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  1. Gotters

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Marble It Up looks like its out on sat (29th) in the US at least, $19.99 for 40 levels Hopefully a UK release too but if its £20 those 40 levels could be a little thin.
  2. Gotters

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    it was like watching a filming of a shit comedy show with no audience in - so he'd shout one of his idiot lines like 'you fecking weasel' which usually gets a big roar from his fans but nothing happened after he shouted it, it didn't help having a stone wall sat on the other side to shout nothing back either. all in all it was cringe inducing (well the 4m 'highlights' version was, maybe that missed the subtlety of his nuanced multi layered messages and powerful oratory)
  3. Gotters

    Grand Designs

    She seemed an awful woman - the whole place and idea was hers in the first place, but she seemed the spoilt brat sort that hasn’t been told ‘no’ enough in her life. watching Grand Designs makes me very judgmental.
  4. Gotters

    Just Cause 4. - December 4th

    Just cause 2 is one of my fave games of all time - I felt 3 was aimed at youtube idiots who needed to put up 4h of content a day of them tethering things together for the top bantz. I had over 100h in 2 but never finished 3. Got an eye on this as hoping it can rediscover the magic, and not be a peurile physics sandbox aimed at twats fake laughing when the attach balloons to a nun and launch her into a jet plane.
  5. Gotters

    Your "Eureka" moments.

    take a look at this site, she's great https://www.recipetineats.com her chinese recipes I've tried were brilliant, did the sweet and sour chicken, char siu, egg rice and chow mein she write very clearly, usually gives several little tips or alternatives to the recipes, has some nice little vids, and the comments section are useful too as pretty active
  6. Gotters

    The Man Utd Thread

    Did the Utd laundry dept leave some new red socks in with the white away shirts in the last wash ?
  7. Gotters

    Football Thread 2018/19

    never thought Lloris was amazing but he'd do a better job after a night out than Vorm is today.
  8. Gotters

    Your "Eureka" moments.

    not so much a single dish eureka moment but about a year ago I decided I wanted all the convenience of a microwave ready meal but homemade without any compromise (its the Food Prepping thread). almost hitting the year mark and not showing the slightest sign of letting up - learnt a lot and the constraints I place on what gets made (and how it gets made) is all part of the enjoyment. I love buying bags of meat and veg and base ingredients and turning it into a nice picture of identical looking meals.
  9. Gotters

    Animal Crossing Switch | Coming 2019

    I adored this on the Wii, one of my most played games of all time with an obsessive amount of hours put into it trying to fill out the museum, complete sets of furniture, have an impressive array of jiggly geode things and the most marvellous assortment of rare hybrid flowers on my doorstep. I loved every second of doing this but the game is a harsh mistress, your flowers die if not tended to constantly and that perfect town status needs constant weed vigilance I loved it all so much but just not sure I can commit to the same thing again, and my OCD ways mean that if I got it I would be committed ! I need to see what the 'hook' is this time, as for my own sanity I probably need to avoid if its 'just' more of the same. If it is more of the same anybody who hasn't played before should get it without hesitation, its marvellous, just in many ways the harshest most demanding game you'll ever play.
  10. all of this so much, plus add in weird looking cutscenes with everybody made out of wax - which get declared to be masterpieces of animation and storytelling - I just can't fathom the critical and gamer acclaim for these clunky badly playing games.
  11. Gotters

    FIFA 19

    always need to explain your history on footy games, I was an ISS and PES player on PS1&2, then defected to FIFA for years and recently have been torn between both only having played the demos for a few games FIFA feels far better than PES to my tastes this year, PES felt sluggish and heavy whereas FIFA feels very snappy and precise.
  12. Gotters

    Tom Waits Appreciation

    i actually prefer the music to the vocals on that version at risk of derailing this old thread further I like this version which somebody put together from the bits of it in the Money Heist (netflix)
  13. I can't understand how people like the PS4 dual shock joypad - I think its horrendous, loose imprecise sticks, horrible shoulder buttons and feels too wide, oh and its time between recharges is crap too.
  14. I kept a note of my list from last time it was a thread in here - just looking at it again its made me realise there is a difference between the best game you've played and your favourite (at least in my mind). I still believe that Zelda BotW is the best game I've ever played, its a towering achievement of design and doing something new. But I haven't finished it and not touched in months. Then again I've had Clash Royale on my phone and played it every day for 2.5 years (and I mean EVERY day). Likewise I've put hours back into Rocket League on Switch but didn't even have in my top 20 (needs to be corrected). I think my top 5 favourite games and top 5 best games I've ever played would be different.
  15. Gotters

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    UFC is killing itself on several fronts, and its not solely their fault. Fighters trying to fight outside their natural weights boiling themselves down to near death, a drug problem that would make 1980s cycling and athletics proud and then the numerous problems with the UFC themselves in terms of promotion, fighter pay, belt/title management and match making and then on top of that the problem with UK rights going off satellite (it would seem, they not got a channel yet) The Reebok deal was the start of the decline but the big takeover and McGregor vs Mayweather were really the tipping point I think - its all become a circus since then. edit story on UK rights seems to have moved on a little, Eleven sports haven't 'won' them - BT have a deal til Dec and have said they won't pay the first figure quoted by UFC to renew automatically - Eleven and Sky Sports are bidding with a chance the package may be split (say numbered big event on one channel and Eleven getting Fight Nights)

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