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  1. The little book that came with the Demon's Souls US CE was more or less a printed version of the fan wiki that had built up as a result of the English language Asian import. Bandai Namco can be rather shameless.
  2. DeciderVT

    Monster Boy And The Cursed Kingdom

    I bought mine through their eBay outlet. I really hope you didn't use their website- it's really insecure and I had my card compromised every time I've used it there since the data breach they tried to ignore.
  3. DeciderVT

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    £18 seems like rather optimistic pricing for Dragon's Lair.
  4. Hmm. Not sure how the humour in reducing something as outlandish as trapping ghosts to a blue collar exterminator's job in New York would translate to a group of teenagers doing the same thing. After all, part of the fun is watching a team of discredited losers that have fallen into the job fighting against embarrassment, dwindling finances and a complete lack of credibility... but New York has changed, and I'm not entirely sure that this particular strain of humour would work as well now anyway. (Unless it ends up with Ray remortgaging a house again and only being able to afford a new HQ out in New Jersey now.) It'd feel a bit weird if being a Ghostbuster was portrayed as something other than an occasionally humiliating means to make ends meet- not something a group of teenagers would necessarily be aspiring towards, so I'm already wondering what's going to draw them to the job at such a young age. (Assuming said teenagers are actually going to be the new team...)
  5. At the risk of derailing the thread- Neill Blomkamp's direct Aliens sequel was much worse for this.
  6. Whatever it turns out to be, I'll be spending a good portion of it missing Harold Ramis. I appreciate Egon's dry humour more and more as I get older.
  7. DeciderVT

    Have you ever completely mastered a game?

    Multiplayer? I used to enjoy LP online a lot but I'd dread being thrown into a match mostly consisting of Japanese players. They were seriously good.
  8. DeciderVT

    Have you ever completely mastered a game?

    I was getting similarly high rankings on Trackmania after a couple of days of play. I didn't dedicate much time or energy to it at all, so at the time I concluded that there probably weren't very many people playing.
  9. DeciderVT

    Is the Razer Turret pay to win?

    Does the Xbox One support USB keyboards and mice for the same purpose?
  10. Interesting, because the person I know at Activision who works with Bungie appears to have been taken by surprise and is dismayed, because she's heavily into Destiny and has been a cheerleader for the series. Perhaps the UK wing and the people involved in community outreach would be the last to hear about it.
  11. DeciderVT

    Best one hit wonder of all time

    Pains me to think of White Town as a one-hit wonder as "Your Woman" is such a great song and Jyoti Mishra seems like a really nice guy too. Anyway, I propose Fastball- The Way. I listen to it at least once a month and I don't care if it only reached number 21 in our charts- it's catchy, was widely played and the band never did as well again. Edit: there's a part of me that knows deep down that Babylon Zoo and Spacehog also fit the bill here but I still love those bands and listen to the albums regularly.
  12. DeciderVT

    Mandy - Panos Cosmatos

    It's exclusive to HMV but this also means that you can buy it in Fopp. There's a standard version available if you don't want the VHS packaging.
  13. Before leaping to rubbish Capcom, I'd be interested in hearing why the pitch was rejected- particularly as it uses a character licenced from Disney. Perhaps it would've been too expensive for them to relicence for a new 2D pixel art game?
  14. DeciderVT

    Perfect Films

    I went to see LiT on the day it was released and that final scene and the trip to the airport nearly had me in tears. It felt really odd to see it marketed as a rom-com in a few ads when it became really popular.

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