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  1. Thanks! I've been doing a lot of homework on the Quest, but it was the performance over Link versus PSVR I hadn't been able to find out about. Simply being better than PSVR is my baseline for acceptable PCVR but Rift S quite stupidly doesn't support my IPD, so I was a bit stuck unless I want to spend a fortune on something like an Index basically. Quest ticks some of the right boxes for me but I also really like the PSVR's halo design and I'm always wary of Android-based portable tech without user-replaceable batteries, as I'd want the Quest to have a lifespan longer than the average smartphone. With that said, I'm probably more likely to want to play longer, tethered experiences like Skyrim, as I don't have an interest in games like Beat Saber. PC-based play over Link as it supports my IPD is my primary interest, with portability being a bonus.
  2. Puzzling decision to release a Link-breaking update the day after the beta goes live! How would you say image quality over Link and FOV compares with PSVR? I haven't seen any comparisons yet and PSVR is my only VR experience so far.
  3. I don't see spoilers on your post, unless you removed them? But it's not an unreasonable request, given that the game was only available on old formats for a long, long time until recently.
  4. Oh, I wasn't talking about buying a laptop originally. The cost/performance ratio would be too heavily skewed toward the former for me for a VR-ready system I wouldn't need to upgrade within a couple of years. Sorry, @Hardbattle!
  5. Everyone says that you should go for the 64GB version but I'm a complete gimp that wants the biggest storage capacity available, so it'll probably be the 128GB version for me.
  6. Same here, I'm on the brink of buying one as it's the only headset compatible with my IPD I can really afford. Encouraging signs from the subreddits so far but I'm waiting for a more measured appraisal from someone here before I pull the trigger.
  7. It's here! Weird feeling to see it on the coffee table in front of me but I must complete 2 first!
  8. Inclined to agree. I finished Phantasy Star on Switch recently and while I liked the game and appreciated QoL additions like the automap, I reached a point where I felt that there were elements that are simply too obtuse for a modern audience- rigidly defined sequences of character interactions, some aimless wandering to find out what to do next, etc. I don't like to be spoon-fed but I also don't like to waste hours of my time wandering around in circles and clearing out the same dungeons over and over again out of a misplaced sense of pride.
  9. I know about these already, I just disagree that d3t/SEGA did an awful job. As I say, the HD ports are very much how I'd want to play the originals now- 16:9, with a sympathetic treatment of the original graphics that I love. HD textures if you prefer (or can't bear Dreamcast graphics), but I don't think they're a must. The Dreamcast textures (minus shimmering) are just fine for me.
  10. Same here. Playing Shenmue 2 in Japanese on the DC felt weird after enjoying the English dub. I didn't find the aspect ratio switching distracting at all after the first couple of hours either. The only problem I had with the remaster was that the stealth section was ridiculously dark with the new lighting effects and I ended up blindly stumbling my way to warehouse no. 8 instead. Eh? They look fine to me. I don't mind low-res textures on an eighteen year old game. I came away from the remasters feeling that they were very sympathetic to the originals.
  11. Go for it! I finished the remaster of 1 last night after a week of play and there were so many details I'd forgotten. I'd held off on the remasters as I'd heard horror stories about them but so far they seem like fairly good ports and I wish I'd played them last year.
  12. Okami. I keep re-buying it in sales with each new generation and I still haven't played it. I don't know what's holding me back- maybe I'll finally get around to it on Switch.
  13. Godzilla: King of the Monsters Storytelling as thick as Godzilla's thighs. 1/5.
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