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  1. I really don't mind the concept of a Nintendo nostalgia gamepass like service feeding me a regular stream of stuff for a relatively low cost. Good they specifically called out F Zero X as coming to the N64 catalog, but not in the first set of titles. Can see the N64 controller being really handy for those games for the full nostalgia hit, but the mega drive one doesn't add much for me, especially as somebody who spent that era being sniffy about everything on that console.
  2. Elite Brexit edition - its a massive space trading game where all the planets around you hate you and if you try to sell sausages or do anything they won't let you into the ports until your sausages have gone off, plus all the pilots you need to fly your spaceships have been sent home as filthy alien scum you didn't want on your planet anymore so you've ruined your whole sausage export business. It is though still considered a great success as you don't have to pay 350m space credits a day to the international space federation.
  3. I recall some BBC program years ago at some food festival where they made sausages to appeal to the British tastebuds, they used almost no meat but lots of filler and connective tissue (like ligaments, tendons) and ground to a paste with lots of flavourings and salt. In a blind taste test most people at the show preferred the connective tissue tubes over high meat content quality sausages. There was a good link on Ginger Pig about how they make their excellent sausages, they seem to have quite a high breadcrumb content compared to some other higher end bangers (think it was about 20%) but they say this is needed to retain the fat & moisture and stop it just bleeding out on cooking.
  4. I'd missed the rumours of a new controller being revealed which are driven from withheld FCC filings that get released on the 24th - some reports have taken this to be an N64 controller and Metro are linking to stories of a second tier of Nintendo online offering up the N64 titles. If this is true and we do get some old classics emulated (like Blast Corps, Pilotwings, Wave Race, F Zero) that would be amazing. Knowing Nintendo we'd get Gex, Clayfighters & Iggy's Wreckin Balls.
  5. You're all wrong, bloke who works in my fish and chip shop has a friend who knows somebody who runs a sushi shop near Nintendo head office and he's heard that they're bringing back Unirally & Blast Corps
  6. I thought the Scottish episode was the bloke building something that would first and foremost look good in architectural digest mags to publicise his practice, rather than spend the money wisely gaining the maximum benefit possible from a usable family home. The old bothy was total folly, as I suspect other than being a boot room on the way in they'll spend virtually no time in there at all. Accept planning called for it to remain and placed conditions on what could be built but that then just shows the site as not that suitable - unless he can now sell it on at great profit and get what they really need next time round. It's also like nobody doing these builds has ever watched one before either as some form of research - when do old buildings ever get taken apart and reveal themselves to be in perfect condition and not in need of expensive remedial works.
  7. Got round to downloading this as my going on holiday game - of course had to test it works just now before I go. The games are so simple as always but that simplicity hides the quality of the design, especially when you then layer in the different characters and their abilities. It's just pure gameplay.
  8. Not a new release but I'm really enjoying Bridge Constructor Portal - not the first time I've played it, got a long way thru on the phone version but it's just so well done and whilst appearing unlikely bedfellows the 2 games go together really well
  9. I'm easily lead by this thread so had some Petit Beurre added to my Ocado order this morning, we used to have them years ago as kids. Nice and crunchy but I'm not loving the flavour - if you asked me in a blind tasting what they were I'd say some cheapo knockoff butter biscuit using margarine or nasty flavourings. I'm getting biscuit excited as off to Cornwall next week and love a good Cornish Fairing, plus will be coming back with a boot full of other local delicacies in biscuit form
  10. Sunday tends to be pizza day for us. Really found my fave toppings now, thinly sliced chorizo (thin like pepperoni), pancetta for salty pops of flavour, the block of mozz from Galbani and some grated parm. Good prep station is very pleasing and helps get thru the loading up stage quickly before it all sticks to the peel Lost a bit of cheese coverage as it all slides forward when you flick off the peel.
  11. This is like one of the concepts you come up with in the classic Game Dev Story by Kairosoft
  12. Uncooked bacon is basically smoked salmon for people who don't like disgusting fish.
  13. That was shit. Total waste of an episode. Badly acted, terrible plot, awful script and it was 43m long. Dire.
  14. Eurogamer like it with a 'recommended' rating https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-09-17-cruisn-blast-review-an-arcade-legend-comes-home That is enough for me to stick it on my Deck Deals wishlist but I can't bring myself to pay £35 for this sort of thing now - the years have rebaselined the value proposition in racing games (sims or not) and the days of Ridge Racer on PS1 with just the 1 track are long gong. Looks good, but £20 good for my money not £35.
