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  1. Gotters


    Blue Mountain coffee is really nice, best way to describe it I feel is that it's somehow quite old fashioned tasting, it's a delicious cup of 'coffee' tasting coffee, there are no weird or funky notes of mangosteen or leather, it just tastes like really great smooth full bodied coffee. That said we've been paying about £8-9 for a 250g bag of our preferred stuff, so not sure at prices starting from £12.50 for 125g its worth the extra money, you're paying a lot for that old school badge of quality and scarcity. Delicious stuff though and well worth trying a small bag if you're curious, we'll get 7-8 cups out of 125g putting it around the £1.50 a cup mark, I used to pay £2.50-£3 a day for the swill served in Pret/Costa.
  2. I spent half an hour this morning utterly incapable of completing a single clean lap - its that pushing for time that was undoing me constantly, well that and old age.
  3. That whole ludicrous Salt Bae thing has to be some sign of the end of times - idiots are paying way over the odds for steak cos its wrapped in gold and if they're 'lucky' get their pic taken with the twat himself doing his famous salt cascade move - I don't know what this does for trade once he moves on to the next place, maybe there is a Salt Bae school like Krusty was running so he can do more appearances. The whole thing seems driven by people spending the money to get a few likes on social media
  4. so clean and smooth, and it doesn't look that quick, where are the slides and fighting the car into position !?!?!? quick laps in cars never look that showy do they.
  5. You are pretty close to that, sounds like you need to play a bit more and take it ! Is that the real world or in game record ? I expect the time is getting harder and harder to find in a lap now
  6. I haven't got back on since yesterday and my time seems very inadequate now - I sense a session where I'm cursing the damn thing just trying to get myself off bottom spot I tried that Rally TT yesterday and the thing that really stood out (despite the U shaped wall bend) was how different the car felt again from class to class,
  7. don't you get penalised for going too far off track or smashing down those red corner marker poles ?
  8. console wars rulez means that now Sony will have to launch a fridge too (good luck making it look like the monstrosity that is the PS5 design) and people will be arguing over which one keeps your drinks cooler or is a better kind of cold.
  9. N64 controller pre-orders up, get in quick to scalp em on eBay for xmas https://store.nintendo.co.uk/en_gb/nintendo-64-controller-for-nintendo-switch-000000000010006981.html?utm_source=Marketing_Email&utm_medium=Email_MNS&utm_campaign=Nintendo_64_Controller_Preorder&utm_content=Link
  10. The depth of the handling model in this really shines in TT - even with the record time by Grosjean when racing his ghost I can on occasion be ahead coming out the first big bend at the end of the straight, but can't string the rest of a lap together. Plus you see so many lines to try to gain time overall, racing the ghosts you sometimes feel slow into a bend but visibly see how it carries more speed and you can exit faster than what you did previously.
  11. Got the track down now and reconciled to the tv camera angles in my head - 31.653s. Car is so feisty and as you push for speed just a wheel on the grass and you’re spun out. Holding Y is your friend, resets you back to the last bend to get going quick into a fresh lap.
  12. Amazing how you can improve tour laps on this as you get to grips with car/circuit Gone from 40+ on Top Gear to 32.926 in just a few laps, obviously loads more in that time. Not helpful if I quit and go back in that my ghost still takes out the cones showing the way !
  13. I'l persist but something in my head/hands really struggles with the layout of the top gear track, the car is high powered and proper twitchy and I keep getting the bits of track that get re/cycled in different directions wrong, despite having seen it on the tv hundreds of times
  14. Gotters


    If you like a bit of provenance with your foodstuffs then these guys are great https://www.jamaicacoffeetrading.co.uk/whole-beans I've only had Blue Mountain coffee once or twice and never ground myself and thru my preferred dripper method - I suspect it's an exercise in scarcity rather than 'best' which is what drives the price, but these guys offer a small 125g for a price that whilst steep at £12.50 is still not bad for Blue Mountain compared to others. They seem quite legit with official ties to the Coffee Industry Board in Jamaica, and with my 125g order I received no less than 3 bits of paper proving authenticity, which seemed a bit OTT but nice all the same. Looking forward to trying this now
  15. Yep, and Kevin kept going on about that bloody cantilever bit but I didn't really get the point of it, it gave him a gloomy shaded flood prone bit of walled garden which came at huge expensive in the steel work and pilings required to support the forces it exerted on the building. The same balcony built normally would have cost far less. I know he bought the site with planning and plans in place, shame they never mentioned the price of that, 7 acres there with planning would have been very pricey, I suspect the appeal to him was having 7 acres of bog land to help his former associates dispose of corpses.
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