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  1. If gaming solely existed on PC type hardware with OS updates, drivers, fannying round with game patches, needing a keyboard etc etc I'd give up on it totally. Long live the Switch - its the only machine I need or use now.
  2. Its an HBO show but the trailers and the fact its on Sky 1 (not Atlantic) make it look like pretty awful. Rightly or wrongly I always assume Sky Atlantic to be a badge of quality somehow and anything on Sky 1 is for the ITV or Ch5 crowd.
  3. yeah, they never disclose the PPV points but Conor will be making multiples of that fixed purse and Cerrone was smiling like a cheshire cat at his biggest ever payday
  4. It's not some magic bullet where 10mins of light moving on it offsets a night out on the beer and takeaways. I can definitely see how it's an introduction getting me back into exercise after a long period of being sedentary - without the shame or ongoing expense of going to the gym. It may not be enough in itself, but can see how it's something that will help get me back on a path of being moving and active again.
  5. I think (but haven't found yet) that rather than play the main adventure RPG thing you can just build custom workouts of mini games As @Timbuktu says this isn't a substitute for a weight regime if you're looking to bulk up
  6. Day 2 and despite a few mild aches from yesterday I was interested enough to give it another go - the fascination of opening up levels, opening up new exercises & levelling up is quite strong. Something you just don't get when looking at an exercise bike, which you know exactly what you'll get. Broke a good sweat and heart rate again so not doing me any harm at all.
  7. I think Michael Cox is one of the most interesting writers/podcasters on football at present Another great tactical write up from him on The Athletic about how the best PL teams in recent years operate a front 5
  8. I thought this weeks episode was so bad, so awful, that I almost turned it off and gave up on the whole thing. I just left it on whilst I did something else on my phone. It's all like some Clannard video now from the 80s with wafty moaning singing and people looking serious. Everybody is now capable of having visions, everybody is teleporting all over the place. Whilst all that arty shit goes on nothing much really happens plot wise. It's simply not the show it was, its something totally different and I don't like it anymore. Don't get me started on the end of the episode, dire.
  9. I'm an old git not far off 50 who hasn't really been to the gym for 10y - Amazon got some of these back in so ordered the other day Just had my first go and its kicked my arse, only on moderate setting - its so inventive how they get you working different bits of your body with the simple ring setup, the ring feels a quality bit of gear too and not flimsy. I got thru the first 3 bits to the first boss and I'm a sweaty mess - very impressed with it and it feels far more engaging than wii fit ever did - looking on youtube some proper gym bunnies seem impressed too. Can see how the gamification bit could be good as gives you some simple goals and structure, good distraction from actually exercising - and if you want to just do the work it allows for that too.
  10. not cancelled - some reports say that Fincher is too busy and committed to other projects so they've released the cast to let them work on other things - end result is the same, no season 3 of course. A Netflix spokesperson explained: "David is focused on directing his first Netflix film Mank and on producing the second season of Love, Death and Robots. "He may revisit Mindhunter again in the future, but in the meantime felt it wasn't fair to the actors to hold them from seeking other work while he was exploring new work of his own."
  11. Swiss Ramble analysis thread on the latest Deloitte money league report How much are PSG match tickets, you pay a lot to watch them thump tat in the French league it seems
  12. Gotters

    Nintendo Switch

    sure this must have been asked before in the preceding 1500 pages, but what is the cheapest way to get my Switch on a 2nd tv in the house - don't want to move my main dock & power cable and don't want to stump up the full price for a Nintendo dock and power brick. anybody done this recently ? ta.
  13. just watched this on iPlayer and much of it is really interesting, I continue to find Louis the problem though and can't help but think the same thing would be better with somebody else fronting it. the exchange with the young girl and her friends is a good example of what I mean Louis - so you're going to charge a friend to have sex with you on his birthday, isn't that complicated girl - no, why do you say that Louis - oh I don't know he dances around the points he wants to make hoping they pick up and continue his thoughts as he doesn't want to take the position or say it himself, then on the rare occasion he's challenged just skulks back and doesn't carry thru what he means, which is usually quite obvious.
  14. have a pos for making me think for the first time in ages of the line Once more the gods part cheek and ram cock in fucking arse
  15. its a great retirement fund fight for Cerrone, he's in a no lose situation as his time at being around title level is over and there is literally not another fight that will earn him this much money. A loss does his legacy no harm and there is always a slim chance of a long shot win somehow. I'd drag myself to the ring by any means necessary if I were him as probably sets him for life very nicely.
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