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  1. Zoe Kravitz looks great as Catwoman. Farrell looks fantastic as The Penguin, too. Agreed. It really surprised me and not in a good way. Pattinson is the only part of the film that isn't really gelling for me just yet.
  2. They work. I played through most of Chrono Trigger with a Switch SNES pad and an 8BitDo Bluetooth dongle plugged into a real SNES recently. The 8BitDo 2.4G SF30 was better for this use case in the end but it's still possible.
  3. I just want to buy the N64 games separately. Also seems like wishful thinking to hope that the N64 pad would be compatible with a Bluetooth dongle for an actual N64. I'll bet there's no way it works with a memory card.
  4. I suppose I'm fairly cheap now. My limit for modern games is whatever the upper limit of a standard Nintendo release is. I'm not on the PS5/Series X bandwagon yet as I've seen nothing to tempt me. I can also wait a year or two for a GotY edition of other games I'm interested in to appear and I've given up buying collector's editions, so money and space saved there. Older, out of print games that are creeping up in price are difficult to call. I've generally given up buying second-hand for any system that has a flash cart or an ODE. It's rare for me to buy an older game these days, given how ridiculous the prices are.
  5. I think it'll be the EverDrive-64 X7 for me this year. I think I have everything else I need, unless I suddenly develop a burning desire to buy a Game Gear or something.
  6. That's a generous interpretation. And as the person who flippantly called it a cesspit, you can rest assured that I don't have any particularly strong feelings about ResetEra.
  7. It left me for a long time, circa the beginning of the GameCube era and ending only a few years ago. I was very depressed during that time and the thought of committing to a game was daunting. Having staff discount on games also meant that I built up a frightening backlog. I spent a lot of time aimlessly playing lots of little bits of games but rarely completing any. Fallout 4 came along and for some reason I jumped back in and spent a couple of hundred hours on it. I've been quite disciplined about finishing one game before starting another now. Not caring about FOMO or maintaining a collection is very liberating. howlongtobeat.com has been a godsend for me. The pattern of playing a short game after a long one has kept fatigue at bay.
  8. Puzzled as to why you'd hire Aisling Bea to do this and insist on her attempting that accent.
  9. I guess Evilore turning down millions for GAF years ago taught everyone a lesson.
  10. I'm staggered that anybody would give that cesspit money, especially considering how capricious their mods are.
  11. I'm not denying that there are similarities- I just don't buy that Yakuza is a substitute. I agree with @Down by Law's previous assertion that they're complementary series. I personally wouldn't play one over the other when I could play both.
  12. Hmm, perhaps. It's interesting that you've been to these places, as I haven't- yet when I returned to Yokosuka in Shenmue 1 last year, it felt like slipping into an old pair of shoes. I imagine the effect is much more potent across both series if you've actually been there.
  13. I'm playing Yakuza Zero right now and while it's a good game, I would not be satisfied with it as an alternative to Shenmue. Apart from superficial similarities, they're too different to be truly comparable.
  14. I think I've done over half of both Kiryu's and Majima's lists so far. I was shocked that I've put that long into it already, I thought I'd barely cleared 20 hours of play.
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