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  1. Sounds like they've quietly reverted that change but there's still a lot of uncertainty in the air in places like ResetEra.
  2. It's beautiful. Amazon still charge up-front for pre-orders, right?
  3. DeciderVT

    PC Engine Mini

    Is there still no confirmation on who's handling the emulation?
  4. There's a part of me that never wants to watch The Orville because I can't stand Seth MacFarlane's brand of humour but I also have to remind myself that even TNG had the cast running around in Robin Hood outfits once upon a time.
  5. "Are you Lithuanian?" is one of my favourite lines of all time. At least he had a long and interesting life.
  6. I'm fully up-to-date now and yes, it was surprisingly minor.
  7. No. I griped about the classic Nintendo logic of launching this version of the console on the same day as Link's Awakening without tying the two together so far, which you've misrepresented as me saying "Nintendo never release special edition consoles". But I appreciate that there's a lot of time between now and September for them to make an announcement, I'm just surprised they didn't lead with it.
  8. Not what I said really, was it? I'm not surprised they announced one for Pokémon but surprised they didn't announce a Zelda one off the bat. We'll see, I suppose.
  9. It's launching on the 20th of September? Leave it to Nintendo to launch a new Switch on the same day as the Link's Awakening remake and not have a special edition or bundle pack. Perhaps. The Pro model is heavily rumoured. Maybe it'll be an XL.
  10. I'm holding out for a Pro model, hopefully with Bluetooth audio, a mega battery and a proper d-pad. Not interested in downgrading, really.
  11. No problem, it was a fairly minor spoiler... I hope!
  12. Oh for fuck's sake. Another half-arsed physical release from a Limited Run-esque pretender that just ends up going for silly money on eBay. Had my hopes up for a second! Dimensions deserves better treatment.
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