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  1. what sort of things are you cooking in it @El Geet that aren't working out ?
  2. Always want to post in here in case anybody is sat on the fence or wondering about these brilliant devices. Unlike most fad kitchen gadgets this thing just sits out and gets used multiple times a week In the last week or so I've made Steamed salmon, green veg and rice BBQ Chicken & Pasta (this is a brilliant one potter with minimal clean up and is our current fave midweek pasta dish) 2 batches of pizza dough Batch of katsu sauce (9 meals worth) Plus i have the stuff in to make the following in next couple of days 3 batches of onion
  3. of course I can remember the searing injustice of The Hand of God goal - this stuff though hasn't stuck in the memory quite as much. they should show Peter Shilton this every time in the next week he's turning up for his £100 appearance to slag Maradona off.
  4. I love those Carr's biscuits too, but find they're a bit much with cheese as the biscuit itself tastes so good - with a nice cheese/chutney I prefer a plain biscuit like a digestive or cream cracker. Those Carr's with thick salted butter though are delicious. These sourdough ones are good too for complimenting but not dominating the cheese.
  5. great thread on Spurs' financials
  6. Those old world cups also had the benefits of the teams all being so mysterious, I started with 78 but 82, 86 and even 90 made all these other countries and players seem like they came from another planet. The teams often had quite different nationalistic tactics, not all playing this identikit homogenised version of the game they do now. There wasn't even blanket live coverage of the English 1st Division (not the championship kids, look up what the world was like before Sky invented top flight football) so it's impossible to imagine if you missed these times quite how magical as a
  7. As we speak papers round the country are trying to see if they have somebody near where Peter Shilton now lives for a bitter and tasteless reaction to the news, he never seemed to get over it.
  8. I'd always heard the version that Don Howe didn't like the look of him for Arsenal as he was too small.
  9. Under current football laws with the snooker table pitches and lack of scything down from behind I have no doubt that he'd eclipse what even Messi & Ronaldo are doing now - providing he could have kept himself clean and out of trouble.
  10. Is the Dishoom book 'proper' curries that are cooked 'fresh' without a base gravy - I really don't care for the BIR style with that and far prefer a dish made from scratch each time
  11. Sky News reporting it now with a statement from the Argentinian FA A genius player who stands next to any of the greats of the game.
  12. Gotters


    Isn't the mumblemumble accusation that all the deals old Don Raul had his filthy paws in that we were lauding were all very sweet for his chums and former acquaintances, with hints of him trousering a bit on the side too. I think I posted here at the time the StatsBomb article saying from the data we'd overpaid double if not treble what they believed Pepe to be worth, and that wasn't wise after the event, that was the week we bought him. We've done well for Kia Jorabchian's retirement plans too in the last couple of years, Luis and £200k a week for 3y on Willian being
  13. I don't think Laura was a particularly high end baker, she had that 'best parent at the school fete' quality to what she could make - but I do believe that a lot of the vitriol aimed at her in the media and online was for the dual crimes of getting far on Bake Off whilst being fat. Nobody hated on Lottie as much when she produced awful stuff, wonder why that is.
  14. I don't get the format at all now - Dave wins the first 2 rounds, then their big finales are exceptionally close, and the judges say its down to the crispness of the pastry or some other micro detail. What about the first 2 rounds he actually won, they pointless now ?
  15. We've watched the first couple of eps of the morning show and its quite decent, clearly their attempt to throw some money at something to pick up some award nods and profile but very watchable, even Jennifer Aniston looking like some uncanny valley CGI of her younger self isn't that off putting.
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