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  1. here is a simple guide to channeling your inner Percy Thrower or Charlie Dimmock https://www.vg247.com/2020/03/31/animal-crossing-new-horizons-flower-hybrid-flowers-cross-breeding/
  2. thanks @jonnyalpha I just dived in and out quick, will send you something, didn't want to risk staying or chatting and losing my stash again. the online in this harks back to the days of dial up modems, its dire.
  3. The puzzles in Good Job are already far better crafted than Goose I'd say, goose was funny but it was often trying to discover the one thing that you had to do to make something work, this is more sandbox. Second floor in logistics and I'm controlling a sky crane thing and now let loose on forklifts in a warehouse - its really good. I've been sat for 10-15m trying to see how to do the first forklift level and finally twigged it.
  4. think one of the reviews I linked mentions the number of floors, at 4 levels per floor. The complexity ramps up as you go along so levels should take longer. length/value always subjective, I can't see it being Animal Crossing or Zelda like in how long its around for, my initial thought is that its a nice little game though for quick blasts.
  5. levels get separate score based on time/damage that then get combined into an overall score you can cause utter mayhem for a faster time (which may score ok) or carefully pick thru a level being as clean as possible.
  6. Lock down fever meant I coughed up the £18 for surprise release Good Job yesterday - initial play is positive. Nintendo published but don't know the story behind the game itself, is it in-house or did they assist a 3rd party. It's one of these physics sandbox puzzle type affairs but with a level of Nintendo polish applied which makes it fun and not super fiddly to play (these things are often so fiddly). Control of your character is lovely and 'free' without being sloppy and you can either carefully tread around the office aiming for as little damage as possible to achieve your goals, or just create havoc doing so. Initial floor missions involve rounding up missing workers for a meeting (you can wheel them nicely back in their chairs or setup catapults using power cables and fire them thru walls), rerouting and connecting the internet (this requires a couple of small obstacles to be overcome on the way). It's got a lovely clean aesthetic and could be good. edit Seems it was a 3rd party https://kotaku.com/good-job-turns-office-nepotism-into-something-more-fun-1842515627 https://www.polygon.com/2020/3/26/21196132/good-job-nintendo-switch-impressions-paladin-studios-office-job-physics-work-chaos
  7. Ornstein article on The Athletic today about the feelings toward restarting the Premier League (spoiler for length)
  8. those golden tools are going to take some getting https://www.vg247.com/2020/03/25/animal-crossing-new-horizons-how-get-gold-nuggets-and-craft-unbreakable-golden-items/
  9. Not seen this one covering his playing career but Netflix has a 6 part series about Maradonna's recent time managing in the Mexican league - again as with all things Diego it's nuts
  10. Thanks, left some gifts by the airport - 460 is good enough return for me in week 1. First house mortgage paid off and halfway towards next one too when it kicks in tomorrow.
  11. there are various techniques to getting the 8 every time, digging 3 holes behind you to stop you recoiling backwards, or the one I use which is to keep walking towards the rock between hits to keep you from missing, you don't have to be super fast just keep a rhythm going at a decent pace.
  12. Dana White sort of being the sports equivalent of Mike Ashley or that Wetherspoons idiot with this - I'm sure he can get some bumper PPV sales for this with everything else off, and he'll argue about the feel good factor being needed by an event, but it seems a bit tone deaf and negligent to be doing it. I'm sure the fighters and their camps will argue that they can all get paid so its a risk they're willing to take, and the actual risks to the participants and teams may be less damaging than the message it sends about carrying on almost as normal to the wider public in the wider context of things.
  13. I hit bamboo pay dirt on a nook miles random island ticket - it had bamboo trees, buried bamboo shoots under ground with the 'X' marking, I flattened it like a Brazilian rainforest logging company. They tell you early on but I'll say it here, if you eat a fruit (strong teeth, coconuts can be eaten too) it lets you dig up a whole tree that can be replanted (you can stack up to 10 eaten bits of fruit) - this was handy on the bamboo island as came back with my pockets loaded with trees ready to transplant.
  14. Picked up some young spring bamboo in @DC Lemon town - can it be planted or is it for crafting ?
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