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  1. Gotters

    Chernobyl (HBO/Sky)

    What I find fascinating about this is now I'm looking for it how much of this behaviour I witness in my day to day life in a huge organisation.
  2. Gotters

    Chernobyl (HBO/Sky)

    I do wonder how on earth somebody with the writing credit for 2 Hangover movies and a couple of Scary Movies pulls a project like this out the bag - listening to him on the podcast he's clearly a smart guy (and I get everybody has bills to pay) Everything works so well to support and tell the story, I love the minimalist soundtrack, the details in how characters talk to each other (like the use of first names now) but mostly after GoT descended into dumbed down CGI Marvel movie schlock I love how smart it feels, it treats the audience with a bit of respect and isn't spoon feeding everything to us. I hope its a big success, critically seems to have caught people on the hop, maybe GoT is dominating, but none of the usual outlets are providing much coverage or comment each week.
  3. I feel detective Drogon investigates needs more explanation too. So he could sense something bad had happened to his mum, flew in, saw her lying on the floor with a dagger sticking out, sniffed her, sniffed Jon Snow a bit and then decided it was the throne that did it ? I get what they were going for here (more cool imagery rather than coherent story telling) but what are the mental abilities of a dragon meant to be ?
  4. Gotters

    Just Cause

    Unless they’ve cast a Bolo Santosi to head the legendary reapers I’m not interested
  5. Gotters

    Chernobyl (HBO/Sky)

    This has to be the most sparse/intense focussed thing on tv - the time just flys by watching it. Another superb ep - big fan of the miners too. Now for the podcast tomorrow morning to top off the experience
  6. Gotters

    Clash Royale

    i've dropped temporarily so get in quick pls so I can raise back the drawbridge !
  7. Gotters

    Clash Royale

    course, its open but set to 4k trophies - are you above that or do i need to lower for a bit ?
  8. Gotters

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Some great old footage here, but the training methods may be regarded as a touch 'caveman'
  9. Grand maester George RR Martin as one paper put it.
  10. After my disappointment with much of this season I didn't dislike the ending as much as I was expecting to - that's not to say it was good but it felt like like it salvaged something after what had gone before in a rushed badly paced manner. Think my feelings towards this are with many here on pacing, character development etc and about the most damning thing I can say is I'm actually glad its over now, as don't have any desire to see more of season 7/8 quality compared to what went before.
  11. Gotters

    The iOS gaming thread

    Clash Royale - I'd delete every other game on my phone to keep that one
  12. Gotters

    New Star Manager

    I know its not for everybody but its the heavy details that are stripped out of this are what make it so playable for me, my brain fills in the rest. Even my pre season is enjoyable just knocking in a few goals, giving squad players an outing and playing every game with reduced effort to 'ease the lads into the season and find their fitness' - I know that is crap and the game isn't doing anything of the sort but in my mind its happening ! I'm also hoovering up some good stat, low potential, older players to supplement the gaps in my squad - and will then focus on bringing in the youth players. At this point expensive younger signings don't work for me when I get old heads cheap as chips.
  13. Gotters

    New Star Manager

    Having got promoted I've not played this for a couple of months - picked it back up this morning to start my next season and that little break meant I'd forgotten how addictive the game/management loop is. Spent my promo gains on a couple of facility upgrades to aid player recovery post match and now can see player traits too, love my defender with the 'red mist' trait meaning he's prone to being sent off. Come on @GamesGamesGames, you need to spill on your 'different play thru' thing, we need to know.
  14. Gotters


    Incredibly tense doc on BBC iPlayer called The Last Breath - North Sea saturation divers have an awful accident and events unfold in almost real-time, lots of footage from the day interspersed with interviews ( one of the divers is a bit weird) and careful reconstructions. Title is obviously a clue but this is best enjoyed if you can go in cold.
  15. Gotters

    Football Thread 2018/19

    I hope Unai Emery is taking note here about the efficacy of giving your second best keeper a sentimental send off in a big and important final for your club.

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