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  1. Not in space for this expansion. Salvaging of stuff from wrecks on planets is confirmed as a thing though.
  2. Is the book good scifi? The trailer made it look like moronic Netflix stuff like Titan and Io.
  3. He's good in Punch Drunk Love. Didn't like him in Uncut Gems. I'm 1/2 for film I've seen him in!
  4. My daughter was having a lovely time with this. Probably her first first person game. She had a proper look of delight as she went through the opening bit, looking around at stuff and interacting with things. Soon as she left the village she was attacked and brutally killed by a skeleton and turned the game off in disgust. "Why did they put that in the game?". Why indeed.
  5. The problem with a proper VR implementation of Odessey is it would be a whole seperate version of the expansion to please a tiny % of customers. VR is a good fit for the base game and easy to implement. VR for Odessey is crap VR by default. I'm not sure what else they could have done that wasn't both way too expensive and split VR player off into their own game.
  6. This. Free first person movement is awful and barf inducing in VR. The implementation they've gone for is really sensible for a multiplayer game. Could be improved by a "press to sightsee" button that switches it back to a VR view to look around at the scenery when on foot.
  7. My wife's still watching this and I'm being dragged along. Episode 2 was great. They've enable touch controls on gamepass for Slay the Spire and I had a really good run.
  8. It's a paywalled podcast thingy linked a few pages ago.
  9. IKEA stuff is really easy. Do the big shoes cause issues getting close enough to what you're assembling?
  10. There's a HD upscaled, image stabilised and denoised version up on YouTube. It's so beautifully missing the point it's almost admirable.
  11. Isn't a demo available on Stadia this weekend?
  12. I liked that the Starfleet fanboy didn't use his high tech future technology to do anything useful but made a nice comfy bed with it instead. Man after my own heart.
  13. I'm a coward and I still enjoy it!
  14. I'm still dipping in and out of the main game, but there's a DLC island coming.
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