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  1. I'm not 100% without checking but I assume so. The difference is that in the book it comes from character, since it's in first person. A 19th century character at that. Rather than a nice bit of Morgan Freeman gravitas to top off the film it felt like some batty preacher has been let into the sound booth. I'd totally forgotten about the new series. That's a period piece isn't it? Quite looking forward to it.
  2. I seem to remember it as "No immune system. Good job God!". Which seems to be giving a bit too much credit to the almighty given the destruction and loss of life we've sat through for 2 hours.
  3. The wood chopping and one inch puncb games looks look great. Those hit sound effects as well! I'll be crap at both...
  4. I might have missed it on the podcast, but I wasn't clear where the cards came from. Was this something they made up, something Legasov used another time or something used at the trial by someone else (since he wasn't there)? Still awesome TV mind. As was the microphone move.
  5. I saw it a while ago and enjoyed it. Part of that was the well done realistic space stuff. The other element I really enjoyed was the Soviet jingoism. Fun to see that from a country that's not the US.
  6. Yes, the team's moved on to ensuring that every Xbox One title works on Scarlett. Shame this video is a fluff piece. A proper behind the scenes of their incredible efforts would be nice way to finish.
  7. Hardly Villeneuve's fault though was it. He did his bit and made a brilliant film. Fortunately Dune's an absolute piece of cake to market.
  8. Denis Villeneuve. Hurrah! Warner streaming service. Boo! edit: Although, if i means I can sub for a few months and watch HBO stuff in non-NowTVcrapovison it might be an ok thing.
  9. It's really weird that the 8k 120fps spec willy waving had to happen just because of HDMI 2.1 support.
  10. I was listening to some old stuff again off the back of the new album. Totally forgetting that "I don't wanna live like this but I don't wanna die" is the end to Finger Back. It's a good line, so can't begrudge them reusing it.
  11. Infinite is confirmed for One, if that's what you meant.
  12. Gears 5, time to take the puppy out for a wee.
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