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  1. Aw, had a look as I didn't realise quite what had been cut out. Seems so pathetic. Still a great show. Another thing you wish was required watching for kids and everyone really.
  2. If he takes down a jet in that I'll facepalm. Or cheer. Can't decide.
  3. In terms of what they've announced, they are both really similar in CPU, GPU, memory architecture and storage. Maybe one of them will pull something different with ray tracing and be clear ahead? Both teams only have so much silicon to work with. Xbox aren't trading that for a RAM scratchpad this time around. (It's not entirely fair to say Sony got lucky with GDDR5 prices last time but a 4GB PS4 Vs an 8GB XBone would have been a different story)
  4. Mine neither. It would go nicely enough behind the TV or on the floor. It also fits in one of the big drawers in the TV cabinate. That'll be absolutely fine for airflow. No problem at all.
  5. Didn't really get on with it but like the music. Left it running in the background for a bit.
  6. This is that rather splendid Blue Monday cover
  7. I don't know how you missed Wonder Woman 2 to 1983. I didn't think much to WW1348, but the rest were ok.
  8. In trying to forgot having sat through a Michael Bay film, it's easy to forget that Bay's films have some fantastic shots in them. The film's called 6 Underground and I'll probably end up watching it when struggling to find something to watch with my wife. Other than Casino Royal, I might even prefer a Bay film for entertainment over Craig's Bond run.
  9. That would be very confusing for Supergirl. "You look like my foster dad but you're my cousin and Superman?"
  10. Netflix used ILM, so didn't scrimp. Marvel have used Lola VFX for all their deaging stuff. ILM's solution was a wizzy 3d + AI based thing. Lola do most of it in 2d with artists who've spent years working on deaging the hard way. Their work still amazes me, even when it doesn't quite pan out. They had it easier with Jackson though. His current face isn't as saggy and big nosed as The Irishman's leads.
  11. This isn't true due to the consoles' storage choice. How many games this matters for is an interesting question. Are launch titles and 3rd party titles going to be be dependant on streaming from ultrafast SSDs or can PC's expandable memory bridge the gap? Even PCIe 4.0 NMVe drives will need new ways for Windows to utilise the hardware if rumours are to be believed. We also won't know for months how the consoles' ray tracing hardware compares to RTX.
  12. One issue for PC Vs Scarlett is we don't know what's going on with storage. It sounds like both Scarlett and PS5 are using at least PCIe 4.0, possibly with some custom jiggery pokery. That's going to be hard to replicate at a reasonable price on PC for a while.
  13. I can only base it a on a couple of guys I've worked with, but his almost religious commitment to concrete is a fundamentally Welsh characteristic.
  14. This is on Prime at the moment so ended up watching it. Cracking little film.
  15. Possibly not for long enough, although guess they can start planting the seed of that stuff.
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