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  1. My first go and I built a workshop, bedroom with a few beds. Started making a nice dining room and then it started to flood. I manage to place a door and a wooden wall to stop the rest of the fortress flooding. It's going well!
  2. I doesn't have any additional updates for my order since the 1st, but it doesn't bother me. Not one bit.
  3. @Lorfarius Mines being trying to reach it's 'final parcel centre' for 6 days now. I don't know if it's still in NL or moving between Parcelforce centres on it's way west. I don't check it that often or become over excited every time a phone notification goes off.
  4. It's now a week since I excitedly ordered a Deck and it's still not here. This isn't a problem at all and I continue to be absolutely fine with waiting.
  5. I don't really disagree, just that alongside cost it's another thing that makes it a less viable/exciting product.
  6. "Behold our glorious $50 Xbox* Streaming Stick. On sale now" * Monthly $15 Game Pass subscription required to play. Only Game Pass titles are available. Purchased Xbox titles only available if currently on Game Pass.
  7. Still waiting for that feature. It not being available is probably part of the streaming stick staying unreleased.
  8. Someone put 'Wes Anderson style Avengers' in the Midjourney AI art generator (with more elaborate prompts I'm sure). This universe better feature for an extended period during multiverse Kang shenanigans.
  9. Mine does have a Parcelforce tracking number. They're just showing 'general logistics update' at the moment. Hopefully arrives this week, as they go on strike at the weekend! I mean, it doesn't matter if it takes longer. I don't mind. I really don't.
  10. I had my GLS tracking number Thursday. It 'left the parcel centre' and nothing for three days. It better not still be in the Netherlands!
  11. Ooo. I'd forgot about this so thanks. Looking forward to squinting at it on my Steamdeck, if the thing actually turns up and DF actually works.
  12. Carmack left Id to work at Oculus about 9 yrs ago. He's not involved in the modern Dooms.
  13. I enjoy 3 on PC. Performance was lacking on console? The opening hour of 4 left a stinky impression and I left it there.
  14. Miller talked about Dark Fate on Corridor Crew and how they did benefit hugely from it not have dialogue. Think those were ILM shots. This is what Disney research have been up to on ML aging/deaging for the curious.
  15. Ugh. The slow text on Eastward killed it for me. 'Fastest' should have it appear instantly. No idea why they insist on each word tickering in.
  16. If you can be bothered to stay up and watch the Game Awards on the 8th/9th, Valve are giving away a Deck a minute. You need to registered for the giveaway and then watch the show via Steam. https://store.steampowered.com/sale/thegameawardssteamdeckdrop2022
  17. Come on carrier, pick it up! Guess I'll receive ot next week sometime if it's coming from NL.
  18. I sat there being reminded of everything wrong with 80's fantasy films but also not hating it.
  19. My lovely children have a habit of invading dedicated spaces. They also seem to bypass any lock, other then a bolt on the other side of a door.
  20. I'm still none the wiser as to whether JMS has commited some great injustice.
  21. Roll in here trying to give me buyers remorse why don't you! It's not even going to arrive for a week or so. I'll end up stood, staring at it, wishing I could strap it to my face and smell my own stale Beat Saber sweat.
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