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  1. Not sure they can avoid repeating themselves.
  2. I'd forgot I already had Horizon Chase Turbo. Never got around to playing it sat at the desk. Perfect for the Deck though.
  3. I hope they adapt Mouse T's '98 hit single for the theme song.
  4. I assume this will start with a spectacular shot of the Trinity test. The horror of that will will resonate through the rest of film as the deafening roar of the explosion is played over every scene, drowning out any dialogue.
  5. The first few hour of 4 are garbage and I gave up. 3 is bags of fun though. I think console performance wasn't great? The PC version was fine. I'm thinking a reply on the Deck might be on the cards.
  6. They mention the screen as something they'd look to improve. An 8 inch OLED version would be very sweet indeed.
  7. Civ VI works really well on the Deck. Shit! Trackpads using the haptics to make them behave like trackballs is much nicer than a regular trackpad.
  8. I remember reading at launch that the Deck's fan was a bit whiny. Did their subsequent patches work wonders or did I get a fan from a different supplier? Even playing games at 20w+ it's really not that noisy or whiny. Pleasantly surprise having expected it to be not great.
  9. These are the named writers on Avatar 2: The Wetness James Cameron Rick Jaffa Amanda Silver Josh Friedman Shane Salerno One of them wrote Armageddon...
  10. Worth revisiting the question of stand out characters a few seasons in.
  11. Even happier with my purchase since I downloaded Desk Job.
  12. A 31 year old game that feels better to play. 🤔
  13. It's rated about right. The cool stuff is dragged down by the stuff that isn't. The Bowie backed opening is amongst my favourites though.
  14. Yay. Mine's finally turned up minutes afters coming back from a dog walk. Now to charge it and try not to get too distracted from my Friday afternoon's work.
  15. I quite like the Lost Tales. Wish they'd done more. It's just a curio for after you've done the main series, like the TV movies and Crusade. I don't even think In the Beginning really belongs in chronological order. It kind of robs some future scenes of their impact.
  16. I always feel like there's a missed opportunity when titles have pixel art that slavishly adhere to a SNES etc look. The visuals in this look fantastic.
  17. When they cut between the boy being encouraged to mount the chocobo and then him covered in blood crying, all I could think about was the vet from League of Gentlemen.
  18. After eight days of nothing and my Deck's out for delivery. Something of a surprise given the Parcelforce strike. Rather than refreshing the tracker page, I'll check the hedge out front periodically, in case they're using Evri drivers.
  19. I'm not sure they should change the broadcast order, other than one or two episodes. Even some of the poorer S1 episodes have sprinklings of the broader story ahead. I find it somewhat hilarious/depressing that time gap for you experiencing B5 is bigger than me watching TOS episodes during the 80's. That felt like utterly ancient tele!
  20. At ABK or their other studios? They legally can't do anything at Activision yet. Creatively they are reportedly hands off, except at 343i. That's a bit different to being corporately hands off though.
  21. In response to this story Gunn said on Twitter: He talked a bit more about the challenges of taking the DC reins. He ends the thread with this (in)famous Alex Ross piece. Pants on the outside future confirmed!
  22. I'm beginning to think the sneaky bastards promised 4-8 days and slipped us into the 1-2 weeks that are currently showing on the store.
  23. I have a few. The Epic sales/voucher offer is generally good value for grabbing a few titles.
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