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  1. Collider have a general chat with MacFarlane. I don't think there's any season 3 spoilers. https://collider.com/seth-macfarlane-the-orville-new-horizons-interview-season-3-directing-hulu/amp/
  2. That's one of its best episodes. It's not always that good, but most episodes have their moments. It's aways empathetic, humanistic and unabashed when exploring themes. After a rough start, the show quickly settles down in to a real love letter to TNG, sprinkled with genuine humour. It's evolved further into it's own thing as it's gone along. I wouldn't recommend binging it. Amble your way through with episodes here and there.
  3. Artist excited about their art being included made me smile.
  4. From the pre credits bit, through to the end, really liked the Margo / Sergie story in Ep3.
  5. I usually feel that but in this felt it was directed at the couple, so just found it heart warming and altogether lovely.
  6. There's some social progress. Andor could never have happened in the '00's. No 'Merican would tolerate someone who speaks space French in a lead role.
  7. Those people really don't deserve an apology.
  8. She's Lady Fenring, if that helps. You can hang a load of stuff around the character. How the Bene Gesserit are influencing the great and minor houses, the breeding plan stuff, relationships to the Emperor and Feyd Rautha. You could easily ignore all that stuff. Given the way the first film tied a lot of Dune's laborious world building around character, chucking an actor of Seydeux's qualities in the mix with those spinning lore parts really peaks my curiousity.
  9. I like that Ep 3 ended with saying fuck you to the pious trope of
  10. That's an interesting character to include in part 2.
  11. FXGuide's latest podcast is on season three, if you're interested in behind the scenes stuff. https://pca.st/episode/56ec81b5-bd63-48d6-90fa-67b2dbac7f04
  12. That'll get some knickers in a twist! It is a great film if you're not a particular fan of the original(s). It's the first film that sprang to mind when I saw the thread resurface.
  13. I liked it, but if they digitally finessed the eyes it could have been fantastic.
  14. They could have spent their vfx budget a little more tastefully. Drop a few of those expensive jumping around shots and do a little more digital makeup, especially around the eyes.
  15. The technical preview will be later in the summer. You can sign up on their website. Wasn't really clear how it played on the Extended showcase, but it looked pretty in crappy YouTube blockovision.
  16. You've not spend enough time around MMO players, or at least not the insane ones I have.
  17. I find it baffling as well. There is a tendancy for players to find the most boring path though. If you can level up by spending 40 hrs resource collecting on the galaxy's blandest moon, a fair selection of players will being doing just that. And then complain that the game is too grindy.
  18. She directed on The Mandalorian. Virtual stages aren't new to her. I can't remember which episode she did. It would be interesting to look back and see if it's a similar mix of some good character bits and bizarre action.
  19. You can't have been following things with Kojima that closely! An MSG collaboration on a cloud based game has be bubbling away as a rumour for ages. 🙂
  20. They're not puzzle games, they're games with puzzles. Too much friction would ruin their atmosphere.
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