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  1. Maybe they've actually got Chris Pratt to don a Mario costume and he'll be superimposed into the CGI world.
  2. 3D renders of him have been fairly consistent since Sunshine. I can't find a decent image of just 3D renders to illustrate that, so this Hodge podge of images I nicked off Reddit will have to do. I would include 64 in that, but images from that era weren't totally consistent, which is fine as it was still the early days of 3D. @Alex W.'s suggestion of it looking like a costume pretty much nails it. I'm sure it will look fine in motion; it just looks unnecessarily different.
  3. Recognisable as Mario (obvs), but as pointed out in this comparison it looks off (I don't know why that is marked as potentially sensitive). For me it's the eyes and the shape of the face.
  4. Not BCS-related, but Vince is writing a new show with Rhea as the lead.
  5. Details are below. It will be available to watch up until 28 days after the event.
  6. Is it out on the high seas? It's not meant to be out until the end of the month.
  7. Just to clarify, it's referring to the weight Edit: might have helped to include the tweet
  8. I laughed too thinking that was it. They should have left a longer gap before the trailer to proper troll everyone.
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