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  1. They've added Townscaper too. It's more of a toy than a game, but really delightful.
  2. Doesn't the thread need changing to Meta Quest now?
  3. I've finally caught up with you, for the five seasons at least. Still the movies to do. I was surprised at how emotional I found Sleeping in Light. I don't really remember how strong my reaction was originally. This time around, oddly gut wrenching and heart warming. I may have had something in my eye a few times. My rewatch hasn't diminished how much I love the series one bit. Cheesy and rubbish one minute and utterly compelling the next. JMS is an odd duck.
  4. Good VR motion control is really that V2/V3 you're hankering after. The technical issues of precision and latency are fixed. More than that, it can avoid the proprioceptive disconnect between a movement and what happens on screen. Motion controls to effect something on TV are always going to have issues of abstracting your movement to on screen actions. VR/AR can choose it's abstractions.
  5. Assuming the pilot works, release at the end of next year. Seems really rushed given how long to took his to get B5 of the ground originally.
  6. I may have missed it, but didn't really understand what was going on with the
  7. I thought the hood on made her look like a conehead
  8. The general museum itself has some fun stuff. I like the OGXbox interface test. Excessive music and cracking green powerball icons that inexplicitly explode into butterflies when selected.
  9. Teardown. It's interesting how the design of that evolved to make something enjoyable out of it's destruction.
  10. I've enjoyed the ongoing acceptance of different art styles over the last decade. I'd pick Sable as a recent example. A small team couldn't make an open world game like that without it's art style, before you get to the other stuff that enables it to exist. The tools are accessable enough they can actually produce it and the market/distribution is broad enough to justify the developers giving it a go.
  11. OGxbox isn't showing up for me, but then realised my current Gamertag was a WoW alt, so must have made it for the 360. I wish I could remember what my old one was now. My most played game is GTA4. Guess that reflects me playing mostly on PC for a decade. "Welcome to Forza Motorsport" is one of my rare achievements. I really worked for that one.
  12. I quite enjoyed the first couple of episodes. I liked that it mostly stayed with the main characters. It didn't need to cut to scheming villains in the Tower of Twiddleyank or whatever. I've not read the books, or much fantasy outside of Tolkien and Abercrombie, so it being quite tropey oddly refreshing. I kept mishearing the name of the ork rip offs as trollops.
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