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  1. Quick update - this thing has taken off after resting in the fridge for a day or two. It's not about raw blinding heat you see on MvF challenges, I hate that, its huge full flavour tasty heat that give you a little head sweat and makes your tongue tingle a bit. This is my new pole position authentic Mexican style chilli, all I'll do different next time is little less salt (as you reduce the liquid the salt intensifies, and I'll pre soak the dry chilli in water and not use the poaching liquor - its a little tannic/earthy and my pref is to not use - but these are tweaks.
  2. yeah, i got that from there too - Kenji recommends it as easier than heating up a skillet - the problem would be that its still an old dried up chilli in the first place that has lost some of its punch though
  3. Gotters


    ah, you don't mean saving recipes, just taking something that already exists and doing as much as possible in the TM general recipe adaption is a feel thing that gets far easier just with experience of using it the chopping stuff is super powerful so really easy to puree things when you want a dice sauces that need reducing require monitoring initially to get your new timings, you have to get a feel for what '30m on a low simmer' actually is in the settings on this reverse speed 1 stirring is equivalent to a constant wooden spoon stirring (blades duller on back side) things that need sieving really don't as the blending is so powerful (even curry pastes/sauces with nuts/tomato skins I can get silky smooth) try the fruit sorbet ! its such a flexible tool - I use mine more as an always out bit of my wider cooking workflow as I'm usually batch cooking in it, but of course with the Varoma tray and the new sous vide, fermenting and slow cooking functions it can expand much wider than that.
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    I’ve never really looked into saving my own recipes onto it - believe its possible via cookidoo website but not sure how it works
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    I see cookidoo as a bonus and its almost like training levels in a game that show you how the mechanics work. Most of my use now is my own researched recipes adapted for the thermomix. The bread kneading is witchcraft though, has to be the precise yeast activation phase.
  6. I think thats the problem with football crowds - they are for the most part myopic angry idiots that even if you show them a clear replay that goes against their team they'll still swear it's a wrong call and use as an excuse to kick off and proof of bias against them. A lot of people say they want right decisions (which VAR doesn't always give you) but really they mean the right decisions for their team.
  7. Anybody with a recording of the ch5 coverage of Bellator will miss half the main event, my recording cut out as show must have run long and they didn't allow for it in schedules.
  8. Gotters

    Cricket Thread

    Won't get an idea of quite how badly India have done til Afghanistan have a bat but looks a really getable target for them at the moment and a well under par score - would be the biggest upset in WC history I suspect if the Afghan's pull this off.
  9. Busy morning part 2 - another attempt at authentic Mexican with Chilli Colorado, frijoles a la charra (beans) and green rice. Thermomix really helps on something like this as every element below has a blitzed up component and it so quick to use and clean up - I know its a luxury but its a proper kitchen workhorse tool. I'll confess that whilst the chilli looks good in my pics, straight out the pot its a little lacking in 'pow' - I followed the recipe precisely and I wonder if we just don't get the dried chillis over here, despite using a reputable supplier via Amazon who only sells spices. If you watch the vid he talks about 'fresh dried chillis' that are pliable and soft, some of mine were but the ancho's always arrival a bit brittle. I also wonder if its just my more Tex-Mex slanted taste buds that crave tomato, onion, beans etc in a con carne. That said no dish takes on a new lease of life and develops like a chilli so will reserve judgement for now. Also in the pics I really over sauce as the meat is like a sponge and sucks it up so much you wonder where it goes when it comes time to eat. Green rice pretty simple apart from sourcing the poblano, I replaced fresh with tinned and reading up some places recommend that anyway. Its very fresh and tasty and the colour is quite appealing. The beans are lovely and not refried, whipped up the uncooked beans in pressure cooker yesterday in advance then its just a matter of making up the tomato based sauce to mix them in with. https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2009/08/frijoles-a-la-charra-recipe-beans-rice.html https://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/mexican_green_rice/
  10. Been away on holiday so playing a bit of catch up to get stocks back up - 2 new recipes being tried this weekend (taking me up 48 distinct varieties now). Update on the ziti above, big hit, freezes and reheats pretty well and only really lacks the crunchy top you get out the oven first time out. First is an experiment as needed pork shoulder for the second recipe, so got a bit more in to try out this Korean bbq I've wanted to try for ages. The recipe uses a foul smelling fermented red bean paste called gochujang (which I've had in for ages and never got round to trying), has grated pear, ginger, soy, onion and when you seal up in a bag for overnight soaking its fair to say it stinks a bit. I suspected it would transform on being cooked and wow has it, its delicious and is so sticky and spicy, a proper nose clearer and i had to resist chowing a whole one down at 1030 in the morning. So I now know its a great recipe fresh, I do wonder how it will survive chilling and reheating, hence why I've just tried a couple as an experiment on some plain stickyish rice. Recipe is from one of my faves, will say the recipe is great, but the method seems a bit out, she claims caramelisation in 5m, I used a full flame in non stick as advised and took me over 10m to get to that sticky jammy stage. Mention as quite a few comments about not getting it caramelised, which seems a vital taste component to me on this. https://www.recipetineats.com/spicy-korean-pork-stir-fry/comment-page-3/#comment-824902
  11. just thinking of many of these movies makes me happy - when my son was younger I tried to get him off the schlock Disney stuff that kids all watched then and we went thru most of these multiple times (I never did get round to explaining what the magic rugs were in Pom Poko). he used to love them and now many years later still talks fondly of them
  12. I used to have a similar experience with MAME - put lots of time and effort into a full romset, the nice frontend, a big 2 player x-arcade stick then sat down with my son and most of the games got dismissed in a few mins (not just by him but me too). So often it started with me getting excited at a 'great' old find to discover it's greatness hadn't endured.
  13. Gotters


