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  1. 25yrs ago I was the greatest Goldeneye player within a 0.3 mile radius. Online matchmaking better not drive a tank through my mental image of past glories.
  2. It's a bit rubbish that we have to wait at least another two years before a current gen only AC. Unity was only a year after PS4Bone release. Admittedly it doubled down on all the things that had become stale, I gave up from bordom half way through, but 'next-gen' Paris with crowds was quite cool.
  3. That was the bit(s) that made me laugh most. It's the same as the 'alpaca' noise my daughter insists I make when I give her a piggy back up to bed. I was no doubt thinking about how much she's going to crack up when she watches it.
  4. I wish I'd seen it at the cinema. I don't think I'd have found it too long on the big screen. As it was, it's 30 mins too long. Great, heartfelt, felt fun though. Totally in stitches over fight. I'd been laughing quite hard over switching methods prior to that point. And as mentioned, it's an anti-nihilism, which a terribly nice thing.
  5. 'A Jedi's Return' making of is up. Usual everyone and everything is lovely stuff, but nice shots of filming/the volume/sets/animatronics etc.
  6. There's no way to get there for several years yet. ISS or Starship interior for space movie one. Moon for space movie 2, sometime in his late 60's.
  7. They did big Bilbo eyes when he got ring snatchy. That was it I think.
  8. Something featuring the remaining cast members of B5 is coming next year. Seems appropriate to do something on it's 30th anniversary.
  9. A still from that was my windows backdrop for the longest time. It's a brilliant short.
  10. I enjoyed the two bonus episodes. Calliope felt like a Tales of the Unexpected episode, which massively floats my TV boat.
  11. The giant steampunk spider is the only thing I like about the Wild Wild West. Peters was onto something, by Jove! (Just not in The Sandman or Superman)
  12. When the end credits came up I thought "that was a long pre credit sequence...oh!". It was fun though.
  13. A montage of VFX shots with a few before and after towards the end. So much of the effects work on these shows is top notch. It's a shame most of the Boba episodes weren't very good.
  14. This felt like the perfect companion piece to The Art of Special Effects and Into the Digital Realm.
  15. That mod received an unequivocal 'fuck off' from Nexus Mod and ModDB. There's been positive mods in response, so it's not all horrible. https://www.eurogamer.net/anti-pride-spider-man-remastered-mod-removed
  16. This original Charlie Addams painting looks a lot more like Julia than Guzman.
  17. I still enjoyed bits of this season. The Margo and Sergie lift segment was probably my highlight. Wrenn Schmitt is great.
  18. Teens that are 20-somethings pretending to be teens fix.
  19. James Randi: Psychic Investigator real influenced me as an early teen. My Dad was into Dowsing, which I think was in part why it was on in our house. It didn't do anything to even nudge the dial on how my Dad looks at 'How we know what isn't true'. He did and does just feel under attack if you pick apart whatever wooly Dowsing Today anecdote has excited him this month. The series helped me think more critically. Sadly it only ran for six episodes. Always grateful that I got to see it at an impressionable age.
  20. 29 years until a 10. FMV really was the future of interactive entertainment after all.
  21. Thanks @revlob. Thought that was a fun watch. I might have missed something but I wish they could have done a little more around It bugged me a bit that they reached all the way up the stairs. It took me out of the scene a little.
  22. You also forgot to mention Adam West, who was in the only Batman movie titled "The Movie", so frankly that was a piss poor effort.
  23. My childhood drawings were full of planes with canard wings making trees bend over.
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