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  1. Excellent work everyone. I most impressed by everyone’s dedication. I can’t finish anything, ever.
  2. I remembered this thread after posting in the GW thread. So sorry for the spamming! I’m selling a few bits staring with some flesh eater courts minis from the mortal realms mag I’ve started a thread in trading if anyone is interested.
  3. It’s all academic really, this primer talk. What you are supposed to do is just keep buying the models and not actually paint anything!
  4. I’ve just ordered a compressor, I don’t know why as I spend more time looking at minis on Instagram than I do painting. Hopefully this will get me painting more. Just like the desk I bought. And the sable brushes. I live in hope.
  5. On the pile of shame with the rest of the unpainted ones?
  6. Finally finished something! So at this rate my shadespire warband should be done by 2023?
  7. I am entering into a new era of focused and productive painting. I know have a permanent set up. Although in reality I suspect it just means I’ll start more projects to not finish!
  8. I’ve been back painting for the last 4 years. I’ve not finished as many as you! I have got a huge pile of plastic though. Thats what’s it’s about innit?
  9. MrEm

    Pokemon Go

    It keeps bring up an error message when I try to add you. Can you add me ? 3753 26093380 ta!
  10. MrEm

    Pokemon Go

    That was me, I’ll send it again. It’s appreciated, need it to finish a research.
  11. I’m dying to see him with his top knot. It’s magnificent in my mind!
  12. It has reminded though of another project I started and still haven’t finished. Life was simpler when I was 12 and had no cash. I painted every mini I owned, no pile of shame back then!
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