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  1. Feel like raising the waggling finger of clarity on that point. The prequels are are loaded with politics. On the nose kids stuff and other failures of execution shouldn't obscure that.
  2. DF's look at Plague Tale 2: Rats, Rats! Rats! is out. Features 300,000 on-screen rats with the S at a fairly solid 30fps. Based on the extra headroom the Series X shows in the 40fps mode, we could have had 350,000 rat on-screen at 30fps. GENERATION RUINED. The PS5 has poorer fps during demanding scenes than the S, all be it at a higher resolution. Guess this makes that a turnip console, compared to the Series X's delicious roast carrot.
  3. You need to reassess Margo as well. She'd go full Mon Mothma under the Emperor's regime.
  4. I was taking specifically to your point on the cost of lower resolution assets for the S. There's not likely to be any for the reasons I covered. I didn't suggest creating, optimising and testing a version of the game for the S didn't cost anything.
  5. No pounds? Titles already have assets at various levels of detail for performance reasons. There's cost is optimising when and how they're used but I'd be very surprised if anything is specifically created for the S version of a game eg. There's not going to be a special S version of a bush. They'll be a bush at various LODs. The S might switch to the highest quality version later/never or have few bushes in a scene. Or shadows that draw in later / lower res on foliage etc. For textures, these are either created with various mip levels if develops are using something archaic or the game uses virtual texturing, making texture size irrelevant. It doesn't matter how complex the scene is, the texture budget per frame is consistent as it's only retrieving what it needs to draw. Nanite for UE5 is doing the same for geometry too. It doesn't matter how complex the source geometry is, it's only taking up around 750MB in memory on any platform and only drawing around 20m polygons. I'd be surprised of other developers don't implement Nanite style geometry clusters in their engines. Why wouldn't you? (and the S handles the tech just fine)
  6. None of the consoles are good at ray tracing. Slapping it on old engines is barely working with the X/PS5 in some cases. It shouldn't surprise that it doesn't make the cut on the S. We have seen enough examples were the S does just fine in relation to it's bigger brothers (Metro, Matrix Awakens). I can't help but feel we'll see less disparity in graphics features as games using technology designed for this gen, particulally UE5, appear.
  7. No. The Series S has the same CPU as the Series X. It does run a tiny bit slower, but not to a degree that would cause issues vs it's bigger brother or PS5. The One X has the same terrible CPU as the base One, with an overpowered GPU and fast RAM slapped on. Its why the One X can do 4k30 versions of One S games but would mostly struggle to do 1080p60 versions like the Series S can. The Series S doesn't have as much RAM as the OneX. It has less memory bandwidth too. It's why can't run OneX versions of games, even though it's GPU is in the same ballpark.
  8. Even though it started late 80's, Star Trek The Next Generation. What a distinctive look. Not the boring 90's spinoff show though. Into the bin with those.
  9. I haven't seen the latest stuff, but the reveal trailer looked like a PS4 title Squenix made PS5 exclusive the moment Sony shoved some ¥5000 notes in their pants.
  10. I'm quite happy playing random stuff on Gamepass and older titles. I'll be excited for new stuff that finally not cross gen or sequels. Let me just check the list and just filter out cross gen looking stuff. Modern Warfare 2 Bayo 3 God of War Ragnarok Sonic Frontiers Callisto Protocol FF7 Crisis Core Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Resi 4 remake Final Fantasy 16
  11. Putting the silly Gotham Knights story aside, there's comments from very good developers that give at least some insight into the S. I'm not going to link them because I cba, so to paraphrase badly... An ID Software dev stating that not everything scales with resolution and that S's memory is going to be a potential challenge (Possibly deleted post-acquisition) The Coalition detailed discoveries from developing their UE5 testbed. Series S memory was a challenge. Also, UE5 upscales from 1080p for performance even on XSX. Upscaling from lower res on S can create issues that needed careful consideration A Remedy developer stated that maybe without the S they'd pursue different graphics options for their engine, but since it does exist, they will pursue research that works on that also, so who knows Guess we'll see how well the S does when we actually see games that are built on UE5 and next version Frostbite, Anvil etc. For talented & well funded devs like The Coalition it doesn't seem like it's going to 'hold them back'. Anyway, love the S, even it looks like a box of tissues sat under the telly.
  12. Since I've finished The Bear and my covid convalescence continues, I've watched a bit of Rogue One. It's still as uneven as ever!
  13. Quan Kế Huy is great in Everything Everywhere All at Once. It's a shame that wasn't out a year or two earlier. Pretty sure we'd have seen Short Round in Indy 5 if it had been.
  14. Just finished Ep8. The series is my favourite of the year I think. It's just a fucking sandwich shop drama for christ sake!
  15. Well, he's almost dressed in a mankini, so won't be too much of a stretch for Cohen.
  16. Not sure he can really rock the moustache. Bring back Sam Elliot
  17. Hold on. That's you!
  18. I like the is/isn't he Gandalf ambiguity. I'm fond of the "shit! it's Saruman!" "phew, it's just Gandalf after rehab" from LotR. The Wizards aren't human and I find fuzziness of their nature interesting. The opening of Ep8 was hitting more of those notes for me.
  19. Like the first game, the fail and try again style stealth/qte isn't for me. Wish it was. Really like the setting and the tone of the whole thing. It is a shame when the most obvious AA comparison point is Hellblade, which has really good performance capture. Seems like Asobo had to draw the budget line on rigging their character faces?
  20. Johnny 5 up for auction soon! I'm pretty sure Mrs Monkeydog will be more than happy if I take out a 2nd mortgage so have this in the lounge.
  21. I hope they get Shatner to do the ending song next series.
  22. I'm just telling you, since you're not familiar with him, it's a terrible take.
  23. Yeah, that slut Walters has totally ruined his pure, virginal character. It's a weird very predictable take you're reading there. It conveniently ignores everything about the prior portrayal apart from the flighty bits.
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