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  1. Sorry We Missed You (2019) aka Amazon Logistics: The Movie. A sensitive portrayal of a family's struggle with the gig economy, where impermanence and "flexibility" are prized by employers seeking to exploit the workforce to the hilt. Seeing the working classes turning on each other to survive was upsetting. A nauseating highlight was Mahoney's speech about the shareholders erecting a statue of him in the depot, either unwilling to acknowledge or unaware of his Uncle Tom status among the blue collar workers. 3/5.
  2. The Rhythm Section (2020) Blake Lively (!) plays the daughter of a family killed in an air crash that was a terrorist attack covered up by the government. She descends into addiction and prostitution before being contacted by a journalist, picking up the trail and being trained to assassinate the people responsible- Bond/Bourne with a dash of Leon thrown in, basically. Apparently this had a terrible box office performance and bombed but I quite enjoyed it. She fucks up more than once and almost gets herself killed but I liked the fact that she was unpolished and not naturally good at being an assassin. (As Jude Law points out early on, "you're not made for this".) She gets spotted trying to be stealthy, bottles out of a killing and generally behaves like someone far out of their depth. Her revenge is a brutal, Pyrrhic struggle. Lively is surprisingly good although one sequence had her in a disguise that reminded me quite strongly of Philomena Cunk and jolted me out of the experience for a scene or two. 3.5/5.
  3. Someone bought one for my birthday years ago and I never played it because it looked so nice and I already had a silver Micro. Bit shocked to see how much they go for on eBay!
  4. I was in the same boat and they honoured my refund request straight away.
  5. My £5 copy arrived! Enjoying it (as I did TxK on PSTV) but to see Atari plastered everywhere and nary a mention of Jeff or Giles cheesed me off a bit.
  6. Thanks. Almost picked this up on Switch for my wife and I but I think I'll get the Xbox version now.
  7. Perhaps I'm not really expecting particularly good acting from Star Wars but I didn't think she did badly at all. Have to agree with what people are saying about Natalia Tena though, which is a shame.
  8. Not forgetting Before the Storm either. Really loved that.
  9. They never are, are they? Oculus/Facebook have really missed a trick here while everyone's looking for something to occupy them during lockdown; discounts are usually slight at best. A decent sale would get people far more invested in software that'll keep them coming back to the platform.
  10. Likewise. NES Double Dragon II was a Tuesday afternoon fixture throughout childhood- arcades were too expansive and I didn't get to go very often. I'd love to play this compilation but making it digital-only with a £30+ price point is a bit of a shame, especially considering the new localisations.
  11. I got the ZX Spectrum +2 Action Pack for Christmas, which had a disappointing version of Operation Wolf and (thrillingly) Bullseye, included on a multi-pack of tapes. The first game I remember owning and playing was The Colour of Magic though, which my parents bought along with the Spectrum.
  12. His career success continues to baffle me. He has such a mediocre body of work, yet he's given the keys to Star Trek over and over again. Either way, I hope Frakes will direct a few episodes.
  13. Also interested. Is it mostly PAL or imports?
  14. One is a symptom of the other. And I said I largely stopped, not completely. I still look for SNES stuff occasionally but as noted, it's a dwindling market. I'm not "moaning", I've just changed my buying behaviour. I also use my SD2SNES for patches and fan translations, not just for the stated reasons. I also use it to try before I buy, before I put money down. It has paid for itself many times over. I have no problem with differing views, you just choose to be a prick about it- repeatedly. And here we are in another cyclical discussion of yours.
  15. Used to be until I deleted my account! He was lovely to deal with. He accidentally sent me two copies of about five or six different JP Saturn racers and told me to keep the duplicates instead of sending them back.
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