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  1. I already mentioned Gameboy Tennis and Golf, they just never get added to the big list.
  2. "However, the new features weren't welcomed by all, and it is believed by some (though we find it slightly dubious) that when a townsman claims 'I am Error', it is really Shigeru Miyamoto holding his hands up and admitting that he misjudged the move to the new perspective" http://www.planetnintendo.com/zelda/2about.shtml
  3. In laymens terms the site fucked up.
  4. I think he was given the game instead of a copy of the magazine. Emphasis on the "I think". :s
  5. They're the same company, or at least "parent" company AFAIK. I tried the asking at the counter thing at my local Comet today but the assistant told me that "163333" was not a valid product code. Could be that it just dose'nt come up if they don't have stock though, as she searched for it by name too with no joy. Currys is part of the Dixons Group plc; Comet is part of Comet Group plc.
  6. I was thinking of asking that earlier, and after looking at the cover I came to the same conclusion that you could "be" Mario by playing it as he'd presumably be the one on Yoshi's back. Unless it's meant to be you of course. Or me for that matter. Did he appear in Wario Woods anywhere? He was in 3 PC "games" too: Mario's FUNdamentals, Super Mario Bros. & Friends: When I Grow Up, Super Mario Bros. Print World
  7. Yes. Yes there was... The Graphic Adventure Creator. Bugged to jiggery fuck, but I've still got loads of old half-completed adventure games in hand-drawn cassette inlays. I once borrowed a version of that (I think it was that one anyway) for the Amstrad from my local library. Ironically the copy protection was so buggered that I couldn't actually get the thing to work. (It came with one of those stupid filters that you put over the screen to descramble words on it). It was free on a covertape with Amstrad Action; you should have got that. They also had a contest to design a game with it and the winning game, 'Who's Afraid Of The Balrog?', was featured on a future covertape.
  8. Yeesh, how did I managed to forget that? That Donkey Kong game (that Guru Meditation Error also mentioned) was called "Donkey Kong". And going by the boxes and descriptions Mario's been in all four of the Game & Watch Gallery games. (I looked it up as you rotten bunch wouldn't say for me. )
  9. A GOSUB routine would have been perfectly useable in Sinclair BASIC (probably).
  10. Wrecking Crew Cameos in (So they may or may not count): Alleyway, Pinball, F-1 Race, Kirby Super Star, Stunt Race FX, Super Play Action Football, Qix, Super Scope 6, Donkey Kong Jr., Punch Out, Sim City, Game Boy Camera, Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, Wario Ware edit: Actually Wario Ware is a cameo too.
  11. Mario's Early Years, Mario is Missing!, Mario's Time Machine
  12. Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2 (AKA Lost Levels), Super Mario Brothers Special (the one Rev. Stu "found")...
  13. There's also Super Mario Deluxe. on the Gameboy. Yoshi's Island (baby Mario). The Mario Golf and Tennis games on the N64. The Cement Factory Game & Watch game (if it counts). And how many of the Game & Watch Gallery games has he appeared in? I can't be bothered to do a search.
  14. And that's a thought, do all the Advance conversions count as seperate games?
  15. ..ist that the same game? Mario Bros. is the one they include on all the Mario Advance carts (which pre-dates Super Mario Bros.) And without putting any thought into it the Mario Golf and Tennis games, and Golf and Tennis on the Gameboy come to mind...
  16. It's a "vehicle-based game" codenamed 'Avalon' by Climax. And wouldn't the first "official" game announced for PS3 be GTA4 as it's development for the was console was confirmed months ago?
  17. Bah, and Play It still don't have anything about it on their site either: http://www.justplayit.com/html/ps1/robocod.htm
  18. It's meant to be out before Christmas but they were still testing it on the 27th November: http://gamewaredevelopment.co.uk/forums/sh...193&postcount=2 :s I've known about it for months and who's publishing it, but have yet to see a definite release date for it. It's meant to feature "enhancements" and "an entirely new set of level maps" too. I see they're planning on wrecking his look for a PS2/Xbox game too:
  19. play.com sells a (dock-less) USB charger cable for £5.99: http://www.play.com/play247.asp?pa=sb&page...BA&title=115612
  20. wip3out wasn't the only one that was renamed either, as wipEout 2097 was called wipEout XL in the States. Probably to stop the Americans from getting confused and asking "what happened to the other 2095 sequels?" 8) And I'd bet half a chocolate digestive that the Special Edition of wip3out never got an NTSC release.
  21. And "dumb Americans" wouldn't realise it was the third game. Maybe.
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