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    i really liked it. your verdict on it will probably depend on what you think of sofia before the movie, if you think she makes emotionally detached, painfully slow, story-less films about boring rich people's boring lives you will find plenty in this film to support that conclusion. however, if you adore how she carefully creates mood, then lets that atmosphere simmer quietly, her subtle character development and understated character moments, you'll find much to like. it's kinda a character study made from a distance, which is weird to me but it somehow works. it's similar to lost in translation in many ways, but not as charming nor quite as well made. the opening twenty minutes are rather dull and not much fun to watch, deliberately so to establish the soulless existence of the main character, but you come to appreciate them at the end of the film. that said, it is still indulgent and it could do with being trimmed. the film picks up strongly when it focuses on the relationship between the father and daughter, one beautifully developed through action rather dialogue, where all these small moments add up to you really buying what's going on with the characters, and is a joy to watch, with some really good acting by elle fanning in there. there's very little music in the film which is a shame as sofia has exquisite taste, and there could be more during the scenes between the father and daughter, even though it make sense for there not to be any during other parts. thought the ending worked very well, but i think i'll be in the minority on that one.
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    The Suburbs

    I'm a little surprised by some of the negativity here as i pretty much love it, with a few reservations of course. There are some wonderful songs in there: Sprawl II, Suburban War, Ready to Start, are just a few great tracks, but most impressive to me is how it works as an album; they really are good at setting a theme then making a cohesive piece of work around it, and The Suburbs flows so well. The progression in the sound is quite nice too, less anthemic and more measured, which threw me off at first, but still distinctively Arcade Fire, and the themes resonate well with me too. My hangups are that it's too bulky, as i don't like very long albums unless they are very ambitious, and this isn't, so it could really do with being a bit leaner, and that Sprawl 2 suggests an interesting direction for them that isn't explored enough for me. Funeral was one of those albums which i'm unable to be objective about thanks to the personal context of when i first listened to it, so i can't compare them, but after spending a while with The Suburbs, and letting it grow, as the album really is i think a grower, i definitely like it more than Neon Bible, and am really very satisfied with it.
  3. The market at large has decided, thank you very much, the overwhelming majority of people in this country cherish the BBC and don't want to lose either the BBC or the licence fee. Now would you kindly fuck off.
  4. Oh fuck off Sky. I'm very happy with Mad Men on the BBC, and want it to stay that way.
  5. hey, it adds the ability to hide the fact that you are bawling your eyes out.
  6. i loved the parts in bae-sing-se, so i'm optimistic about the city idea. more real real avatar is good news, anyway.
  7. anyone with a spare guest pass that they'd be willing to part with? i'm interested in the game, but want to see how well it runs on my shitty laptop before buying.
  8. i really hope the system a) has a virtual console for snes and nes games b) doesn't pull a psp on battery life and c) is region free
  9. nintendo just need to name their price for the 3ds. whatever it is, i'm there, before midnight, queuing, in the cold.
  10. not saying nintendo's games were hugely innovative, i'm saying that they brought a huge fucking smile to my face. whereas microsoft's belief that the industry consists only of stupid waggle loving casuals and hardcore dudebros who like only shooters made me loath gaming.
  11. flawless victory for nintendo. facerockingly awesome conference. the contrast between the horrible, creative bankruptcy of MS' yesterday and the magic of Kirby, Zelda or Donkey Kong just made it even more impressive.
  12. mass effect 2. though probably only for another week till i get my hands on galaxy 2. as for the other regularly mentioned games. i haven't played red dead, alan wake, god of war 3, street fighter or bayonetta. then i thought bioshock 2 was good, FFXIII okay and heavy rain mediocre.
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