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  1. Anyone still watching this? I'm still very much enjoying it! This week's (S02E16) was pretty cool!
  2. I thought 'the pattern' was explained as it being the weak spots between the two universes (i.e. the places were amber was used in the other universe), these spots were where the laws of physics etc. broke down and then all the cases were more likely to happen?
  3. Tommo


    Really great episode! I think it's been a bit of a up and down season due to the Howard Overman not writing all the episodes like he did in Season 1 & 2 (that's what wikipedia says anyway). Potential Season 4 spoiler:
  4. Yeah I agree, the last half of the season I really got into it too. Definitely wanted more when it hit the last episode! Good thing it's been recommissioned for a second series next year!
  5. Great stuff again this week! I can see this building to a fantastic season finale again!
  6. So that's what this is all about...! I noticed that Eurogamer had it in their rss feed http://rss.feedsportal.com/feed/eurogamer/news But if you click the link all you get is http://www.eurogamer.net/404.php. So a story that Nintendo's had pulled?!
  7. http://www.eurogamer.net/article_discussio...omment_start=50 From the comments section on eurogamer... Oh dear... If that's true then it might well be a while! Quite a massive error indeed...! EDIT: Edited as I confused Tyler making it sound like Eurogamer had reported the quote, but it's just a copy and paste of a comment from their comments section!
  8. I wonder whether it has even been tested if the game signs you out of live as soon as it boots up!
  9. Is this a bug in the graphics?! The reflection of the biker is 'reflected' in the side mirror, but not in the main mirror?! Or am I being a spanner?
  10. Anyone on now playing this? 'Tommo H' is my gamertag.
  11. I'm sure they would have been contractually obliged to be in the show together (they're twins, surely the reason they got the gig in the first place). Also, it'd be stupid for one twin to leave, and not the other; they'd find it pretty hard to get a new job I'd imagine. I just THANK GOD that their mum isn't coming back (as Justin is off to see her instead), I hate that woman.
  12. That they have two months until it has to be ready and launched?
  13. Hearing Joe's phone ringing from his body bag was DARK as. Shown before the watershed? Hell yeah! So there's 5 body bags, Joe, Olivia, Mel. Who else was in there? (I'm kinda hoping it'll just be randoms, just to make it a little more 'real'). I actually thought they'd pandered to what people were saying and just killed the ugly twin. Then couldn't believe that the two of them wouldn't have been on a joint contract acting or something. Looks like they were. Goodbye Sophie too! Crikey, even the glassing of Sam on the back of the head before he blew the place up too! Awesome episode all roun
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