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  1. I've yet to play this but I read an article that the random gender/race/nob size tied perminantly to your Steam ID is now live. This is so genius I'll have to buy it at some point in tribute. I'd be horribly disappointed if certain parts of the internet aren't melting under the weight white straight male anguish right now.
  2. That's ages away! Still, might have my gfx card working again by then.
  3. I really enjoy watching this at the weekend despite being rubbish for the reasons people rightly point out. Strange! Looking forward to the Wonder Woman film now as well.
  4. I'm still not feeling the trailers for this. It's all 'epic' quick cut CGI fest. Still, Duncan Jones. Please be good! I'm still not feeling the trailers for this. It's all 'epic' quick cut CGI fest. Still, Duncan Jones. Please be good!
  5. I like the effort this guy has gone to compared to the other two hoaxers, "Lets see what traction I can gain with this..."
  6. Samsung are already working on headphones that trick your vestibular system. Can't think of a witty headline: http://www.theverge.com/2016/3/14/11220836/samsung-etrim-4d-headphones-movement-vr-inner-ear
  7. FX guide have posted a series of ILM interviews, which is interesting if you want to understand how they did it all with models, puppets and matte painting with a tiny amount of CG. <cough> 2100 shots. Has some really nice explodey cutaway / comp layers inbetween some of the talking heads that are begging to be turned into .gifs by someone who knows how to do such things.
  8. Nvidia are providing a mode where each card renders the view for each eye. Devs still have to support that though.
  9. The corridor monster scene was the worst in the movie for me, and that was even before the monsters turned up. Ford looked doddery and the whole setup and crap space pirates made it feel like Red Dwalf. Think someone pointed out in another post, the monster obliterating the pirates but then taking Finn for a trip round the ship is rubbish. Totally ruins the tension more than the CG does. Thankfully the film recovers quickly with the nice Rey/Solo fixing the Falcon bit.
  10. The massive Snoke hologram really didn't help the design look anymore interesting. Hopefully he looks all twisted and knackered in person like the Emperor in Jedi (his makeup is Sith was crap).
  11. That's what i thought as I watched it. Ren opened her mind to how the force worked when he force torchered her.
  12. I've been watching various DC cartoons with my daughter. I never read much DC when I was younger, but based on these the DC universes are all full of arsehole superheros. I probably be fairly forgiving of this as a result.
  13. Yep, all CG. The prequels are full of brave/stupied techical decisions like that. Can't wait for a TFA behind the scenes stuff. Things like the Falcon escape and the look of Starkiller Base are great.
  14. This isn't true. In '99, the complexity and quantity of effects was unheard of. Some of it didn't work and some of it's dated badly, but the production techniques they established led to the quality of effects we see in modern films like TFA.
  15. Sawyer acted as a consultant on 3 and has a history of porting Elites. According to Wikipedia, Atari didn't pay for his consultancy.
  16. The Aperture logo on one of the robot arms. ????
  17. Delivery missions can be a bit of a pita in horizons. For space missions you could avoid picking up ones with long journey times. For surface ones, you can't always buy exploration data for a target settlement.
  18. Why's that? You can't provide a full vr stereo live feed if that's what you're thinking. The fact that the camera is a couple of inches in front of your eyes would make it horrible. A floating peak window is all we'll get until real-time scene reconstruction is possible.
  19. You can repair and refuel using materials you gather in the buggy.
  20. I love Quiddich or what his name is. He's such a total badass. Running outside shooting without a mask, the coffee cup tree bombing, running through an exploding ship to a mesh. Great stuff.The main problem I had with the first film was the outsider becomes a native plot element is pretty tired. That shouldn't be a problem in the sequels.
  21. I know little about programming or game development specifically, but seems like they have a very good pipeline for making builds of the game. Who else does another not exactly small round of beta changes the day before release? They do seem to have calmed down a little on pumping out releases for Horizons too.
  22. As I'm a hopeless slave to I instructions I did both those things. "Here you go Mr Vader". I was a terribly polite child.
  23. I'm not sure why people thought this wouldn't look good. Every Roland whatshisface film has great high concept visuals. It'll probably have quite a serious issue or point about humanity and our environment running through the theme. And be as daft and cheesy as possible.
  24. The moment I hear a monkey scream I'd be out!
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