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    Really weird match that, first half was just awful and you'd have been hard pressed to spot the supposed top 4 contender from the newly promoted team, in fact if you were pushed you'd have got it wrong such was the ease Villa undid us defensively and held us off them. He gets some stick for his theatrics, diving and hair but Guendouzi is going to be some player, while everybody else hid or was just ineffective he provided the drive and energy to keep us pushing forward - he's added a lot to his game from what we saw last season, he now drives with the ball and has some excellent passing (not just short safe 10 yarders sideways). I think Villa's biggest mistake was sitting back, our defense, if you can call it that, is so porous that every attack looked like a goal - there is even a debate now as to whether Leno is any sort of upgrade for Cech. His distribution (remember that old line) is irrelevant as he taps it sideways to Sideshow to ping it and he induces similar jitters on crosses as Cech, and very little sticks to him. At 1-2 there were goals for the taking but they took a bit of a lets defend this mentality which I understand if you have nicked a couple against the run of play, but against our back-line and 10 men was overly conservative - they should have kept pushing forward. The irony of our keeper being booked for time wasting too beggars belief - every week we watch opposing keepers waste time right from the off, rarely with any word from the ref. Heaton was doing it all the time yesterday, yet Leno gets booked for it.
  2. First time I've seen the game engine 'break' yesterday - was racing motorhomes round the loop the loop track and it was a full field, at the crossroads by the loop on the first lap mayhem as expected ensued and the entire field took itself out, the frame rate crawled to what looked like less than a few single digit frames per second. Still ridiculous fun to just pick up and play. Working my way slowly thru the single player and on the 4th of the 5 sections.
  3. I didn't, but my son ,who it transpires is a bit of a bastard goose himself :- Not many, if any, games are funny. this had us both really laughing yesterday at the absurdity of it all
  4. And it tells you the other is trapped or imprisoned - all you need to know is in the words without knowing character names
  5. about bloody time Spurs got a wafer thin VAR call go against them.
  6. Gotters

    Apple Arcade

    yup - mini metro was lovely and clean for the most part, the roads game is a bit of a mess and suspect it was rushed out for launch.
  7. what is is with Spurs and VAR
  8. I have nothing against the Hakka or NZ doing it before a game, but if it's some war cry or declaration of battle the opposing team should be allowed to stare it right down in their faces, or choose to totally ignore it and walk off behind their own posts. I recall England strain it right down years ago - is it actually banned to stare it down in their faces now or just a convention ?
  9. Gotters

    Apple Arcade

    I think it will have a huge impact - not to the FTP market, the sort of player who says 'I'm not paying a penny to play a game' and is happy to have timers/ads etc will be served by the market that exists. Devs trying to launch games for £2-£5 will suffer as think this will take all the oxygen out the market as people just won't need to try many of them - I happily buy a few of those each month taking a punt as a failure isn't a disaster and gives me some new things to try, no need anymore as its covered for fiver. The paid game market will dry up I suspect other than thru this, and I don't know how distribution of revenue works so don't know how good it is for devs. Streaming music services killed record sale income but artists still had touring.
  10. There is so much personality in the goose animation, just how he waddles (I assume it's a he, a lady goose would be nicer I think) and how he looks round corners or peaks above the bush you hide him in. Total piece of shit for sure and it comes across in every frame.
  11. What this highlights to me is how marvellous the proper top down Zelda dungeons are, I just love the simple structure where you can't get lost but are scratching your head as to where to go or what to do next - then you get a new bit of gear that opens it all up. BotW was amazing, but I'm so happy to have dungeons back. Please tell me this has hookshot in it.
  12. on the second stage I actually started to feel sorry for the kid you have to terrorise, in particular who'd have thought this game would be a rollercoaster of emotions !
  13. New one to me this, discovered her via a recent Bon Appetit video where she was name checked as they tried to recreate one of her dishes in a blind test. Always a good sign when you watch these things literally salivating at the concept of super crunchy hot/sweet chicken at 7am in the morning - her recipes look sound and love the way she presents them. https://www.youtube.com/user/Maangchi
  14. Gotters

    Apple Arcade

    What The Golf & Pinball Wizard are my favourites so far. Several insta delete not for me games too (that Frogger thing is fugly). Thought WTG was going to be a 1 note joke but best way I can describe it is a highly imaginative golf themed Warioware style game - it's really good and perfect for touch controls on the phone. Discoverability will be an issue I think, so much there already, just spotted the follow up game to the awesome Mini Metro, called Mini Motorways.
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