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  1. A Matter of Life and Death (1946) – More4 11.20am ********** Going to really disappointed if this isn't mindblowing now! your reputation is on the line...
  2. donkface


    I prefer the 05-09 version of that table which you can find at http://www.transferleague.co.uk/ I dont post here much but thought some may be interested in a level headed and superbly written blog floating high in a sea of shitty opinions. http://aculturedleftfoot.wordpress.com/ sorry if its a re-post!
  3. donkface

    The Punk Thread

    Dont know if anyone here might have heard of the recently split up 'The Skallywags' but they were an east london band of punk/ska mentalists who normally ended their gigs covered in blood, glass and alcohol. Unfortunately they had zero organisation skills and little is known about them hence I dont think you can buy anything unless you contact them through their myspace (changed their name to a third warning just before split). I thought they were fucking awesome live and they had some epic rock and roll charisma going on. plenty of melody but very edgey. Such a shame they were never backed properly because I really felt they could have blown up if they reached a wider audience. This is the only decent video of them but check out the myspace also. http://www.myspace.com/athirdwarningmusic
  4. was loving the mark fry folk so gonna have to add some more starting with some slightly eccentric belly dancing
  5. There is a well polished gas lamp killer mix tape he did for stones throw. A bit of dj shadow style genre crossing like but obviously more modern. http://www.stonesthrow.com/store/mixtape/s...s-heliocentrics Looks like he's just got a new one out too (podcast 44).
  6. certainly travesty status if he loses to colin firth... (haven't seen the film tbf just find him particularity dull) or george clooney for that matter. as he is clearly just playing 'george clooney' 90% of the time not a big hurt locker fan either but wouldn't mind if best director went that way. she is a girl after all. bless go team jeff! - oh shit morgan freeman...
  7. really hope avatar doesn't win anything other than technical nominations... it was just fern gully in 3D Up looks like the strongest contender in the best film category to me. makes way for a wes anderson oscar then... also would love to see jeff bridges get something as he just deserves it for being such a beautiful man. Crazy heart beheld some magical glints in his eye although probably not enough
  8. ahh what a bunch of science snobs! Considering that the program was trying to give perspective on how the origins of life may have evolved from random patterns forming in the constant energy fluxes in the universe I think it did rather well! There is no right answer just yet so to say its wrong and bullshit is a bit lame. Some elements were clearly weaker than others (didn't agree so much with the evolution models part) but these are very complex and abstract ideas that they were trying to show are 'somehow' connected. I thought it was an extremely astute (and rare) attempt to explain how the mathematical and chemical forces of the universe are able to breathe life into organisms out of building block minerals alone.... you certainly don't get to see that everyday. There were some incredibly brilliant stand alone concepts which are not being discussed here due to a few weaker sections tainting the program as a whole. Evolution requires that we lose some of the dead weight and refine our points... for anyone who hasn't seen it please don't write this off as entirely badly informed! Bastion - I thought it was one of most mind opening science programs I have ever seen so I guess we both just have shit taste hey?
  9. sorry I had to quit early last night, had limited playing time and couldnt be arsed waiting for 5-10 mins between each game to match players. will be around in the future tho for some longer sessions so dont be shy of my mad skills... cheers!
  10. on this pretty much every night, wlecome any random invites to whatever games. im fairly useful DELFIN VEGAH XBL (dont be put off by the silly name ! )
  11. copy. I'm not sure how to get started with this but am certainly keen to tag up with some less idiotic players so please someone invite me. Have been pretty addicted to this recently so am online daily in the evenings. racked up 4days experience so can hold my own... cheers! DELFIN VEGAH (XBOX)
  12. I wear glasses so do the 3D specs work on top of them? are they designed to do this or is this going to be stupidly awkward?
  13. think i just let out a little bit of wee
  14. donkface


    hmm just skimmed through the first 30 mins and it feels pretty cinamatic and well paced but definately a bit more 80s than i remember! still reckon im going to enjoy it. you gotta love the hanibal style cigar smoking whilst cracking skulls. not sure if I can take his chunky blond locks seriously with this weedy japanese voice though. I think I'll look out for a badly dubbed american version for extra cheekyness... certainly not something I would normally do but it feels right on this one! is the series any better/different? guess its a bit outdated now but the film has a certain magic which appeals to me.
  15. donkface


    ah hah! hope this is as good as I remember.... looking forward to revisting! cheers!
  16. donkface


    hiya, im trying to hunt down a film I saw late one night about 8 years ago on TV... Involved a bushy haired blond space cowboy who was a bit of a surfer dude. Apart from being a lady killer, and one man destroyer of armies he had a secret weapon in which his arm would turn into this planet destroying super gun. It was hidden most of the time and seemed like a normal arm. i think he only unleaches it later in the movie... any ideas??
  17. been making use of the resources of the rllmuk film area for a few months now so guess its about time I contributed. Dont think these two 2008 gems have been mentioned before?: Who is KK Downey? www.whoiskkdowney.com This is basically a Canadian indy (dark?) comedy about twenty something wannabes who are trying to make a name for themselves in the scenester art world of whatever little town they come from. It would seem on the surface to not have much depth but its brilliantly quirky with a good eye for little comedy absurdities. The characters are all unique and fairly strong while the plot is constantly evolving and well paced. Considering the budget I think its production values (sharp editing in particular) are great but most of all its that hand made feel to the film that really gets you involved. It has a lot of heart and thus feels naturally funny and unforced. I LOL'd quite a lot in duration which is fairly rare for me but I would say the script could have been a bit more witty in places. Great fun. What Doesn't Kill you http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1133991/ Mark Ruffalo and Ethan hawk steal the show here as two 'gritty' criminals who are trying to make a living in south Boston. In and out of crime Ruffalo is trying to break the mould and not get dragged down with his hard lined buddy but his family have needs and the scene is thus set for a terrific internal battle as we see a likeable character slowly fuck his life up and put his family at risk. All sounds a bit familiar you may think but I thought the film was truly authentic and carries a bittersweet brooding atmosphere throughout. Some really top quality performances thoughout and all in all a very well balanced film that manages to keep the shout at the screen love/hate battle in full swing. Thought it was one off the best new films I've seen in years on first impression but probably need to revisit. Oh yeah - based on a true story.
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