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  1. Some prime Mattaface now as he drivels on about Gosens being turned down for the police all to shoehorn in his weak ass pun about an arresting performance.
  2. Sounds most unlike football fans to jump to extreme conclusions on the basis of just 1 game or moment. Cracking game with a great recent history of goals and drama
  3. Manuel Neuer has never conceded a goal where he didn't see an offside or horrendous foul in the build up - arm straight up again there as Ronaldo slotted home
  4. But interestingly he wasn't the biggest waste of over €100m Barca spunked up against the wall, he's been crap but never helped knock them out the CL on top of being crap for them.
  5. all safely protected by the Chinese and Russian vaccines of dubious efficacy. lovely finish for that goal though, very composed.
  6. I'm not going to claim that was a good performance by England but a highly motivated and organised Scotland playing as well as they could did not create better chances or deserve to win - the overall quality on display from both sides was poor, Scotland had better organisation and endeavour whilst England were never really out of second gear and super conservative. Different xG models give differing results but most seem to agree that England created over twice the quality of chance over Scotland (about 1.5 to 0.6). Creating low quality chances with lower quality strikers rarely pr
  7. In both matches Kane has looked like somebody who has won a raffle to play with the England team
  8. I'm a big fan of tinned red salmon with salad, the best quality skinless & boneless you can get. Love the flavour and it goes great with some gherkins too. Far prefer it to fresh salmon fillets, which always make me feel slightly queasy, but i'll eat the tinned stuff with a fork straight out the pot.
  9. fine, none of this makes him a decent co-commentator. he's not annoying to my ear but doesn't add much, in the way Gary Neville does.
  10. Tough call who is in worse shape, think Arsenal got a marginally better overall squad and some talented youngsters, but lots of dead wood overpaid older players to still move on. Spurs are Kane and Son then the drop off is steep. We’re also not a billion quid in debt, mortgage on the stadium or not. Recruitment wise both have to pay over the odds to tempt established names (players or managers) and take increasingly desperate punts on managers to restore glory.
  11. Glad somebody said it, he’s a slightly younger Alan Brazil who tells old stories, mainly about Gazza. Not sure what I’m not seeing as he seems an old school bore
  12. Gotters


    Yup using paper filters in a clever dripper. First experiments just undertaken, got some of the same coffee we've been enjoying but buying ground in bean form (Spiller & Tait signature blend). Kept everything the same apart from grinding the beans this time, first pass thru could see the grind was little finer so went coarser second time. I'm interested in how much difference I'm seeing already over buying this pre-ground - taste is definitely different, its a bigger flavour somehow. First finer grind was a little more bitter than usual, the coarser grin
  13. Nice data vis, the FT are so good at this stuff
  14. you are not going to enjoy it when Foden scores tonight and has been practising his dentist chair celebration to use on such a perfect occasion
  15. However bad Clive Tyldesly is he's not even the worst commentator on ITV, TalkSport idiot and 'I've got these puns scripted so I'm going to shoehorn them ALL in' merchant Sam Mattaface is by some margin the worst person let near a microphone. He's a never ending stream of banal drivel. The format can create suspect final match draws and Austria have form here, Spain 82 never forget the brilliantly named Disgrace of Gijon https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disgrace_of_Gijón A big plus of the format has been all the teams with added 'home side' pressure, really enj
  16. is that the 4th option now down the drain, Poch, Conte, Fonseca, Gattuso Rafa's agent must see the possibility for a nice bidding war now, or just the opportunity to get Everton up by leaking a story that he's Spurs' new no1 target.
  17. Wonder how many times I'll see the famous Gazza goal on TV today, suspect could easily get into double figures. Hope things go off smoothly as both teams have a fringe of idiot supporters and we really don't want to be the first post pandemic major hooligan incident (I know Utd got that match postponed but that was more a OTT protest than 2 sets of fans going at it).
  18. every tournament the first 2 rounds of groups games are declared the best most attacking tournament ever, then it gets to the time when teams can get ko'd and things tighten up somewhat.
  19. Yeah I'm not expecting them to be full, I'm saying though that the clubs will be wary of continuing to establish as the norm all games on TV for the standard cost of subs which used to get you 5 of them over a matchday and that they'll look at ways of monetising that to offset the missing gate receipts. All the games get full tv camera coverage for the foreign markets & highlights, it's just a question of how they get it broadcast in the UK and earning in a way that doesn't promote the PPV backlash seen last time.
  20. I think they will do all they can to avoid it all being shown via Sky/BT/Amazon - not sure quite what this could be as PPV landed horribly last time and the super league debacle is still relatively fresh, but they won't want half empty grounds with smaller gate receipts and the game being 'given away' within existing subs and tv deals.
  21. I haven't really seen him play much but £28m for Tomori from Chelsea to AC Milan sounds a big fee, I know Chelsea like splashing the cash but they aren't too bad at getting some back in too, especially from their huge youth setup. So Ramos to Man Utd on £300k a week then ? Would be funnier to see him play for Liverpool but doubt they'd pay him that.
  22. Gotters


    I got very lucky, had been watching Hoffman's latest vid when he was looking at a rival and then went and watched the old reviews of this again, always liked the look of it. I took a look at Niche and then eBay and saw what looked a reputable person selling one barely used in the colour I wanted, and the price wasn't anywhere near as high as the buy it nows on people selling them elsewhere. Watched the auction and put a last minute bid in only paying a pretty small premium over brand new, and avoiding waiting, the next batch of UK for August is sold out already via Nic
  23. Gotters


    I always knew a year or 2 back that Hoffman was always going to get me off Nespresso pods and back ‘in’
  24. M&S unofficial raspberry jaffa cakes are really good. Those cherry digestives were so bad I threw most of the pack, revolting.
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