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  1. Not seen this weeks yet but just spotted the excellent Australian version has started again on More4, first fews eps available on demand still.
  2. looks like this may be going up in it's entirety on Disney+ this coming Weds.
  3. confirmed for Dec 2nd return with 2 eps, then 1 a week after that.
  4. I recall seeing a bit on pizza's on one of those ch4 food shows, the factory produced identical pizza and the fresh ones sold for more than the frozen, as fresh is considered 'premium'. The same identical pizza. You also see this a lot with fruit/veg.
  5. This chap has been beavering away on his masterwork for quite some time https://metro.co.uk/2022/09/27/super-mario-bros-5-is-one-fan-project-nintendo-cant-take-down-17460939/ Maker ID: 0G9-XN4-FNF
  6. Gotters

    Depeche Mode.

    It’ll be a £250 book of pictures of Fletch’s glasses from Anton Corbijn
  7. I went from reservation to invite for the 512gb version in exactly one month, just got invite thru last night so seems to be moving at pace now if anybody left wanting one who hasn’t reserved yet.
  8. use this from the instant pot thread, needs reducing after pressure cooking but immense flavour
  9. These new Ambrosia porridge pots are great, especially if you've ever wanted ready to eat porridge that tastes like Ambrosia riced pudding (who hasn't) The plain is good for adding things into, the raspberry is nice as is & the golden syrup not too sweet but my least favourite of the 3 If you think porridge is some heritage dish that needs making with just oats, Scottish spring water & pinch of salt if feeling decadent whilst stirring with a wooden spurtle then these probably aren't for you.
  10. I'm at the point of finding this a real struggle to get through and just very tedious. Once the shiny appeal of the visuals wears off the extended runtimes with nothing much happening just makes it feel a slog to somebody like me not invested at all in LotR. The scripts are awful and that would be forgivable if the story was moving along, but everything feels like it's taking far too long to get anywhere. I don't know if the LotR fanbase alone is enough to make this a worthwhile endeavour for Amazon, but if they need to pull in the wider audience this may be a struggle.
  11. Can see this being quite hard going, however fascinating the raw footage is That is a long runtime with no voiceover and just some electric musical washes playing plus assorted out of place tracks that somehow work with the images.
  12. new Shovel Knight game (collaboration with Nitrome) is up today on AA - seems OK but far too bastard hard to play on imprecise touch screen controls (touch screen in general, not these are bad implementation of touch controls). seems like a chance to try before you buy on Switch or PC if you've got this. plus the Clap Handz golf game has had it's rebranding to the awful new name
  13. Gotters

    Yacht Rock

    Love this thread, it combined with the Puckrick doc and couple of Apple playlists have me up to over 3h on my own Yacht playlist. It's an odd one when I listen to it as most of my old playlists evoke a nostalgia where I can place myself with the songs/time period, and although I lived through during the late 70s & early 80s this stuff was never on my radar, so it almost evokes a time period and place I'm aware of but feel like something I never experienced or lived. It's hard to put into words but I love the slick but melancholy nature of a lot of the songs, then every now and then get to add something I didn't have a clue existed from this thread. Good work all.
  14. worth waiting as looks like it's been down to £1.86 a few times https://www.dekudeals.com/items/boomerang-fu
  15. new curry time, jalfrezi from scratch. not one I've ever really eaten or ordered out, kind of looks like a curried sweet & sour from the ingredients I see in most recipes. I enjoyed it, had that clean taste you get with all homemade curries but I didn't love it more than my favourites in my cookbook (butter chicken, biryani & vindaloo), sharing the recipe as I think its a good recipe and the site is interesting, just wasn't one quite to my tastes (like I say nothing wrong with it, just don't think jalfrezi does it for me). https://www.teaforturmeric.com/chicken-jalfrezi/
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