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  1. Patrick Stewart on the prospect of Romulans in Insurrection: Not sure why they've been judged to be effective baddies now. I'm only interested in them without the silly veil of secrecy.
  2. Just finished watching "Eye of the Needle" on Voyager and I find myself enjoying the series more the second time around. The temporal displacement angle could be guessed quite easily but I liked it overall, and the scenes between Kes and the Doctor were sweet. Jury's still out on Janeway but I'm liking Mulgrew more as a captain too. Being isolated by the chain of command wasn't really something I'd given much thought to before, even though we see it in characters like Picard.
  3. And Insurrection. To quote Michael Piller, "two years of my life had been defined simply as 'an odd number'".
  4. This is the controversial opinions thread.
  5. Just watched the Search for Spock. Such a weird film- esoteric Vulcan rites, a tiny one-on-one conflict between ships and a strangely flat ending for the villain. With that said, I really prefer the cunning, intelligent Klingons we see in films like this, instead of the hotheaded, frizzy-haired barbarians TNG kept producing.
  6. We learnt that the hyper-deadly orbital defence system can't shoot straight.
  7. I feel like I have to watch Enterprise after discovering that Tony from Desmond's is one of the crew.
  8. I'm finding the omnipresent score and some of the camera work a bit busy and overbearing. There are times when I'd just like them both to settle down and let a scene "breathe", for want of a better word. By the time you do get around to something dramatic, it just washes over me. Quite liked the church organ during the sliding scene but the rest of it is just aural filler.
  9. There are some people who think that DKR is far superior and get very passionate about it. Passion doesn't stop them from being completely wrong though.
  10. Funnily enough, I played the first Final Fight on XBLA and I was surprised by how much better I thought SoR held up. One of my friends considers this to be utter, barking heresy. Anyway, let's throw some fuel on the fire: Mario Kart 64 is far, far superior to Diddy Kong Racing.
  11. Really surprised at Smash Tennis popping up. Used to play that with my cousin at her house regularly but I haven't heard it talked about much since.
  12. That Ghostbusters sign eerily looks like a massive RRoD in the dark!
  13. Absolutely this, we were obsessed. I have vague memories of watching American Ninja at my friend's place and us spending the rest of the summer doing the 80s equivalent of that Naruto run everywhere, mostly when we'd knock on someone's door and run away. What a bunch of dweebs!
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