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  1. EU PS4 codes. DKL2-C4N8-TCDR 4C63-TBNJ-LMD5
  2. I placed my order with shopto on the 22nd of Feb and I'm still waiting on a tracking number. Hopefully we will get an email today!
  3. After reading that, I think I'll keep my collectors guide on order.
  4. I was hoping the guide would improve my skills rather than show me how to complete the game. I've completed it on normal twice now - first run to complete and the second for the platinums. Believe me, attempting not to play Bayonetta this last week in the hope the guide would appear has been pretty difficult!
  5. Well my Bayonetta guide on Play has changed from 'Waiting for Stock' to 'Preordered'. Clicked on the order details and it shows an 8th March release date? Placed the order on the 19th of January. Been holding off playing the game again until I got the guide but looks like I'm going to cancel as I was hoping to finish the game completely before the end of Feb. Got FFXIII, Yakuza and Red Dead Redemption to play in March so I'll be starting Bayonetta on hard this weekend.
  6. Any idea when the complete guide is getting released? I ordered from Play ages ago but the release date has been pushed back a few times. Now showing as 'awaiting stock'.
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