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  1. Nintendo taking them do would mean they acknowledge they exist
  2. Laurence Fox is free for work at the moment.
  3. I've got a permanent dotted line appear on the screen. I've only switched it on about six times and haven't touched it for about a month. I was waiting until I applied a screen protector which I've been too lazy to do until now. There's also some dust under the screen, which isn't something I'd expect from something released in 2020.
  4. Is it time for the often suggested rllmuk team to make its debut on Only Connect? I'm not putting myself forward BTW, unless you only want a team member that will likely only contribute in the "easy" Missing Vowels round.
  5. Coincidentally I started playing it at the weekend. I haven't made much progress though as I've got four PC games on the go at the moment. I do remember really enjoying it on the PS2 though and I'm not sure why I didn't complete it (other than having the same short attention span I have now).
  6. Remember, remember the 27th of November
  7. That was my other thought, but didn't fit with the mention of the boy/young male. And as @erhgiez says, I thought they'd remember controlling multiple characters. I haven't played that either.
  8. Assuming you haven't got your answer, you could try https://www.reddit.com/r/tipofmyjoystick
  9. I'm sure Christopher Lloyd would be happy to be remembered as a young man when he was in his late fifties.
  10. I was thinking it could be that too, but I've never played it (despite owning the trilogy on GOG), so wasn't going to chime in until someone else mentioned it. Crazy. I recognise the artwork, but don't remember the game at all. Or maybe I'm confusing it with King's Quest VII
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