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  1. see now it's even worse, before I thought they just didn't know or weren't capable of playing like that, now you've proven they can do it but choose not to most of the time just to spite anybody watching.
  2. Rached looks worth a watch - it's the Ryan Murphy made 8 part back story to the titular nurse from One Flew Over the Cuckoos nest My only concern with this review is it's Lucy Mangan, her name forever etched in my mind from the 3* review she gave Chernobyl, making in my eyes everything she writes utter crap. https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2020/sep/18/ratched-review-gothically-grandiose-fun-ryan-murphy-netflix
  3. The Tour has been really good, I always love the quality of coverage and the babbling commentators on Eurosport talking about lunch and recipes - its just a nice comforting background wallpaper to have on for a few weeks and is as much a travelog, I even got my other half who has no interest in cycling enjoying bits of it as its so beautifully shot. French TV do such a great job making it all look fantastic. Think its also been a reminder of normality as unlike other sports there is still some spectators and other than masks at the finish it feels more normal than football in an empty ground.
  4. Good job Spurs are making some signings, their schedule next week sees them play Sun/Tues/Thurs/Sun - that is insane and if the people in charge think that is sensible or sustainable they need firing.
  5. looks like we'll get an answer to yesterdays debate about can Bale be arsed to play anymore (football that is, not golf) as Ornstein and others reporting its almost done to be announced tomorrow. @Stoppy2000 will be delighted to hear that the Bales won't be needing the local food bank and should be good for mansions as Real & Spurs ensure he still gets his £600k a week, so Real are basically saying its worth £300k a week for us to be rid of him.
  6. not a single game on either I'd want to play, so I'm out until there is something or the new Switch is announced. I'm not in full on old git 'I'm done with gaming', but I'm done with the power & graphics arms race, I get more amusement out of something like Untitled Goose nowadays than a tech showcase with too many mechanics and RPG/Crafting systems bolted on also the £70 price point for some PS5 games shows it won't take long for that digital machine discount to be clawed back
  7. I like how you think one of his options doesn't have a mansion, endless golf and his family set for life !
  8. its not about fair or unfair - he can only do this job for a short number of years. some players just want to play, they love it and will do anything they can to get a game somewhere whilst they can. he's in a situation where he doesn't play much if at all now due to the coach and has to decide what is more important to him, it appears he has decided and that is to get paid what he's entitled to and miss several of the peak years of his career. of course most everyday people can't comprehend a halving of wages as being a choice - but his dilemma is somewhat different, and if he played more he'd probably pick up a lot of the slack in endorsements.
  9. Any player or manager is quite within their rights to sit out a contract not making it easy for the club that wants to offload them, as Ozil is showing Arsenal at present. As a top level player though that shelf life to earn is as short as the time they can actually play football, Bale can earn a lot of money wherever he plays, several lifetimes worth, so you do question whether he see's football as just a job or something he loves doing. As fans we always assume players like playing, but for some I'm sure its the worst part of the game and they are fine without it. Michael Owen always preferred horse racing, Assou-Ekoto at Spurs hated football but just happened to be good at it. If Bale decides to sit out another season with the Real U23 squad and no match time its a good indication despite what his people claim that actual game time doesn't rank that highly for him, which is fine, but stop claiming otherwise. https://www.dreamteamfc.com/c/news-gossip/427425/footballers-who-hate-football/ https://www.givemesport.com/1559414-12-famous-players-who-dont-really-like-football-following-marcandre-ter-stegens-admission
  10. Gotters


    Shame we're letting Matinez leave, it only makes sense if we desperately need that £20m to put towards a midfielder upgrade and are sacrificing the luxury of 2 decent keepers to make it happen. But of a punt though as Leno needs to be wrapped in bubblewrap between games now.
  11. yeah, wasn't it 19 games at Spurs under 'arry until Bale was on a winning side ? When he was good, for Spurs in particular, he was an amazing player to see in full flight, not sure how much of that chap is left.
  12. of course, and his agent always claims the total opposite - I've never read much that is impartial about the situation hence not knowing which version is closer to reality.
  13. database ? I answered as doesn't seem that sinister a thing to reply to and as far as I'm aware you can't clone my identity from knowing I use a 4k tv, but what is the purpose of this 'research', just curious.
  14. an immediate drop of Fall Guys would be a huge thing to do now - I hate using my PS4 so much I'd gladly pay for it on Switch to avoid having to ever turn on my hated PS4 ever again to play the free PSPlus version. same reason I play Rocket League on Switch over PS4 - I've never hated a console as much. Never use my Xbone but just feel antipathy to that.
  15. Truth is hard to know with this one as Bale's people claim he's a model pro, always willing to play and wanted to leave for China before Real pulled the deal. Real claim he's lazy, doesn't train, always has niggling 'injuries', prefers golf, doesn't speak the language and doesn't mix with players. Not sure I'd touch him with a barge pole but can see why they may see it as a £12-15m punt (half his wages til end of season) worth taking, there is upside if goes well, and downside isn't catastrophic unless he damages the whole squad by his presence and envy of the wages.
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