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  1. And a couple of others. Can we get him to slip in a bummed in the gob?
  2. 'ow's about that then. Goodness gracious. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-58699058.amp
  3. Someone's getting a bit big for his boots
  4. Currently only available to Patreons... £170 for just the board, £454.80 for the "deluxe" kit that has everything including the DE10-Nano. Edit: Files for printing the case are here: https://www.prusaprinters.org/prints/75605-mister-multisystem-classic-gaming-console-3d-print They're encouraging people to adapt or design their own. Or even print and sell this one. They weren't intending on providing the case, but there was a lot of demand for it.
  5. Anything that runs Doom and you can load the wad into, presumably. There's a homebrew port on the 3DS called PRDoom.
  6. He followed it up with the A-bike, of which you can still buy the electric version of now. http://a-bike.co.uk/
  7. There is a mobile version of Lemmings, although I'm not sure Sony had any involvement with it, or just licensed it out. There's a different publisher name on it now than there was when it was released. That was okay, if a little too simplified. I think mobile is the perfect format for Lemmings, but they messed about with it so items used energy to try and entice people into buying IAPs.
  8. Wasn't sure if it was worth having as it had been mentioned in here. It doesn't seem like something we're going to be craving or talking about for ages. If a mod wants to unhide it they can.
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