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  1. Imagining the poor, beleaguered developer assigned to changing the sellotape on the PS3's back end getting this news after counting down the days, then putting the champagne back on ice and opening the first bottle of scotch.
  2. There are probably a good number of PC MMOs I could pick from but given the lack of subscription fees I'm always surprised that the original Guild Wars is still standing. I keep meaning to get my password reset properly so I can play through some of it again.
  3. Possibly a stupid question but are the 3D printed RTC supports mentioned on MisterFPGA.co.uk a necessity or simply nice to have? Edit: answered my own question- nice to have.
  4. "Expected framerate". Hmm! I hope 1080p/60FPS remains consistent throughout for the Pro and One X. As someone without a new console I'll probably wait for a GotY edition and to see if the VR rumours end up being true.
  5. RE4VR is great for Quest 2 owners but it's unfortunate that it isn't getting a wider PC VR release. Hopefully some modders can step in to fix that with the existing PC version.
  6. Re-watching this for the first time. So many great little moments- the opening line from the DVD of Ben's carcrash interview with Perd Hapley nearly had me in tears, closely followed by his Pawnee Today appearance:
  7. This is enough on its own, really. Throw away the key.
  8. I'd love to know what the "most hidden" games, developers and publishers on DekuDeals are. Having an option to exclude all games from them would probably be helpful. (And if balanced with the number of games they've released, potentially a good indicator of who has released the most crap.)
  9. Casually slipping a HotD remake in there?
  10. It's been on PC for a while.
  11. Thanks. The lift scene is probably all that I remember. I haven't seen the older MCU films since they were released.
  12. Is that something that's actually in the films or did it need clarification? I've completely forgotten what happened in TWS.
  13. Yep, he's removed the listing. He migrated his store over to some new software and hasn't added it again, IIRC.
  14. Being restricted to PAL in 1995 was hard! Quintet had to do some heavy lifting on Square's behalf once I'd finished LttP and realised that a lot of the good stuff was staying import-only. Playing CT now is like a bit of a dream. I keep recognising bits I've only ever pored over in magazines.
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