  15. Another update to Sp!ng with 18 new classic levels - I went thru them just now pretty fast and 3* the lot, which placed me 39th in the world on the leaderboard for 3* classic levels. I'm sill doing the time trials most days and just can't fathom the times at the top, the game really needs ghost replays as either I'm totally missing some skill speed tricks or the leaderboards are rife with cheats - you do a perfect run where you can't see any major shortcuts to what you've done and there are 400 people above you some with times 10s faster, on short 40-50s levels.
  16. I thought it was me, I lasted about 4 mins before binning it
  17. it's great, a lot of asian spicy dishes get a sweet element from fruit, my previous japanese curry had apple in it, and the best korean BBQ recipe I know has grated pear. all recipes linked and photo'd in the food prepping thread which I updated yesterday
  18. This really is utter utter shite now - it always was ludicrous but now seems to have the plotlines paced by an ADD toddler who just shouts BORING if anything is taking more than a few minutes to move on. It's link to representing hedge funds and this world was always tenuous, but if you're looking for something to view that gives a better more truthful representation of an underlying business I'd suggest Suits for the legal profession, and maybe Charlie & the Chocolate Factory for life as a confectioner.
  19. My other half is milk intolerant and we've gone thru most of the alternatives - it really depends which one you like the main ingredient in is the obvious reply, some are coconut heavy, others oat heavy, then you've got the nut ones. Her favourite for cornflakes and general use is Mylk, I've also used it in cooking for things like béchamel and in a well flavoured dish (like lasagna) I couldn't tell I hadn't used cow milk in it. Also worth trying sheep/goat milk if you can stomach the idea, some people react far less to that than cow.
  20. Interesting new doc 4 parter on this from the people behind the Fyre festival doc, called LuLaRich - it follows the people behind and involved in what appears to be a massive clothing sales pyramid scheme in the US called LuLaRoe - watched the first part last night and its fascinating stuff how this thing grew and exploded so fast by mobilising an army of housewives to basically sell cheap skirts and leggings. I've never heard of the story so will just watch out the next 3 parts before googling what happened and comparing to how its portrayed here.
  21. Thread bump - a new recipe I saw a week or so back inspired me to stop repeat cooking the classics I've previously detailed here. It's a close call between a good curry or tex-mex for me as my favourite dishes in this form, and the blessed YouTube algorithm offered up a new take on a Japanese curry from scratch. These curry rice dishes are often made with a pre bought roux/spice block but this recipe does the lot from scratch, without the normal flour roux. It's an intriguing recipe as has some good science on the onion caramelising stage to get them into a thick brown paste, and then adds in a banana, some cocoa powder, a new sauce to me called Chuno (a hybrid of Worcester & Tonkatsu). Finally you make up a 20 spice mix which I could accommodate from stores apart from dried mandarin peel. A bit of online shopping and a week later I was ready to go. The cook is pretty straightforward and worked a charm, filling the house with heady smells as soon as the ginger/garlic/onion got caramelising. Nice chunky veg cut in that interesting Japanese diamond like style (so easy, just quarter turn the carrots on each slice). My only tweaks were using 1kg of skinless chicken thigh (don't see point in using skin when its sat in liquid) and I lobbed in some edamame as had them in the freezer. Taste wise its brilliant, very distinct as a Japanese style curry but with bags of depth and flavour, the banana & cocoa don't come thru as noticeable at all but everything adds to a harmonious rounded flavour, it's probably better than the original Japanese curry recipe I had which I cooked A LOT, that was pretty authentic but used some different technique & ingredients (like dash stock) for the flavour. Think my only tweak if I made again would be looking to swap out the cayenne as the heat source in the curry powder and maybe trying something rounder like Kashmiri chilli, I want that heat but the cayenne does add it in a certain way which I think can be improved on. Here is the link to the recipe, if tempted to try it I'd recommend watching the YouTube video a couple of times to get the first stage technique down as it's important to building that powerful flavour base. https://norecipes.com/japanese-curry-recipe-from-scratch/ Hard to make a curry look nice so here is some pics of brown meat & veg in gravy.
  22. I was only looking up yesterday about how long you can leave warm food out for, and they said that after 2h it's in the 'danger zone' as a breeding ground for all sorts of nasties. I'm sure drunken you chilled them quickly before reusing the next day of course.
  23. If they are really paying homage the pilot/first episode should be set in a car park, and be hours long so as to induce so much rage in viewers most don't get past it or see any more of the series.
  24. a new (to me) contender trying to muscle in on that mini cheddars action, had Ritz crackers before but never in mini snack bag form. apologies if anybody thinks this should be in the biscuit thread, its a tough call and not sure it's had a VAT ruling to sort the argument out.
  25. I thought that was just me with beans, I do the blob of butter and add a good pinch of salt & sugar, to make them taste 'like they used to' Microwaving is a last resort, the preference like you is to simmer on the hob and really thicken them up.
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