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  1. Thanks. I'm surprised that seemingly nothing has been filmed for it though. The reason Coogan was let off was specifically because he said a load of people wouldn't be able to find alternative work if they couldn't film him driving around the country for a travelogue. I can't imagine Coogan would have purposely deceived the court to avoid a driving ban.
  2. Incidentally, what happened to 'And Did Those Feet, With Alan Partridge', the travelogue that handily saved Coogan from a driving ban? https://www.theguardian.com/culture/2019/aug/13/alan-partridge-saves-steve-coogan-from-lengthy-driving-ban
  3. Well, it wasn't officially released by whoever owns the IP now (Warner Bros?), so I guess that makes it a leak. One of the 4chan threads and Wikipedia says Jason Scott uploaded them. I've got no idea where he got them from though.
  4. I'd assume it's still in development, but I can't find anything recent about it, so who knows. It's a good job I'd forgotten about it, otherwise it would have been like waiting for Street Fighter 2 to be released. On a totally unrelated note, I did find this conversion of Toki that's currently in development from another group.
  5. Bit late to the part on this as it was released over a week ago. It's all on GitHub. There was a post on Mameworld that has since disappeared, but Google still has a cache of it. There's some stuff about it on 4chan, but you can find that yourself. It appears to have led to these discoveries:
  6. This random YouTuber is playing it at the moment. Looking at the comments it might be buggy?
  7. Meant to post this the other day. The most interesting probably being this More: https://officeoffline.co.uk/index.php?/topic/31254-timesplitters-2/&do=findComment&comment=13130921
  8. Does Jiminy Cricket break your fingers every time you tell a lie?
  9. I got there after 45 hours and have been mopping up since. I’m now 133 hours in with one known mission to do (that appears to be borked) and two cyberpsychos that seemingly need to be discovered. But I know someone that platinumed it in 85 hours, so don’t use my experience as a gauge. I did take it quite slowly at the start, attempting to kill stealthily, but now I just go in all guns blazing as I just want to get it over with.
  10. It's being released on PS4, but it's only the PS5 version that's free on PSPlus.
  11. Either that or a link cable, I would guess.
  12. I'm actually tempted by the £1,500 tier, but I don't think I can justify it
  13. Book coming out in November from Read Only Memory, co-authored by Dom
  14. Only a teaser available at this point
  15. It's on NowTV now (or Now now as they're going through a rebranding process). Runtime is 3h 52m. There's no intro from Snyder. Has anything else been cut? Edit: Not 3:52. That would be one hell of an edit.
  16. Technically it's 1.37:1. Snyder has apparently become a fan of the format since shooting IMAX scenes for BvS. There's more about it here.
  17. The troll came first. That isn't any different from Five Star being asked why they're so fucking crap on Going Live.
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