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  1. NMS like I guess, although that seems a little perverse to say given Elite's heritage. It's an expansion to the existing game. There's not much in the way of detail yet, but this is from their forum:
  2. So long I've not played for ages. Very excited. Not much detail but they mention diplomatic missions. If they play out like Monkey Island sword fights I'll be thrilled* * Monkey Island sword fights are the high bar in dialog based gameplay imo.
  3. You shouldn't have needed to defrag a HDD yourself since Win7, unless it somehow makes you feel better.
  4. Also loving the writeups @dug. It's like watching episodes again for the first time.
  5. Like the bit with the shark being harrassed by orcas. They should be your most capable and twatty adverasy.
  6. Can you have them do unnecessary emphasis, like John Wick? I'd watch everything with subtitles if that was the case.
  7. Radeon image sharpening is what you were thinking of.
  8. Picked this up the eternal edition on Xbone as wanted to play some couch coop something with the wife. We played in on PC around release. The whole frontend is a bit of a shocker if you've only ever played vanilla. Clearly late to the party, but the Necromancer expody corpse fest is awesome!
  9. It's not even that. It's the shiny new thing they can buy. They won't know why they're buying it. Consume!
  10. It's 30fps with decent motion blur on top.
  11. I added this to my Epic library and I've no idea why. I already have it on Steam.
  12. Consoles are just PCs with a few tweaks. There's not much in the way a special insight to provide. Developers who want something off the shelf would prefer a mature platform like Unreal/Unity with bags of support. That's much more valuable than the absolute 'best' graphics these days.
  13. 1440p @ 30fps. Next gen sucks.
  14. Beautiful. Think I might have to switch to potato settings from now on.
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