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  1. Just in case anybody doesn't want to put up with the horrendous, unblockable mobile advertising on that site: props.pdf It opened a video ad within a video ad on my phone, so I was being blasted with two adverts simultaneously.
  2. I have almost all of the first-party Wii-U collector's editions but I regret it a bit now as they basically have a couple of shelves to themselves. I used to have 30% staff discount on this stuff so it used to cost me quite a bit less than usual but it's all space I'm struggling to reclaim now. My wake-up call was this stupid bloody thing: Never again. Glad I managed to sell it in the end.
  3. I keep coming back to this train of thought and it's fine for people like me that grew up discovering fare like Taxi Driver... for a generation raised on the crash-bang-wallop of CGI action figures I have to wonder what the market for smaller films is like now. With that in mind, sleeper hits on streaming services and films like Joker are an interesting intersection between the two and a possible test of the waters as they currently stand.
  4. I don't think it actually exists beyond prototypes yet anyway. Analogue ran a similar pre-order programme to fund development of the original Nt. I'm in the same boat when it comes to the battery. I'd dearly love to use my Eneloops, even if it added extra thickness to the unit.
  5. I'm patient. I waited until the Nt Mini was around and for over a year before I bought a Super Nt or a Mega Sg. I've never had any trouble buying their consoles, really. I don't need the Pocket in May- not that I think that it'll actually be released then. As a company, their stock availability appears to be dictated by whatever one or two things they happen to be focused on and as the Pocket will be their principal system for a while, it should be easy enough to wait and pick one up from subsequent batches. "Haul" culture. I'm frequently astonished by this as well but I often suspect I'm seeing the spoils of a loud and prolifigate minority. I suppose console launches give people enough lead time to sell things and save up if they have to.
  6. I didn't say all of them. With the Mega Sg they sent the wrong units to people who had ordered a specific design and had to recall the first batch of defective Game Gear cart adapters. Minor goofs that have since been rectified but coupled with aforementioned concerns it's enough to give me pause for thought before spending the money.
  7. The little screw ups don't inspire confidence in the first batch of any new hardware but they get there in the end. Hopefully it turns out to be good from launch.
  8. That's a lot of people parting with significant amounts of cash. Is there even footage of one running yet?
  9. One of my favourite film lines ever is "These blocks... are under... arrest!" I used to like the Game Boy one when I couldn't play the SNES version. I had one of those monstrous front-lit magnifiers though, so I could actually see what was going on. One of the worst GB games for clearly separating characters and backgrounds as I recall- they went for detail but the palette was too similar, so it was occasionally an indistinct green mush.
  10. Can't unsee the perma-startled face of Dominic Cummings.
  11. I'll assume you're just being glib here! LiS1(and BtS) had some surprisingly good material about grief and coming to terms with death that I found very relatable. Chloe's storyline with her dad, Joyce and David reminded me a lot of what came up in conversations I'd had with my friends after our parents died over the years. I'm not particularly interested in LiS2 but...
  12. Yeah, I didn't get the impression it was anything other than a throwaway remark.
  13. Not if Rico has been augmented and spent years on Titan.
  14. The 90s version of Mega City One was good though. I used to spend hours reading the "making of" book about it.
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