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  1. Which one? I've seen reports on several.
  2. Might as well post the Twitter thread we're all reading for anyone missing it. Also, from the horse's mouth. I'd always hoped that Kevtris would warm to the idea of PCE after that experience but from what he's been saying on the Classic Gaming Discord, the core sounds like it's in the good hands of his understudies.
  3. At one point a character replies with "no worries!", which I really don't remember British people saying around 1987- despite Wikipedia claiming otherwise, with Neighbours as an influence!
  4. SideQuest. Though I'd generally advise spending as little as possible in the Oculus store until Facebook sorts out these account and moderation issues. They've also thrown £4-8 discounts at holdouts like me in the past, because I didn't buy anything. Classic. I use this for my Quest 1 for charging and Oculus Link.
  5. I'm in. I love DM's awkward teenage pre-Corbijn period.
  6. I gave in and bought one last month after a long period of doubt. Typical!
  7. I've had no problems at all but I use a password manager to store my address and payment details so it's almost a one-click process. A lot of people miss out because something sells out while they're entering their card number. Even managed to snag one of the Noir cancellations this way.
  8. Just finished the third episode. I was expecting Quint's accent to be much worse!
  9. I haven't heard him yet. At the moment he's just slowly walking towards and backing away from windows at night, as you do.
  10. Carla Gugino's accent is bewildering. Started off almost Irish, occasionally nails a sentence or two in something bordering upper class English and then she slips into sounding like she's from Yorkshire. All within two episodes. Couldn't they have hired someone from the UK to do the voiceover instead?
  11. I've only heard about the PC Engine crowd rubbing him up the wrong way but given how awful and dramatic some areas of the retro community have become, I'm not terribly surprised that he'd get stuck in.
  12. Yeah, I feel the same way. They should probably accept the fact that they're a successful company and scale accordingly.
  13. Unlikely that they'd announce this before the Noirs ship, though they so badly mishandled messaging around the Noir's feature set that I wouldn't put it past them. Because they're good and I'm sick to death of faffing around with analogue to digital tech like Framemeisters.
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