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  1. My lovely children have a habit of invading dedicated spaces. They also seem to bypass any lock, other then a bolt on the other side of a door.
  2. I'm still none the wiser as to whether JMS has commited some great injustice.
  3. Roll in here trying to give me buyers remorse why don't you! It's not even going to arrive for a week or so. I'll end up stood, staring at it, wishing I could strap it to my face and smell my own stale Beat Saber sweat.
  4. I've plumped for a Deck. Hopefully many fun hours of gameplay to be had in the downstair loo. VR can wait another generation or two.
  5. Phew! Even with added lasers and spaceships The Thin Red Line would still be the most boring 3 hrs committed to celluloid. Terrence Mallick, what an absolute hack.
  6. The helmet is a tricky one to translate to live action. The way they made it huge, with huge 'eyes' somewhere around Urban's forehead, does his chin no favours whatsoever. (I've always thought Dread's helmet confusingly iconic and shit looking at the same time)
  7. Its not just games. It does video calls via the Zoomies app.
  8. I saved up tokens from a cereal packet offer on a GoBot and saved up for postage. It took forever to arrive. When it did, it was shit. Still smarts 30odd years later. Fuck GoBots.
  9. Two of the lovely things, so can already disappear for some fairly legendary toilet time. Mrs Monkeydog is probably already worried that I have gastro intestinal issues. The kids are probably a mark against a Quest. I'd face constant interruption.
  10. Need some help with a terrible consumer dilemma. I've about to receive a 10 yrs service reward through work, so I'm the unusual position where I can splurge some cash on some frivolous technology instead of kids and the house. A Steamdeck is top of the list. 20 yrs of games + emulation without having to sit at a desk or kitchen table is awfully tempting. On the other hand, I've fancied VR for ages. Can't think what I'd play beyond Half Life Alyx, via my just about capable Laptop, and Beatsaber. I'd have a nosey at Elite but probably wouldn't play for long. Switch is an outside choice. Id love a proper play of BoTW and Odyssey but then I'd really be done with it. Or I could put it towards a new toilet when we renovate the gross ensuite.
  11. I was all excited for a Michael Giacchino doing a Star Wars score then the main theme felt like some cheap 80's Star Wars knock off. There are bits that are good though.
  12. That's just Fred from 'round corner. Nice bloke but he's inta all that that funny leather gear.
  13. Never thought I'd be excited by the Star Wars take on a colliery band. Top stuff.
  14. Looks like they're that price everywhere. Could do with a spare one. If we're doing 3 player I end up with the Xbone controller that the dog chewed the nubs off. Might go with a love red!
  15. Reading the interview up thread after watching, Chazelle was trying to reflect his ambiguous feelings towards a horrible teacher. While the film might have landed as 'this is fine' for you, which is fair enough, it's certainly not the intent of the director. If that makes any difference!
  16. Aaw! Was looking forward to him too. The pre-reprogramming bits are likely to be quite brutal.
  17. Finally got round to watching this on Netflix, so later to party than those thinking they were late 7 years ago! Not much to say that hasn't been said already, but I thought it was great. Wish I'd seen it in the cinema. There's shots/scenes/sounds where I was imagining what it'd be like in that setting.
  18. When I was having a 'quick' session this morning I couldn't leave behind the ingrained behaviour of holding the controller with two hands. Since it's evening I'll try one handled controller and a nice glass of wine.
  19. An actually good behind the scenes. The home movie snippets are great fun. I'm surprised that it's taken Giacchino so long to direct something 'for real'.
  20. I stopped watching Outer Range, but I'd say there was nothing wrong with the direction. The character and lovely vista shots would fit right in with Andor.
  21. Thank, although that confirms why I can't remember much beyond irritation.
  22. Deciding if it's better to cancel a popular series after one or two seasons is a tricky business.
  23. I really hate aliens as the origins of humans on Earth stories. While I can't remember if it was really Earth, all of this has happened before etc, I wasn't paying enough attention over my teeth grinding.
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