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  1. It's a streaming service, they won't need to do a deal with anyone. 2020 launch in western Europe, whatever that means for us post Brexit.
  2. I always though it was about the lightside being in tune with the force / nature and the darkside essentially strip mining it.
  3. It is the same experience for Rey, even if Luke's motivation and audience expectations may differ.
  4. I'd second this, based on being near the end of S1. The Dragon Prince (Netflix), from the same writer, is good as well.
  5. That hopefully mean the series are of the right length to tell whatever story they're attempting. The 13 episodes for the Netflix Marvel series would have worked much better if condensed to around 8.
  6. Wanda Vision will presumably be the couple having a lovely break in a series of European cities.
  7. monkeydog

    Dune - Denis Villeneuve to direct!

    Chen Chang is playing Dr Yeuh. Just Thufir Hawat to be announced from Paul's mentors. The cast looks great so far.
  8. I'd be well up for a next gen continuation of what they've achieved with Origins/Odyssey. Presumably the year off is to give the Origins team a bit of extra time on this one. Raiding the coasts of northern Europe should be entertaining enough. And fjords. Not sure what the big historical story would be in that era?
  9. monkeydog

    Star Trek Discovery

    It should be a good think about the series, from a dramatic perspective. It won't be though. Burnham will save him.
  10. monkeydog

    Amazon Prime Video

  11. monkeydog

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019)

  12. monkeydog

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019)

    I hope no one dies in this one and no one goes "Nooooooooooo". They got that out of the way quickly in IW by have Thor do two, one of which he was gagged for. I've a feeling than some people are going to be disappointed if at least one of the original Avengers doesn't die. I think if they look elsewhere for drama and closure to this phase it'll be much more interesting. I trust the Russo's to do that. Three weeks to go!
  13. Kevin Smith chatting about the Stan Lee cameo.
  14. Teasing the Index with a view of the ipd adjuster does seem like a dig at Oculus. Guess those wounds haven't healed!

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