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  1. Oh no. I rented What We Left Behind this morning and him saying that DS9 changed his life and tearing up at the end brought a lump to my throat.
  2. I'm usually an advocate for neat little self-contained games like this to remain so but I'd love to see some DLC in future. Swimming up the canal to wreak havoc in another village would be fun.
  3. That randomises the order of your games, desyncs a joy con and replaces your profile avatar with a goose picture.
  4. If either of you want to know... Hat: Broom:
  5. That doesn't count repeat playthroughs, lasting forever.
  6. Christ, I'm supposed to be working from home today and all I can think about is this goose. Roll on lunchtime!
  7. Can I be an old fart and use the Switch's NES pad to control this? I've read that it uses extra buttons for item mapping but I could always stick to A and B.
  8. Time for the rabbit hole. Presumably there's a chin strap in there somewhere for 150cc races.
  9. I've always picked Toad for GP, as the fast recovery after some egregious red shell/rubberbanding shenanigans from the CPU was essential.
  10. Yeah, I do. Well, not perfection but still damn good and as I said on here recently, the ending chokes me up more and more every time I rewatch the series because I just love those characters.
  11. Ghost Stories (2017) Some good performances here (Whitehouse and Lawther in particular) but it made some odd choices. 3/5. I'd watch again but not for a long time.
  12. Any word on the UK release date? I keep checking the store page but nothing concrete so far.
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