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  1. Assuming the pilot works, release at the end of next year. Seems really rushed given how long to took his to get B5 of the ground originally.
  2. I may have missed it, but didn't really understand what was going on with the
  3. I thought the hood on made her look like a conehead
  4. The general museum itself has some fun stuff. I like the OGXbox interface test. Excessive music and cracking green powerball icons that inexplicitly explode into butterflies when selected.
  5. Teardown. It's interesting how the design of that evolved to make something enjoyable out of it's destruction.
  6. I've enjoyed the ongoing acceptance of different art styles over the last decade. I'd pick Sable as a recent example. A small team couldn't make an open world game like that without it's art style, before you get to the other stuff that enables it to exist. The tools are accessable enough they can actually produce it and the market/distribution is broad enough to justify the developers giving it a go.
  7. OGxbox isn't showing up for me, but then realised my current Gamertag was a WoW alt, so must have made it for the 360. I wish I could remember what my old one was now. My most played game is GTA4. Guess that reflects me playing mostly on PC for a decade. "Welcome to Forza Motorsport" is one of my rare achievements. I really worked for that one.
  8. I quite enjoyed the first couple of episodes. I liked that it mostly stayed with the main characters. It didn't need to cut to scheming villains in the Tower of Twiddleyank or whatever. I've not read the books, or much fantasy outside of Tolkien and Abercrombie, so it being quite tropey oddly refreshing. I kept mishearing the name of the ork rip offs as trollops.
  9. I struggled to stay awake through the first half our of this. I'd only had four hours sleep the night before, so no idea how much of that was me or the films slow pace. a jump scare woke me up again. I was so tired it might not have been an actual jump scare. I think it's a shame they didn't quite land what they were going for. They needed to cut to the chase on what the Eternals were about sooner. There was more/better drama they could have wrung out of the middle of the film and the deviant elements. The script definitely needed another couple of rounds in the oven. I kind of enjoyed it. Not as good as Highlander. Better than Chronicles of Riddick.
  10. Out of curiousity, are you comparing it to a Stadia 1080p Steam? xCloud isn't 4k, yet at least. I'd assume the hardware's good for it. Obviously more than just that with regards to image quality.
  11. Bloomberg are reporting Phil Spencer has also sent a letter to employees. It includes this snippit that he's '...evaluating all aspects of our relationship with Activision Blizzard and making ongoing proactive adjustments'.
  12. Streamed some Call of the Sea and Halo 5 via our XSS and it worked really well. The visuals held up on the TV and I didn't notice any issues due latancy. (My main issue was that I forgot that it was 4 I'd been playing and was very confused for a few minutes)
  13. Cloud gaming is available on console after an update. It'd be nice if there were a few more options for pinning cloud shortcuts, other than that it's a really nice feature for Gamepass.
  14. Turns out that Chinatown Transportation Research and Improvement Project are the real heroes!
  15. Was Gwen's death his fault? I honestly can't remember. It'd be fun if Emma Stone turned up as Spider-Gwen.
  16. Not sold on a live action series but he's a good choice.
  17. The closest we get to them in films is Downey's Sherlock Holmes fights. I am not in any way advocating Guy Richie's Dune as a good idea.
  18. It was default when we watched Shang Chi. You had to go into the versions menu for the bon IMAX version.
  19. There is more footage of Mentat stuff, the banquet, Yeuh's story. When asked about a longer cut, Villeneuve's said that what we see is his cut. Not quite an all out no, but probably a no. I wouldn't expect it to happen before part 2 if they do it. They'll be in a rush to get filming within 12 months.
  20. Well done all you people with too much disposable income or rich parents! I spent far too much time in 2001 staring at detail textures in Halo...
  21. As far as I know, Valve were comparing load speed of one game. It was more of a "hey, the SD card's not so bad!". It's not as if NVMe's show anything like their theoretical advantage in most games, especially since most are still written for HDDs.
  22. A space opera with Life Aquatic levels of VFX please.
  23. I've not the horrible feeling that if it wasn't, Michael Sheen's crappy character would be naked from the waste down.
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