    mine just arrived and quickly got it set up, registering the machine when signing in gave me another 6m extension on the Cookidoo sub, which was nice. last one was a tank but build quality on this feels even better, in particular the lids/baskets feel a notch up in terms of design and materials. if you're leaving it out all the time really recommend one of these, lets you slide the whole thing around with a couple of fingers which is both handy but advisable as the scales are built into the feet so you shouldn't be dragging as knackers calibration. https://thermishop.co.uk/collections/thermi-ergoslide
  14. This feels like the club crossed with the proper 2d prince of persia games. First level made me feel like a killing machine
  15. interesting vid - in the hands of the creator this is an almost balletic stylish killing spree of a game, looks a touch less flowing (but still fun) in the hands of other players https://www.ign.com/videos/2019/06/19/a-noob-novice-and-a-pro-take-on-my-friend-pedro from this looks like a big learning curve with the control system here.
  16. Bump from the almost dead - quite an interesting podcast gone up in last couple of days, not one I'd ever listened to either. Filmakers Toolkit - its a 2h interview with Miguel Sapochnik recorded shortly after this had finished being shown on TV - but he did it on the basis the podcast is a technical discussion about how film gets made, not a 'wasn't season 8 crap' gossip fest. I'm only 45m in but its already fascinating how honest and talkative he is about how he got the gig in the first place, how spiky 'Dave & Dan' are to work with and the chaos around shooting the show. What I'm really getting is how much even at season 5 this was exhausting everybody to make it, and he said he had massive misgiving about returning, as did others around him. How Hardhome got created and was borne of the restrictions he had is a very interesting listen. I know everybody pitched this as 'they got bored' but already this podcast is shining a slightly different light on that, and the show almost sounds like it got too big to make as a TV series and everybody was running out of energy/appetite to be involved. Season 8 was still crap though, always feel any GoT chat needs to end on that note now.
  17. Gotters


    Cool - I got my DPD delivery note too but had to put it back to Friday Looking forward to seeing what you knock up with it - they've started adding TM6 only recipes up on Cookidoo (like caramels and different ways of caramelising onions) so looking forward to trying those out.
  18. Gotters

    Cricket Thread

    I was reading about that claim earlier - apparently only ever tv sports event with a qualified 1 billion live audience was Beijing olympics opening ceremony - it was believed that 200m (still huge) was a more likely live watch figure for game today. By contrast most premier league tv games get about 20m global live audience. would be a massive shame if rain knackers this though today
  19. this looks great - will definitely be a purchase for me. for my tastes this Nintendo cartoon style of graphics in games will always be preferable to millions of polygons and the more realistic stuff the big console players are aiming at.
  20. Just changing the order would help a bit, brown off the chicken in the oil and spice (most spice reacts well to being cooked off in oil like this and develops better flavour), not for too long, just so the outsides brown a little and not pink, then take the chicken out onto a side plate, then cook onion (I'd lob some garlic in) in the nicely flavoured oil/brown bits left in pan, this will deglaze the pan of any chicken flavours and keep all in your dish. Bit of carrot here would be nice too, small dice, even frozen, table spoon of tomato concentrate cooked off would add a flavour too. Is your rice pre cooked or dried - best way to get flavour in this I'd say is to use uncooked rice and chuck in the pan with veg (again you're getting the spice/flavour to coat the rice) and cook it in stock (veg bouillon would be great, chicken stock better). Just put dry rice in, coat it up in your onion/spice mix, then add in stock and chicken back in to finish cooking whilst rice cooks with the lid on. frozen peas/sweetcorn can go in very late as just need to warm thru rather than cook fully.
  21. Gotters


    That xmas December run at home of City, Chelsea & Utd jumps out as the sort of spell that can knock you back on your heels if it goes badly.
  22. Ugh crafting - that is normally in fuck right off territory for me.
  23. I just got my first 3 act run today on the daily challenge, took ages and crashed once but luckily auto saved right on the crash.
  24. I’m better at this than expected, think it helped I played a bit of an ios game called Pirate Outlaws which has probably ripped a lot of the mechanics off as some things feel familiar. Despite not much really happening on screen can see how this will be perfect thing to dip in/out of on Switch out and about.
  25. Russian tv channel NTV (owned by Gazprom) have a different take of the event in production (partially funded by the Cultural Ministry), apparently it was all a CIA agents fault. https://bgr.com/2019/06/05/chernobyl-hbo-tv-show-russia-makes-its-own-version-a-cia-spy-story/ https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2019/06/04/putins-media-struggle-to-deal-with-hbos-chernobyl-a65866 I guess the sentiment mentioned several times in the show, that the accident was an embarrassment to a nation that doesn't want to be embarrassed is still strong.Though this last line in the second link article is very telling : The fact that an American, not a Russian, TV channel tells us about our own heroes is a source of shame that the pro-Kremlin media apparently cannot live down. And this is the real reason they find fault with HBO’s “Chernobyl” series. Maybe they can cast a lady in the CIA agent role.
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