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  1. UE5's effectively unlimited geometry doesn't appear to be dependant on PS5's speed of fast storage, it just needs the low latency random fetching NVMe SSD's provides. Maybe we'll see more fade in of detail on other platforms (the few instances in the demo are much less noticeable than traditional lod switching). Some of the bits I read on Lockhart suggested that dev's were not thrilled with the idea of supporting a machine that was in the same TF range as PS4Pro, before it was apparent that it was more powerful than that.
  2. It is a bit of a shame. The Mixed Reality / Kinnect descendant hardware could yield interesting things.
  3. A huge part of Apple's billions of app and advertising revenue comes from games. You can see why they'd be protective in a way they're not of movies, books and music.
  4. The PC experience isn't really the same. Those lower spec PC's usually have different CPUs and different generations of graphics cards. Developers aren't taking a game that runs well on one GPU at 4k and quartering the resolution to run it on a GPU from the same generation with a third of the power. Games now scale absolutely fine with resolution. There's maybe some risk that developers start using techniques that don't. Hard to see what they'd be at this stage.
  5. I'm sure someone's suggested watching Pixar's Sparkshorts before in here. Probably me! They're all rather great. Kitbull in particular is excellent.
  6. It's similar TF. It's a newer architecture, so it's not a valid comparison. Based on RDNA1 cards, its likely to be at least as powerful as the OneX + added raytracing.
  7. It's 16 and 10 based on the rumours. If the S has the same system reserve it leaves 13.5 and 7.5 respectively. MS have a very good idea about memory usage in current gen games. They put dedicated hardware in the OneX to track it. Whether their assumptions on use hold true into next gen graphics, who knows. It won't used binned XSX chips. It cheaper just to have dedicated wafers for the XSS'seses ~230mm² chip.
  8. Why? Rechargeable AA's are better
  9. The CPU isn't a discrete chip. It's the overall reduction in the SOC size that matters to cost reduction and that'll be at least half the size. For the SSD they might go for a smaller size on the XsS. In principle they don't need to include 4k textures in game downloads.
  10. I'm not sure there's good director/bad director Ridley, more like good script/bad script choices. Aaron Guzikowski is the main screenwriter and showrunner. I've only seen Prisoners from his output, which is pretty great. No idea about the rest.
  11. The sad part on that front is that Sony being behind MS on backward compatibility. Playstation has a much richer back catalogue. Unless Sony can spring a lovely surprise on us. The PS5 should be powerful enough to do good BC for everything.
  12. You'd expect that over time the cost of setup and running virtual sets and building small physical set pieces would be cheaper than full sets+vfx extentions. It might also have less rigging costs as well, since much of lighting can be dialed into led panels. Westworld did a cheaper version of using LED panels for some office scenes. They still build a set but had a panel outside the 'window'. Since the view does the realtime perspective shift thing, the panel can be much closer to the window than if you were using a translight. It made the set much smaller/cheaper/more flexible.
  13. The Frontier showcase is hopefully Frontier Developments. More Elite Dangerous Odyssey info is due this month.
  14. I haven't been watching Neighbours but The Touryst is rather fantastic so far. Well, until my daughter saw me playing it and asked for a go. Not been able to go near the PC or Xbox since and I'd only got up to the 2nd island.
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