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  1. More likely their marketing person couldn't come up anything headline grabbing for Christmas, so they've recycled this shit instead. (Yes, I realise you were joking. )
  2. Among the most interesting things is that some of the stages have different music, which is music that appears in the PC port 'Sonic & Knuckles Collection'. Up until now it was thought music was hastily put together for the PC version rather than being created for the original game. https://hiddenpalace.org/News/Sonic_Month_Part_5_-_Before_Hard_Times_-_Sonic_3_(MD) https://hiddenpalace.org/Sonic_the_Hedgehog_3_(Nov_3,_1993_prototype) https://retronauts.com/article/1380/sonic-the-hedgehog-3s-soundtrack-saga-adds-another-chapter?amphtml=1
  3. At that resolution, it's closer to the Game Gear version.
  4. Technically not AVGN related, but it features James, a N64 controller, a NES controller and some covers and carts of games, so kind of fits here.
  5. The Not So Angry Video Game Nerd
  6. https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/the-time-is-right-for-timesplitters-4/
  7. Currently £15.99 at Amazon for Prime customers Edit: Aaaand it's currently at 100% fulfilment
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