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  1. Floating crockery effects are more difficult that you think.
  2. Did they really keep saying sub orbital shuttle or did I mishear? That's a bad goof unless skyhooks are a thing in the Expanse universe? The new puppy still loved it!
  3. Vision does have prior form on the knitwear front
  4. Only if you can be bothered.
  5. It definitely has some subtle charms on the visual side. I reallylike the cloud shadows. Either the way they move across the landscape or the way they cast different parts of taller buildings in light/shadow.
  6. David Lengel looks like a supermarket own brand David Schwimmer. It's very distracting.
  7. He doesn't have to take his top off. There are Marvel films where a leading man doesn't get half naked. I think. There must be one? Is there one?
  8. Star Wars Babies They make their dreams come true Star Wars Babies They'll do the same for you...
  9. The Centauri are shit! Alien haircut! Except they manage to redeem that.
  10. B5 is coming to HBO Max, so we'll see what they do with that version.
  11. Like I have a choice of a TV or monitor that isnt scratched and covered in fingerprints. F'ing kids.
  12. I mostly enjoyed the increasing mix of bemusement and disgust from my wife as the chap revealed more and more toffyness.
  13. I have have no choice but to renew. Typing into the the big search box is still one of my autistic son's favourite computer pastimes.
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