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  1. It better be Bossk. I'm slightly obsessed with his boots. They look like they're made out the feet of one of his species. There's a hell of a back story right there. Probably his way of honouring his dead wife, who was tragically runover by a speeder, the only remains being from the shins downwards. "Her feet shall be with me, always". Sniff.
  2. It'll stick with feature phones and cram in late 90's nostalgia. The late 90's were, after all, the peak of our civilization.
  3. Crazy for them to get upset about it when '89 Robocop doesn't even have a willy.
  4. Really? I thought the Oats Studios shorts were fun
  5. There's enough to his performance that he could also just be messing with Maeve when he said that as well. Top stuff.
  6. They've put up a bonus podcast with Jared Harriss for anyone who's unsubscribed having thought it was finished.
  7. Just done chapter 2 of the Blades DLC. I can understand why playing happy families is thematic, but it's really fucking dumb to force it on the main character.
  8. I've not read the book, but if it doesn't have the national lottery hand ending like the original TV series I'll be well disappointed.
  9. I thought there was the whole Quill's a jerk scene that essentially served the same purpose.
  10. Fury Road is too good. Anything following on can't be a good can it? Please don't be mediocre!
  11. Introducing Ms Marvel in a Taika Waititi Thor film doesn't sound like doing justice to her character. There's good story telling potential in Thor & Jane's Thor together, even if they don't include the great stuff from the comics mentioned upthread. What female superhero would you have in a Thor movie instead?
  12. I think we're getting there. Any shows before recently were constrained by VFX, budgets and distribution. Streaming services are desperate for rich content. We're getting a Bene Gesserit for christsake!
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