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  1. Mark Kermode mentioned the unrectified 3d look to some scenes in his review. It was his only, minor, quibble with the film. He spoke to the film makers who said it was to draw your eye to the foreground. Have to say it had the opposite effect for me too.
  2. It was 7-8Gb on PC.
  3. I really like the new night vision. It doesn't look great in screenshots and videos. In game, it has really nice layers of effects going on. Plus night sides of planets are now pitch black. Had a couple of really lovely sun rises happen in orbital cruise.
  4. Keybinding / mode switching is definitely a bit janky. I really like the new discovery scanner now I've got the hang of tuning. Being able to find planets with features, choose to fly over, locate them with the surface scanner and then tag them with the composition scanner is a much more explorery than the old system.
  5. I wonder what great title track they'll comission and then boot to post credits this time round.
  6. I enjoyed Homecoming, but after Into the Spider-Verse I wonder how this could come across as anything other than tepid.
  7. My daughter's the same age. Don't think there's anything overly tense, but there are sad bits. She was over excited about seeing the Spider-pig, so it's hard tell how scary the scary bits were for her. It's pretty brutal, even if it is off screen.
  8. I thought it was funny as Cruise was clearly trying not to crack up. He all but failed right at the end.
  9. This was good. My daughter loved it and was mostly tranfixed.. She did turn to me during the a scary bit to say she "was scared, but it's ok because I know spider pig will be coming up soon."
  10. monkeydog

    Nice games to potter around in

    Doing random delivery missions in Elite Dangerous. Docking at some station, outpost or planetary base with a new backdrop of planets or barren landscape is still a pleasant time waster.
  11. I had a 15 minute play around with the new discovery scanner. I think I like it, based on that brief go. The UI mode switching was doing my head in. Don't know if it's messy or just different than the last few years of muscle memory. The new colour grading is really nice. Still bugs me that there's no TAA in the game. Lovely lighting but it's still a mass of aliasing around stations etc.
  12. I didn't have chance to play the beta much in the end. Didn't really make it out of the 'tutorial' part of the game before having to do more important stuff. I like the fantasy miniatures look of the graphic though.
  13. monkeydog

    Alien: Covenant - 2017 - Ridley Scott

    "Get these xenomorphs of of my GOD DAMN plane!"
  14. I'm going to bump this bump, since Sunday is now tomorrow.

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