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  1. They're probably traumatized by being made to sit through those sparkly vampire films.
  2. Lurkers guide is still available on GitHub, on the JSM Speaks bit of the episode guide he has this to say on that transformation.
  3. I still haven't got past the first war table mission yet. I tried for the third time and was interrupted by real life stuff and it doesn't save, presumably because I'm suppose to be playing it online.
  4. @Benny you're really racing through. I've only made it to A Voice in the Wilderness.
  5. I don't want to see Steve Coogan on screen, never mind him doing a Jimmy Savile impression. He was always the least interesting part of On the Hour/The Day Today. I resent his Partridge success. Resent it! That shouldn't be my top reason for thinking this film is a pointless exercise, but it is.
  6. The Starfury and Omega class destroyer in particular are such great designs. Obvious Last Starfighter and 2010 references respectively, but even so. Not sure where they'd go with modernizing the Vorlon ship design. They're among the ships that need the most work. Assuming they're even in the new series. I wouldn't put it past JMS for this to be a completely different show within half a season. They have really interesting modern options for the production beyond space VFX. B5 pushed set size really far for their budget, even if it was a bit wobbly. A Mandalorian style 'volume' would be perfect for the show. Stuff like the Zocalo could be really bustling. They can also make more of the curvature of the station, since it's not just forced perspective. They also get views into the centre of the station or outside for 'free'. B5 also pushed makeup pretty much as far as it goes. They might be able to afford virtual makeup to augment that and make some really alien looking aliens. I'd have thought a really good full CGI regular cast member is still beyond the scope of a TV show though. Wouldn't put it past them to try.
  7. I keep coming into the thread in in the hope something will make me want to play some more. I enjoyed a bit of a nostalgia hit for several hours and then my interest petered out. I think I had more fun playing the first game again. Really wish I'd liked 3 more.
  8. It's probably just my general sentiment towards DS9. You have to care about the characters and stakes. 20yrs later and the only thing I really remember fondly about DS9 is Garak.
  9. I just didn't find much of that exciting at the time. A three minute edit doesn't help.
  10. Went for mostly TNG and the odd bit of TOS. Everything after TNG is more boring with the occasional good bit. So much boring though. The poll missed theme tune. Voyager's wins the most "fucking hell I'm falling asleep" award. Appropriately.
  11. B5 can go for in fiction reasons for hidden/depopulated civilisations. The first shadow war was essentially that. It can also go with social/economic reasons why galactic spanning empires don't happen. The original series (inadvertently?) did both of these with the Minbari and Centauri. The above coupled with the galaxy just being big would do the job.
  12. monkeydog


    That's just a regular 'popping to the shops' outfit for old Timmy isn't it?
  13. Yes. I'm half way through S1 and it's not bothering me. The show being designed for ads probably helps with that too.
  14. I've got more where that came from! Happy 7st of Octobaa.
  15. Booked the 21th off as it's near enough to my wife's birthday that I can take her to a film I want to see as a special treat.
  16. A quick search suggest yes. Plus a writer and composer. Amazing effort for a mostly 2 person team.
  17. Yes, it's in 4:3 HD. The Gathering is only in SD.
  18. I'd forgotten Kosh said that in the pilot. It's even more fun when you consider the story restructuring that happened when O'Hare left. Just in general it's fun to revisit the show and see bits of foreshadowing for plot and characters, especially knowing how everyone ends up. I'm totally hooked. I've just finished Mind War now. G'Kar's ants speech is one of my favourite B5 bits.
  19. I assumes it's because they changed half of the main cast due to the gap between it and the series. And also a bit crap and a bit awesome in equal measures.
  20. I just reached the first war table mission. Having enjoying the low friction Ms Marvel experience to that point, my first thought on that mission was that if this is the game from now on I'm out. Might play past it now.
  21. The Xbox was free after lunch so gave using Edge a go. It works well and doesn't look too bad on a bigger screen. It'll do nicely until streaming lands on non insider Xboxs. Couple of quirks. Need to turn off overscan an in the Xbox setting menu to remove borders in Edge. The double squares button works but turns off controller mode. You have to click the screen to reactive and turn controller mode back on again. It a bit annoying for games that use it a lot. Haven't tried plugging a mouse in, which might resolve that.
  22. Now Xbox Edge is using Chromium, has anyone tried using the web streaming version in it? I'd give it a try, as it's a perfect Sat morning noodling around type thing, but my daughter seems to building some sort of Minecraft cat palace on the Xbox.
  23. Fair enough. It's a bit odd how games don't always seem to propagate across apps at the same rate. My PC app always takes ages.
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