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  1. Gotters

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    A combo of the sale and gold points I had means I just picked up Tiny Troopers XL for a quid this morning - I'm enjoying it a lot so far, its a blatant Cannon Fodder rip off and is a bit clunky (you get stuck on scenery a bit) but I'm enjoying it way more than many of the more lauded eShop games.
  2. Gotters

    Examples of reviewers/adverts etc caught lying

    I just had a flashback of Rise of the Robots - think it was SNES/Megadrive era and recall Edge frothing about it for months in anticipation, then it got released
  3. Gotters

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    I thought it was an early stoppage, Cejudo may have smashed him further but in a huge fight like this you've gotta let it go a little more.
  4. Gotters

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Salah is now added to the list of confirmed divers, it may cost them too as now that tag sticks refs all become conscious of it and with nothing but big games at this stage of the season he'll get clipped in a big game and it'll be waved away (I hope that sort of karmic justice comes to play) This spate of soft penalties is annoying the shit out of me, and the lame defence of them too - a hand brushing a shoulder or shirt and the 'oh there's contact' line defending that makes somebody fling themselves to the floor - it's all pathetic and I'm not convinced VAR will sort as so often its the media refs defending the decision. Not seen much of Chelsea until yesterday as they struck me as pretty tedious under Sarri, in the flesh they were awful (Arsenal were quite good to in the first half that said)) - the defence in particular and the non functioning midfield, Alonso is a curious player, seems to have no defensive responsibility whatsoever and just leaves a huge hole on the left of the pitch popping up often as an auxiliary centre forward.
  5. Gotters

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Puell must have said something at HT to make the players like him again.
  6. I think there is a tipping point spot when something merits its own thread broken out from the mega thread, its probably more than only a couple of posts, I prefer the mega thread with something only broken out if there is sufficient discussion to merit it.
  7. Gotters

    Football Thread 2018/19

    The only team worse than Leicester for the players chucking in the towel when they don't fancy the manager any more are Chelsea.
  8. Gotters

    Food Prepping

    Previous pot reviews - love the concept of the hungarian meatballs, and the veg side is lovely, the sauce was just lacking punch but it will return as the staple idea of meatballs rice veg and a sauce to turn the thing into whatever you want is a good one. Today was time constrained and looking to create some good comfort food stock - sometimes the recipes are quite elaborate and need a lot of ingredients, nothing flash going on here today - 13 meals into stock with my Ocado arriving at 915 and the last bit of washing up done and away by 1230. Chilli mac is a really quick 1 pot thing from here https://www.recipetineats.com/one-pot-chili-mac-and-cheese/ (I use more meat than the recipe and upped the spice accordingly) Sausage mash and beans is just school dinners, but I do make the onion mustard gravy and my other half has taken a liking to sous vide mash (it does taste more potatoey).
  9. Gotters

    You (Netflix Series Thriller)

    This is brilliant - its utter trash but somehow is quite self aware and seemingly knows it, so although its played straight its no po-faced or serious about how stupid and trashy it is. I've rattled thru it and only got a couple of eps to go, and unusually for me I'm not finding it too stretched out or long (maybe there was 1 ep all set in single house) Utter rubbish but good rubbish.
  10. Gotters

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    TJ has always come across as super professional so made weight without any reported dramas - he didn't look like Jonny Hendricks either all week in interviews and was able to stand on his own and seemed mentally totally with it in interviews. He had to have shed some muscle so whilst he's now probably stuffing his face and rehydrating like a bastard he can't come in on fight night at the same weight he would usually. edit http://www.espn.com/espn/feature/story/_/id/25777457/tj-dillashaw-makes-biggest-weight-cut-career?sf206234324=1 so he started at 154lbs with 8% body fat - that is insane as must take a toll, if he doesn't get Cejudo out early he must wilt pretty fast from the second onwards I'd have thought
  11. Gotters

    Vikings - A History channel original series

    Really struggling with this latest season, most of it is just so dull. I’d skip the whole iceland/floki storyline if i could and find the whole ivor situation ludicrous. If it wasn’t for how many seasons in with it I am at this point I’d bin it
  12. Gotters

    Football Thread 2018/19

    those can't be real Dean Saunders quotes as they don't all start with 'for me' I have a pretty high tolerance level for idiots talking about football on the radio but about the only person who will make me automatically turn off now is Dean Saunders, vile little man.
  13. Gotters

    Food Prepping

    Good luck - as I said in the post I did the TinEats recipe but with about 1.4kg of beef cheeks, so had to up the cook time considerably as per the other recipe I posted.

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