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  1. The description above and the specs below were supposedly found on a page on Rockstar's site that has either been deleted or never existed in the first place. The same user posted some background images for the games that they allegedly found in the Rockstar launcher. I meant to post this earlier but I went to the loo and then forgot.
  2. It was commissioned for BBC O... oh, that was a joke, wasn't it?
  3. https://hackinformer.com/2021/10/10/hidden-sega-saturn-emulator-inside-nintendo-switch-cotton-guardian-force-saturn-tribute/
  4. Not really the audience for it, is he? He also gave The Mandalorian 2/5
  5. What could this mean for Doctor Who? Nothing?
  6. They've got the release date down as 31st December 2021, so I'd say it's definitely a placeholder. They've gone in high to try and cover themselves.
  7. The developed Crackdown 2, but a lot of the team worked on Crackdown when they were at Realtime Worlds.
  8. (There is a recording of it in the replies)
  9. There's a fan and vent holes on the side of the case. At 7:28 there's a demonstration of the temperature of the case using heat sensitive filament. The thumbnail shows it after it's being heated with a hairdryer.
  10. And a couple of others. Can we get him to slip in a bummed in the gob?
  11. 'ow's about that then. Goodness gracious. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-58699058.amp
  12. Someone's getting a bit big for his boots
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