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  1. The Last Black Man in San Francisco is coming on the 9th of October. I will be very happy to be emotionally crushed by that film again.
  2. Incredible experience on my One X so far. The fog in Silent Hill actually looks like fog, instead of a dithered mess! I even got the fan translation of Mizzurna Falls up and running.
  3. Thank you! I'll try loading from a USB thumb drive instead for now.
  4. Having some trouble trying to get Duckstation to see games on my Samsung T5 SSD on my One X, it's as if it doesn't see the drive at all. It's formatted to exFAT- is this correct?
  5. I love that Lana Wachowski opted to open the trailer with I hope parts of this are going to be a massive slap in the face to the far right.
  6. This is already going to be a step up over the other sequels as I won't able to identify bits of Sydney with a green tint slapped over them. Breaks your immersion when you see Neo and Trinity trying to look all cool as they're driving past your old office and taking several shots to get around the same corner.
  7. Not convinced by the trailer but I'm going to end up watching it anyway.
  8. Interesting. What's the rationale behind this? I liked Prisoners and Arrival but really didn't like BR2049 at all.
  9. I'd personally use a Daemonbite adapter for the DB9 dongles, which is one of the things I'll be buying next.
  10. I've been using this five port one daily since 2017. You might as well go for the six port one considering the price difference is just a few pounds though.
  11. Completed BioShock a few weeks ago- a game with a fine setting but it was just too cartoonish for me by the end. I really didn't like the splicers, the constant narration (I know it's integral to the plot but I got bored with the constant chatter) or all of the silliness with the plasmids. I would've preferred it if the game had played the fall of Rapture a bit straighter and spookier, without the cannon fodder- enemies fewer and further between but much more of a challenge when you encounter them. The Big Daddies should've been events, instead of commonplace. (Watching Sander Cohen having his entrance interrupted and getting hammered into paste by a Big Daddy under my influence was funny though.) Also another game with a completely underwhelming final boss. I've moved on to Yakuza Zero now, my first game in the series. I'm learning how to play Mahjong and wasting time playing pool instead of progressing through the story at the moment, so I suspect that it'll take me an age to finish. I'm really appreciating the real estate plot though and I'm surprised that I find Kiryu so likeable.
  12. Indeed- my MegaSD has already replaced a full shelf of MD games. I played through Snatcher on it recently and I can't say I missed the Mega CD itself at all.
  13. You also don't have to worry about soldering in new batteries for carts that need them to save. Also, you'll have painless access to fan translations on hardware.
  14. Nt Mini Noir is not USB powered but it comes with a universal power supply with different add-on adapters. UK users can just add the 3-pin adapter and you're ready to go. Super Nt is USB powered and I use an Anker USB PowerPort to power that, the Mega Sg and my OSSC at the same time.
  15. I wish MODE forced 60Hz as well. Less of an issue now that I'm forcing 480p but it's beyond frustrating knowing that the console is capable of doing so and isn't. I wonder how feasible it would be for Terraonion to implement it?
  16. Not exactly Nintendo though, are they? This reeks of hubris. Still, I look forward to seeing how a park based on stalking and covertly murdering people in crowded public areas works out for them.
  17. I appreciated the page number/avatar combo.
  18. It usually is, if you go for a non-custom case. Putting mine together with the acrylic case from MisterFPGA was painless and took me about twenty minutes. I've encountered more challenging Lego sets. Edit: this is the build video I watched beforehand.
  19. Not shocked that the producers of Westworld have managed to botch the execution of an interesting concept with a good cast but "sunken Miami" looks like an absolutely fascinating setting. I might watch this just to see that.
  20. There's a multitude of very granular scaling options on the Super NT, so you can customise it for your display as you see fit.
  21. I thought it might be by gamertag.
  22. Joined the Discord but alarm bells are ringing at having to provide my sign-in email address for the whitelist. How secure is this?
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