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  1. who knows if these are a biscuit or a cake but looks like another odd Jaffa Cake mashup, Tesco exclusive though
  2. Gotters


    Very good 3 part documentary on iPlayer at the moment called the Gods of Snooker First part charts the move of the Worlds to the Crucible from their not televised era in random snooker halls in the 70s mainly thru the story of Alex Higgins, so much of that era I didn't know about and you can see how Higgins still annoys Reardon in interviews he's doing for this. Second part is the rise of Steve Davis & Matchroom, again I'd never realised the split in the game in the 80s at this time and how much Barry Hearn grated on those outside his Matchroom team who couldn't get
  3. the kamado's sip at charcoal as the walls are so much more insulated so you lose much less heat than thru a metal radiator which is literally trying to warm up your garden. in my big Primo which has a firebox divider I've had a half load of charcoal with some left after an overnight low and slow for a brisket or shoulder, they're super fuel efficient density of fuel comes into play as well, I posted a week or two back about using a mix of an engineered charcoal mixed with lump single variety charcoal, the engineered being more even and dense burns for longer I believe,
  4. I do sense a new thread coming on though, this is £80 for the digital deluxe on the PS Store (which is just some skins, art stuff and in game currency for upgrades) - know you could get a tenner off that by buying credit on CD Keys but even still its stopping me from impulse pre-ordering without some more hands on previews, all these previews are shown footage running on console, but not being played by the journos
  5. Gotters


    I've got a feeling he's merely average, but he's that person at work who has learnt to wear a nice suit and nod in meetings whilst looking intense and thoughtful, like they are really considering the discussion. Occasionally they can chuck in a comment which doesn't reveal them as a total idiot, but they aren't really the people you ever want in charge of something. They've just learnt to fly under the radar and not reveal their incompetence. the problems come when those people get over promoted into the limelight and silence and moody stares with a nice tie knot isn't enough any m
  6. that would then diminish the value of that slot, so I guess its the compromise offered to maintain the current deal ££££ and stop managers whining at BT Sport interviewers in those games. though now we'll get Klopp moaning about playing Saturday night and the following Tues.
  7. No prizes for guessing the attack lines for McGregor's trilogy match with Poirier He must have been incredibly well managed to leverage UFC fame into this much out of cage income - I don't know who the brains behind him are, I know he talks a noisy game himself but it's not that simple. https://www.forbes.com/sites/brettknight/2021/05/12/the-worlds-10-highest-paid-athletes-conor-mcgregor-leads-a-group-of-sports-stars-unfazed-by-the-pandemic/
  8. So being widely reported that the PL tv deal is being rolled for 3y with Sky/BT/Amazon rather than going to auction, as has been suspected for a while. Little nugget in there though is that BT will be able to move their 1230 Sat game to a 1945 kick off if the teams played in the CL on Weds - I know they don't get first picks so may only be a couple of times a season but its another fuck you to people going to games.
  9. hearing about the rift mechanic and how you can warp straight into a different parallel world wonder how they handle that on the disc version of the game, must have a mega install if this is all SSD trickery.
  10. another positive article, saying this feels like the first true PS5 game that couldn't be done on other consoles the hype train is building https://www.vg247.com/2021/05/12/ratchet-clank-rift-apart-really-feels-like-first-true-ps5-game/
  11. Gotters


    meh - we all know that it would have been a defeat if we needed a point from the game for a euro spot or anything that mattered I always thought the golden rules of backpassing were to actually look where you were kicking it and never ever ever do them on target at least the ref didn't blow for an indirect fk on 6y box for handling a back pass.
  12. Gotters


    Football is not different to any other walk of life in that you pay for carrying inexperienced in your organisation initially, whatever it is, they are a drain on experienced hands and make mistakes. The hope is that as they find they feet and gain experience you get a better more rounded person that stands on their own feet and produces whatever it is you do. In that case we may have paid the entry fee with Arteta in this season, and he's ready to flourish. Or he's just not very good or not good enough for what we need. From what the Kroenke's are briefing journo's we'
  13. Sure, I'll lower the trophy requirement to get in so hop on quick before we get killed in the stampede of new players !
  14. Moon Safari is incredible, La femme d'argent just oozes out of your speakers I've always had a hankering for Playground Love though, its so melancholy and cool
  15. Gotters


    Was just coming in to share the article, does indeed paint a bleak picture - the keeper situation remains a joke, after the debacle with Fabianski & Szczesny we appear to have let another good keeper leave in Martinez to be left with the disinterested wanting out Leno. Not only that but recall Fabianski & Szczesny blaming the poor coaches at the club and we're doing it again. It doesn't pain a picture here that we're going to turn a corner.
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