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  1. Universal have apparently handed the keys of the Dragula to Rob Zombie, with him set to direct a new Munsters movie this year. Unsurprisingly, the usual Zombie stalwarts are involved, with his missus taking the role of Lily Munster and more ridiculously Jeff Daniel Phillips aimed to fill Herman Munster size 26 boots. Suffice to say it sounds pretty dire before it's even started production. https://www.murphysmultiverse.com/exclu-rob-zombie-set-to-helm-the-munsters-film-for-universal/
  2. These are 30 squid on Amazon now. Same price on Curry's eBay shop.
  3. Sega denies any involvement, even as a distributor https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/02/sega_denies_it_has_anything_to_do_with_crazy_taxi_clone_taxi_chaos Aaand it doesn't look that great
  4. Annual subscriptions were free in December anyway. I meant to post about it at the time, but I was going to make sure there wasn't some catch. Then I completely forgot about it. This has reminded to use it at least.
  5. Wise fwom you gwave! The FMV has been remastered and upscaled by some fans. More here.
  6. To play it you either need a dev kit, modded 360 or you can use an emulator. Edit: also mentioned in the Goldeneye thread in Discussion. Probably best to talk about it there.
  7. A (guaranteed) share of revenue from an unreleased Mega Drive version of Dragon's Lair? I'm not sure whose responsibility it is to release it though. Do they even have rights to sell a Dragon's Lair game now, let alone sell it on to someone else? I'm not sure of anything as it's all a bit vague of what it is you're getting for anything. There's separate categories for games and apps. At least with the apps you've got somewhere to sell them. I don't know what you're supposed to do with your Breakout clone, Batty if you buy that. Based on the username and an assumption made from the Twitter bio, it looks like it might be Gary Liddon.
  8. Hasbro owns "Battleship". Elite are offering "Battleships", which doesn't appear to be trademarked in any form (to my surprise, as I thought that's what it was commonly called). "Blue Thunder", on the other hand, has been registered for "Computer game software for personal computers and home video game consoles". It's for some gambling software, but I don't think that makes any difference.
  9. Certainly looks that way. It's even made Ted Cruz agree with AOC.
  10. I added it to RetroArch on my Switch last year, but it would appear I haven't used that since June. https://retroachievements.org/user/robotattack
  11. Comparison between the different TR1s. For the most part I prefer Core's vision for the remake than what we ended up with. Ho hum.
  12. Some more videos. It still doesn't really appeal to me, but it's not the hot mess I expected. User interface deep dive: Unboxing, looking at the packaging and hardware:
  13. The files for the Core version of Tomb Raider Anniversary have been put on archive.org and a patch needs to be run. More info: https://www.tomb-of-ash.com/trae-indy-build/ I wouldn't bother watching the first video with sound unless you like comedy sound effects.
  14. An early prototype of Sonic the Hedgehog has been discovered and released on Hidden Palace: https://hiddenpalace.org/News/Dreams_Come_True:_Sonic_1_(MD)_Prototype This is the version with things like Robotnik's wrecking ball being used as an obstacle in Green Hill, "UFO's" in Marble Garden and Sonic punching the air when you jump after hitting the sign post. These were shown in early screenshots and even featured in the background of Wayne's World! The next issue of Retro Gamer is going to have a feature about the discovery of it.
  15. Mike's out, so no more James & Mike Mondays. James acknowledges he couldn't make AVGN without the Screenwave Slobs because he hasn't got time to do his job.
  16. I've just spoken to my dad's friend's uncle's neighbour who works at Sony and he said it's definitely happened because of your threat.
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