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  1. Only issue with that would be regulators already possibly sniffing round the MS takeover of Activision, chuck EA into the mix too and that would be increasingly unlikely to get the OK.
  2. Lots of coverage of this in the FT as to be expected. I wasn't aware of Kotick's full history, and even a connection to Steve Jobs when he was starting out. Also pure speculation as to whether Sony could be forced into making a play for EA now, which would really stretch them as they don't have the deep pockets of the huge tech behemoths but would give them that content but also a seat at the multi platform negotiating table.
  3. Gotters


    Good tip with that app, I've just downloaded it. Your Pact brazilian looks so popular it's already gone.
  4. if I've got the zero's right $70b purchase price and 25m gamepass subscribers amounts to $2,800 per current subscriber, I know the sums aren't that simple and the value has other factors, plus they'll be looking to drive more subs off the back of this of course. hard to not see sub prices rise though unless they are still in acquiring scale mode, and of course MS do have mountains of cash looking for a use.
  5. suggest you wind your neck in a bit, it was an off the cuff comment about my dog FFS, not something for one of the politics threads you're now boycotting in a hissy fit.
  6. that's not very zen. I was worried the dog was being anti-semitic but it's all ok, we had an enquiry this morning and she wasn't so we consider the matter closed and will not be taking further questions on the matter.
  7. We watched the second YouTube ep last night which was brilliant, even my other half approved. I've lived round North London all my life and never even heard of Purim. We did learn though that my dog either hates ASMR voiceovers or has a touch of the Corbyn about her as she was barking her head off when the blokes were dancing round Ogmios' car. As a control she slept like a log thru the Witcher afterwards.
  8. Appears there are 3 on YouTube and just checked my sky box which has 6 listed - don't know if it's all new footage or got some reuse but only short eps so will be watching later whilst my other half sits there open mouthed at the thing I'm recommending we watch together.
  9. Just seen this mentioned in recent days as it's moved from YouTube to BBC3. I've never seen or heard of it before and only watched the linked 10m episode, which I thought was pretty good. Don't expect a mega thread for this, and your enjoyment may be linked to your knowledge of the areas in North London he seems to drive, I know a lot of them so it has added 'ooh I know that' appeal. I do like odd little curios like this.
  10. long time til the next series so will have to make do with YouTube algorithm throwing me goodies like this, damn it looks hard to play (almost Avril 14th impossible). I've enjoyed the music/score on shows before (the guy on GoT at his best was amazing, especially when Cersei was blowing up the crypt) but I've never thought of it as so integral and so intelligently done as on this show.
  11. well made, and OK for certain things, but for Speedball 2 it was brutal (deluxe)
  12. this thread made me think of Kempston joysticks on the spectrum, which lead me to wikipedia, which has a reference in the article linked to @deKayblog ! small world https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kempston_Micro_Electronics anyway, nobody knows hand pain from a controller until you've had a marathon Speedball 2 session on a Konix Speedking, the hand claw after that was very painful.
  13. Well some people watched last of the summer wine for god knows how long. In a show about business, which is supposedly always moving forward and changing, the odd tweak to the format wouldn't go amis.
  14. This show really frustrates me as I think there is a decent slightly more contemporary show to be made without changing much. Sugar and his cronies are well past their sell by date and just need refreshing. His schtick is quite tiresome now but equally so the ever sneery Karen Brady. Then the tasks themselves seem like something from another age of TV (which they are), the teams and PM thing is fine as this does actually demonstrate skills like leadership, delegation, getting on with people but the formats are just arse backwards. Every week they design a thing then once it's locked in it gets shown to experts or 'market research' (5 kids in this weeks case) - this is purely done for laughs so the teams get humiliated without the ability to amend the product, let them talk to the people before and get some actual useful insights. Some of the nob heads will still ignore everything they are told and design a turd stick of course. It's still amusing but could be much better and entertain whilst being a bit more real world rather than reality tv.
  15. Gotters


    Yeah, if you don't like acidic african floral tasting beans no grind setting or brew method is going to save that, you can tweak around the edges of something though to remove certain aspects of the brew (like bitterness, tannic/drying, thinness) and make it far more to your liking and drinkable.
  16. I started that thread, I am truly honoured for such recognition with what I'm reading to be a thread of the year award. I'd like to point out an early contender for next years awards with my very similar Mario Kart 9 thread. I may get a couple of other placeholder entries in and start some more on PS6, Series XXX, Pilotwings, F Zero, Wave Race etc.
  17. Gotters


    Hoffman is pretty hipster but if you can get past that he's nowhere near as pretentious or over earnest as much of the coffee world on YT (the americans and kiwis can be way over the top), he's pretty self deprecating as his bripe review demonstrates
  18. Nice theory from this weeks Popbitch email, not sure I buy it that the whole thing is fully based on Murdoch and his clan but it's quite tidy
  19. Hell yeah, think this one pre-dates Angry Birds and was one of my first iPhone game obsessions, probably back on an iphone 3g - touch arcade reports it's going to be $10 so at least should not be riddled with IAP (hopefully)
  20. Gotters


    My experience is you've got 2 main areas to learn about if you want to make 'real' coffee. One is how to buy it - there is a lot of language used to describe it on the packaging but once you learn what it is you like you start to pick up on key words that make buying new beans more likely to be a success. This James Hoffman vid is great on explaining the language of taste used on packaging and well worth the time to watch. In addition to what to buy you have the general freshness question and pre ground vs beans. After buying it you've got making it, which is a whole area of good info, pseudo science and blokes buying stuff to make gains (both real and imaginary) in getting a good cup. Hoffman again is a great starting point on techniques and general good coffee info, but there is a lot out there depending how far you want to dive down the rabbit hole.
  21. Does iplayer on the x series support 4k ?
  22. think I mentioned it before in here but the cleverest and easiest pizza peel is the Super Peel, its like a cloth conveyor for gently sliding off the soggiest of pizzas perfectly. https://www.bakerybits.co.uk/the-super-peel I used it quite a few times putting pizzas onto a stone over my BBQ, was a sad day when my indoor Pizzaiolo oven arrived and I realised the super peel was too wide to fit in, so I had to get better at flinging soggy dough and cheese into a 400c scorching oven.
  23. I sense a Daily Mail outrage story later today with this word, along with lots of angry tweets accompanying it and somebody pulling a trademark DM sadface picture due to emotional stress caused by it.
  24. Gotters


    I'm pretty anti subs on food/drink items - always seem to end up with stuff sitting round you didn't need or want so would rather just order what we need as and when. Same sort of deal with Spiller & Tait who are still my favourite general roaster but on demand works better for us. She's loving that one now but we've got a better feel for the language and profiles to try out from doing the advent calendar (learning the lingo and discovering Zaroca on day 2 made that whole thing worthwhile). We've even got my partners mum, who has been a lifelong instant drinker and is over 70, brewing twice daily using the Clever and she can't drink instant any more. She was moaning at xmas that she'd been visiting and people only had instant and she didn't realise how bad it tasted in comparison.
  25. Gotters


    think I took my ratios from Hoffman on the Clever Dripper and 250ml gets 17-18g for us depending on the beans, smaller 200ml cup is 14-15g. I stick with the same too if using the Hario Switch and doing it in 4 stages more like a V60 pourover rather than steep and release. I am expecting some Pact today, Zaroca is my partners new no1 brew so had to order some more. Also got some coming from Foundry roasters in Sheffield that I read about on a coffee forum. Forum wars kicked off with Coffee Forum UK being bought out and all the members leaving en masse to Coffeetime
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