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  1. It does support Bluetooth (as well as the Xbox wireless protocol) but your second point still stands. You'll be able to connect it to your phone and Xbox, but not PS4/5
  2. How is it on console @Mr. Gerbik? I played through what I think was the majority of PoE on a laptop but never finished it and don't really like to play at a desk on the whole. Played through the entirety of Divinity Original Sin 2 on a pad and loved it, but recently struggled to get into Wasteland 3 because the control of your characters/cursor just feels really floaty and imprecise. DOS2 really nails the feeling of direct control over your characters movement out of combat I think. Waiting to see if Wasteland 3 gets patched to the point where I can just bea
  3. Don't think Bluestacks for Mac has controller support https://support.bluestacks.com/hc/en-us/articles/360039923351-How-to-use-PS4-controller-in-BlueStacks-4#comment-5107763901
  4. Still 30 right now. The back compat team haven't released any of these 30 -> 60 updates yet. There's a tweet from beardy Xbox man somewhere saying 'soon'. EDIT - https://twitter.com/jronald/status/1325816726404149251?s=20
  5. Put me in the club of people who can't tell the difference between 60/120 fps. The difference between 30 and 60 is night and day for me but that jump to 120 is pretty much imperceptible, although I'm still holding out hope that I'm just missing something! If you're after a 3D game, the Master Chief Collection is all 120fps now, played through the entirety of Halo CE and it certainly felt smooth, but smoother than 60fps? My eyes must be old.
  6. After not seeing quick resume work at all for about the first week or so, it now works pretty consistently between all but one of the games I'm playing. Gears 5, FH4 and Vermintide 2 all work perfectly and it really is a brilliant QoL improvement. Sea of Thieves seems to start from scratch each time but then we're usually setting up new games anyway so it's not much of a bother. I have a feeling, based on nothing technical, that MS might be relying on quick resume for the normal rest mode itself too. Save the game state to the SSD when console is put to sleep, load that s
  7. This is brilliant, agree with the comments about quick resume. Combined with that Sat Nav lady who just points you to the nearest race, makes everything just feel slick.
  8. Out of interest, how are you finding the Stealth 600 on Series S|X? Still looking to pick up a headset and the gen 2 version of those TB ones seem pretty reasonably priced. Still look perhaps a little too gamer-y for my tastes but if they sound good then I'd be tempted.
  9. Ah, I did spot there was an update for Gears 5 yesterday. Maybe that fixed the quick resume, didn't get a chance to play. Yeah, loading Gears from scratch only particularly stings because of the un-skippable splash screens!
  10. Yeah it's an odd one. Quick resume is definitely disabled for Gears 5 at the moment, whenever I switch to and from it, it loads up from scratch. Yet sometimes when I put the console to sleep after playing, next time I start up it'll load up to exactly where I left it. But not always, and I can't work out why. Right now it's a bit of a regression coming from PS4 where there was no quick resume but if you only ever played one game, at least you knew it'd put you right back into that game after turning the console back on. Hopefully it'll all get ironed out.
  11. Add in USB-C charging to that and it's what I'm after too. It just doesn't exist right now does it?
  12. Anyone else experienced audio syncing issues on XSX for this? Only seems to happen in cut-scenes, or perhaps that's where it's most noticeable, but the audio and visuals / lip syncing is way off. It's really annoying but I'm enjoying the campaign otherwise!
  13. This is great! Not into sims at all so set all the driving assist options to 'easy' for now for a more arcadey feel. Any recommendations as to what to slowly turn off as I improve would be appreciated. I love how the assist options are separate to difficulty settings too. It also looks stunning and is just lovely and chill. Unlocked my first house, and got a Ford Focus and Suburu Impreza to park in the drive.
  14. Seems to effectively be a paid demo for Bright Memory Infinite due sometime in 2021 https://www.purexbox.com/news/2020/10/xbox_series_fps_bright_memory_1_0_is_a_very_affordable_launch_title
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