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  1. I hope they get Shatner to do the ending song next series.
  2. I'm just telling you, since you're not familiar with him, it's a terrible take.
  3. Yeah, that slut Walters has totally ruined his pure, virginal character. 🤔 It's a weird very predictable take you're reading there. It conveniently ignores everything about the prior portrayal apart from the flighty bits.
  4. I find that big a bit too much. I was starting to cringe a bit and dreading the meeting with But that turned out brilliantly.
  5. At this early stage they don't appear to be aiming for Portman's level of Thor buffness, which is frankly disappointing.
  6. Sauron should be easy to pick out. He's 12 feet high in LotR.
  7. It's amazing work for a solo developer (he does hire people in to do voices /mocap etc)
  8. He's great, as is his dad. I'd put Balin/Ken Stott up there as well though.
  9. I'd forgotten about that. Peel mentioned in an interview something along the lines of "when you have a big enough budget, you have to do an Akira slide."
  10. Wear it every single day, even if it doesn't fit and it's desperately inappropriate attire, like at the beach. It would make you a piece of living art.
  11. The recurring shots of single orks 'doing a snarl' were getting a bit much!
  12. I enjoyed the rubbish inspirational quotes at the walls of the group therapy room.
  13. i have that too sometimes. My connection quality doesn't seem anything to do woth what's happening in the house. I put it down general internet nonsense. Does the 3 have analogue triggers?
  14. That Logitech device is just an Android device. The Android app is pretty much the same as using the web/PC app, with the connection spaceship thingy.
  15. It's not explicitly explained, but I always thought it was to lure the Deathstar into a position where the Rebels could easily attack it's weak spot.
  16. I like that on the first return to modern times your colleague is straight at the "you should yake a break from the animus...". Screw that! Back to Greece and I'll see you much, much later. I'm a few hours after the Cultists menu unlocks. This did this much better in this than Valhalla.
  17. I started another run on this since it hit Gamepass (being able to play on any device without much fuss is helpful). Quite enjoying a second run through so far. Will probably tire of eventually, but really enjoy pooting around the world and the humour. Last time I played as Kassandra so this time I'm playing as Kassandra since Alexios is a nob.
  18. They were never going to better Edna. They should have gone in a different direction.
  19. I'm rubbish at fps and rhythm action games. Put them together, and play via xCloud and I was getting perfects for the first three enemies. The moment I started trying it all turned to shit and I gave up. I feel like I'm letting the developers down. ☹️
  20. Finally watched this. It looked amazing. The Empire story was really the only thing beyond the visuals that held my interest. The actual Foundation story is terrible after the first episode. The emotional state of the characters usually ends up feeling hollow. The world building, which is something the books give them a free boost with, is just broken. The new vault is stupid idea, in the context of who the Foundation is supposed to consist of. The voiceover is truly dire and try hard. I'd expect nothing less from the mind that bought us the line 'cock juggling thunder cunt'. I will hate watch season 2.
  21. 25yrs ago I was the greatest Goldeneye player within a 0.3 mile radius. Online matchmaking better not drive a tank through my mental image of past glories.
  22. It's a bit rubbish that we have to wait at least another two years before a current gen only AC. Unity was only a year after PS4Bone release. Admittedly it doubled down on all the things that had become stale, I gave up from bordom half way through, but 'next-gen' Paris with crowds was quite cool.
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