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  1. Another peach from Giroud there - I wasn't convinced by him when he first signed for Arsenal, but grew to really love the type of player he was. He's so out of keeping with the modern game in many ways. He is such a team striker and his control and ability to fashion shots that go in from the impossible looking setup is unrivalled. From the pure striker type finishes then he's not so impressive. Can't ignore he's not exactly prolific but he's so much more than out and out scoring, players look better around him because of how he plays. He's a striker that doesn't score much but can
  2. I think this thread really needs to stop all the petty inter club bickering once and for all, to that end an independent arbiter is needed to opine and make a definitive judgement on whether Salah is indeed a horrendous cheating diver or not. I graciously appoint myself and having consider all the facts at great length I rule in favour of @spork. Consider this ruling final and not appealable. I've also considered the cases of Kane, Son & Zaha and also find them guilty as charged.
  3. Watched I Care A Lot on amazon last night (guess its on both platforms) - what an awful and odd film it was. All the characters were deeply unpleasant and like sketch caricatures, and the tone was really weird. I wasn't sure if it was aiming at a jokey but slightly blacker comedy vibe take on Oceans 11 or Catch Me If You Can, it utterly failed if attempting this. There was a decent premise which I assume is founded in a real US problem, guardianship seemed the sort of thing they'd be big into and rife for shady operators - this was not a good film to explore it though a
  4. I do love that Dean Smith is pissy about Grealish's injury getting out, but just seen how the news leaked. Multiple Villa first teamers, their physio and several coaches at the club all transferred him out of their fantasy football teams. Apparently clubs are taking steps in asking their players and staff to not pick their own players for fear of leaking this, Leeds club cpt was also spotted taking Alioski out of his team after he'd started in 17 consecutive games. Games gone #342
  5. Gotters


    It was the football equivalent of watching a giant holding off a dwarf at arms length with their hands pressed on top of our head After that horrible run that killed our overall league placing there is a whole slew of teams that are much of a muchness bar the odd injury or few game win streak. Its such an odd irrelevant season played out for tv money and to give us prolls something to watch. You can argue that with a fit team we'd be doing a bit better, but Tierney is looking to me the latest person to keep our medical team company (after the likes of Diaby, Walcott, Ro
  6. Gotters


    we don't even try against them, beaten before the first whistle as far as the league games go. ,
  7. Technically Alex-Arnold should have got a red for that pen, same as Luiz the other week. Not about intent, he wasn’t trying to win ball and denied a goalscoring chance - that’s red under the laws. Daft but there you go.
  8. nothing new in talented but flakey/inconsistent wingers, don't see Traore as anything different to the likes of Ruel Fox, Franz Carr, Theo Walcott, Stuart Ripley etc etc etc. it's why all the 'Liverpool to pay £70m for Traore' talk seemed so odd at the time, he had a few decent games which that type often do, before reverting to type. it's what makes the really top drawer wingers so exciting, the likes of Robben or Ribery who do it far more consistently over years - and before anybody says 'Robben is a 1 trick pony he just cuts in and shoots' its a damn good trick and m
  9. I thought I had been prepared for how huge and spectacularly ugly it was going to be - I was wrong.
  10. I got all excited about the Blizzard collection of old games, especially Rock N Roll Racing, went and looked it up to see what was in the package. Then was disappointed as my old memory had confused the shit RnR racing with the far better Ivan Strongman Stuart. I used to like Lost Vikings but not enough to buy the collection just for that.
  11. There was a big piece I think I posted here from the Athletic a while ago about the pandoras box of making all games PPV, and whether the PL would consider going it alone cutting out the TV companies - they are reticent as don't have the infrastructure to do this but the feeling was the rewards could dwarf the current tv deals, but it opens up the other issue that the revenue raised would be very concentrated to certain clubs and the collective bargaining thing feels even tougher to achieve if that is the case. I suspect for the next contract they'll do what they did last time roun
  12. Premier league is in the middle of its 3y contract domestically when usually they'd put up the next set of 3y packages but looking like they'll delay this amongst worries of falling TV revenue for other leagues recently. If the transfer market and tv revenue starts to recede it's going to impact a lot of big clubs who have signed players on contracts and instalment payments that will extend past the current tv deal.
  13. I know a few people here rate Huntdown, its down to its lowest ever price at £10.79 (thanks Deku Deals)
  14. I know the program set out to make the point about Burton and TNBC but everybody interviewed seemed to be a bit put out at how much credit he'd been given/taken for the final product. Yes he originated the character drawings but the 3d models, amazing songs, even the storyline all came from the other participants.
  15. The films that made us episode on Nightmare Before Xmas did a good job of highlighting very clearly how little a Tim Burton credit on something could actually mean.
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