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  1. My first 2. Got lucky with the first word. Wordle 217 2/6
  2. And Loading Bar, but that doesn't have many coin-ops, or any in the case of the Peckham one. http://loading.bar/
  3. There's also Las Vegas Arcade Soho in London which has a few import Japanese machines. You'll have to look at the gallery as the page with the list of machines doesn't appear to exist. https://www.lasvegasarcadesoho.co.uk/gallery/
  4. Southend has got Astro City which has free play sessions for a couple of hours on Fridays and Saturdays for £5. It's not quite Arcade Club, but they have a pretty decent selection of machines. https://www.astrocityamusements.co.uk/Whatsonfreeplay It's in the town centre rather than the seafront. I meant mention it in that thread about the arcade being for sale but I never got around to it.
  5. Aye, it's gone. Edit: it was mostly only ticket machines anyway, so not a great loss. Although they did get some Mario Kart VR machines just before Covid hit.
  6. Al's statement: Edit: Somewhat interestingly it's being co-written and directed by Eric Appel who previously created this joke trailer for a fictional film of the same title starring Aaron Paul: IF YOU'VE SKIPPED THE REST OF THE TEXT, THIS ISN'T THE TRAILER FOR THE FILM IN THE TITLE
  7. I started writing yesterdays progression, then forgot to go back to it Wordle 211 4/6 Wordle 212 3/6
  8. "Rhino" has said they're still working on it, but won't give any dates. Anyway, I think it's perfectly feasible for Batman Group to pull it off. Their plan is for it to run off a cartridge, which would help aid whatever trickery they're using as well as a "lite" version that runs off disk.
  9. I'm going to blame autocorrect, but it might have been my stupid brain syndrome causing me to type a similar sounding word. I've corrected it now.
  10. I forgot to add yesterday's (not that I expect anyone to give a shit)
  11. Wordle 203 4/6 Edit: Should have done that in three, now I look at it again. Made a mistake.
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