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  1. Giacchinos is really good at reworking existing themes. Thinking of Star Trek and Homecoming specifically. Wonder if we'll end up with some lovely blend of Elfman and Zimmerman. (I really, really like the plinky bits of the Homecoming score for some reason)
  2. There was almost a remaster of Shenmue. Sega canned it in favour of the HD versions.
  3. Meh. My view.of him is probably coloured by all the mediocre syfy stuff he's been in.
  4. The four? people who make up DF all have their own enthusiasms. As I understand it, they just go off and make their own content for the channel. Alex is their biggest PC enthusiast so if anyone's going to be sucked in by SC it's him. He did write some script to preamble the controversy surrounding the project but cut it. It didn't need that, just a brief Space Whale warning would have been fine.
  5. The PS5 has an updated version of PS4's CPU and GPU. The PS4 also has a very straight forward memory architecture. Back compatibility won't be entirely free to implement due to the low level access that Sony provides developers. It's worlds easier than 360 on XBone though. We should see 100% compatibility.
  6. The end of S4.1 made me chuckle
  7. Minit is this week's free Epic store game as well.
  8. This is another perfect gamepass game for me. I'm unlikely to buy it outright but will spend a good few hours flying around parts of the world I know.
  9. Force feedback triggers are presumably the DS5's version of a touchpad/giro/pressure sensitve buttons. Anything to make people buy new controllers! (but it might be quite cool)
  10. Wow. One to miss / fall asleep to then.
  11. Waverace 64. The water was so splashy and tactile. Amazing. edit to add attract mode video:
  12. I saw Serenity before I watched the series. It works surprisingly well that way round. It's probably since the first 10 mins are a more refined first episode than the two first episodes they had. (The Train Job's pretty good concidering they only had two days to write it)
  13. monkeydog

    Ad Astra

    I found this decidely mixed. As someone said above, would have worked better without the sci-fi trappings. The sci-fi elements are so poor it makes it feel like a high quality remake of a straight to video movie called Antimatter Surge. I nodded off just after And then they were floating in space. My wife couldn't explain why Didnt much care though. The return to the ship was desperately stupid.
  14. I hope Wright can copy his amusingly overwrought turn in Source Code. "Who is the...Bat....Man"
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