
  8. 1m only added thank god, I got a Vampire Survivors run I want to finish during HT
  9. Total lack of intensity in all areas of the pitch, England just standing off watching them attack and first pass backwards when we have it.
  10. Has Van Dijk ever conceded a goal he didn't think the ref should disallow ? Peak Manuel Neuer energy on every one.
  11. we'll be yearning for the good old high quality days of Qatar v Senegal in the next world cup in 3.5y time 'coming up after the break we have debutantes Liechtenstein taking on the Ascension Islands, who got thru winning a playoff game against Scotland'
  12. As far as emulation goes PSP is my go to console at the moment, up to 52 games on my SteamDeck, PSP just passed me totally by despite owning one. Seem to recall I always hated the ergonomics and the nub, horrible thing to hold. Love Ridge Racer 2 & Flatout, not so keen on Outrun. Hotshots Golf 2 is just lovely and under emulation seems to play better than the PS2 equivalents. Been going deep down lists of hidden gems for the machine, many mentioned here, found one the other day called Tokobots which seems to be Sony's 'we need a Pikmin' game.
  13. Not sure why Wales looked so flat all game, I get they're players aren't all top level but you'd expect a bit more energy and effort about them. If you're Wales getting Iran in a WC group game is something you'd expect to be really up for getting a win, instead they played like a backs against the wall minnow.
  14. With the order queue gone now expect you'll need to discount it a bit to get somebody biting here, couple gone recently in trading so should give an idea.
  15. DOGSO is irrelevant, that is dangerous and out of control
  16. Almost Schumacher vibes there from the goalie Has to be a red
  17. Just don't think in modern football against an energetic team that are up for it you can get away with both Bale & Ramsey, get they in the team for that 'moment from nothing' but they offer so little else in general play you've got 2 passengers.
  18. no doubt at the moment who looks the worst team in this group, Wales are terrible and should be losing this by at least 1.
  19. I've found the spinning bibles far more effective than garlic to put a protective bubble round your player, coupled then with something shooty like the knife and some distance damage dealers. Never really used garlic much at all.
  20. did I imagine the onscreen graphics said onside and goal ? only just realised it's nil nil still
  21. The Qatar security quite rightly been getting stick for removing vicious rainbow symbols and telling lady fans showing a bit of shoulder to cover up, but I think we can agree that these utter nobbers had it coming.
  22. We’re entering the cliche zone now with Ronaldo and Brazil coming up. Cue any free kick within 50y of goal as ‘in Ronaldo territory’ despite his awful awful record at them. Then later the whole build up and comms will be frothing at Brazil like they are the 1970s vintage not the largely European based pragmatic lot they’ve been for decades.
  23. Only played an hour or so but can see why some people love this, and why many more will bounce off very quickly. It’s very clever, controls nicely, but is hard as nails and fucking hates you. At present I’m finding it quite intriguing and like the slower pace and exploring, the lack of any carry overs also means it’s your experience that is of value, not simply how long you’ve played and how much you unlocked. I’ll definitely get my £7 value and can see me leaving it on the deck for ages and firing up every now and then, playing something like this on a handheld is amazing.
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