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  1. The 3060Ti FE seems to have disappeared from NVIDIA's online shop. Was it limited edition?
  2. Ha, is that one of the original Nts with the cannibalised Famicom PPU?
  3. Yeah, maybe. It'd be fun to have a complete spectrum of discussion about a particular game in one place instead of splitting it up to adhere to the folder structure.
  4. Specific to the forum- we're in the position where games with threads that were contemporary at the time of release now slowly slipping into the retro category. If I wanted to discuss a PS2 game I've been playing for example, should we start a new thread in this folder or exhume the old one?
  5. Thought the bump was about the release date- delayed again, until November.
  6. The demo or the game? Nobody is saying that they'd buy a PS5 for the demo.
  7. It's a nice thought but given the pace of hardware development I'd rather they released PSVR2 a bit further into the PS5's lifespan.
  8. Absolutely this. I'll play it in its 60fps sparkly 4K glory when I eventually buy a PS5 but right now I'm happy to save £449 and wait.
  9. Not sure why not being able to play a system-exclusive demo for a game that I'm really looking forward to is hard to understand. I loved the Kitchen demo for VII on PS4 too. Also, this demo is exclusive to PS5, it's a different multiplatform demo that'll be released later. I'll play Maiden when I eventually buy one.
  10. First time I've felt like I'm missing out by not having a PS5. Oh well.
  11. I watch BSG every few years. It's getting a little bit dated in terms of how it looks but the characters are still worth watching. Some of it is still thrilling. In terms of how it compares with The Expanse... well, they're very different- bearing scope, effects, age and budget in mind. Most of the performances still good- although Adama is gripping throughout, there are a few soapier parts. Nothing as crap as new Who's worst bits, though I haven't watched much of that series. (Just Eccleston and Smith.) Also going to post in support of the ending again. It was a bumpy ride getting there bu
  12. I've always associated Nintendo's hardware with durability, so assertions that it's somehow of sub-par quality are a bit puzzling. Sure, there are some issues with Joy-Con drift and the first versions of the DS/DS Lite and 3DS are abominations but every Nintendo console I have going back to my NES and AV Famicom has been well built and are still going strong. Not even a broken controller- I still use my childhood NES pads on my Analogue Nt Mini now and the Switch Pro pad is a dream. The only issues I have with their modern handhelds (including the Switch) is that they're not particularly ergon
  13. Land was excellent. I'm disappointed that a re-release for Switch hasn't been announced, as the 3D effect was used minimally on 3DS and could possibly be fixed quite easily for other screens.
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