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  1. Been playing for the last week or so, and up to collection level 254, ranked level 42 and completed the (free tier) season pass. Personally I’m loving it. Reminds me in a way of the early days of Hearthstone, where balance is a bit wonky but before the absurd power creep made the base cards unusable. Don’t think I’d pay real money (especially not 8 quid for season pass) but it’s now definitely part of my daily routine and will keep at it for the foreseeable future. Have yet to explore many of the combinations and synergies and will probably keep tinkering, creating decks around one or two interesting cards at a time, for a good while yet.
  2. Am I being dense? Was looking for Barracks or similar where I could view career stats and challenge progress, etc, but can’t seem to find anything like it?
  3. Wordle 454 X/6 FFS! I can imagine lots of streaks broken today…
  4. There’s also the fact that any game that appeared on rewards as simply ‘Play xxxx’ will have had stats screwed by people starting up to the title screen via cloud gaming and quitting out again. I think Sable was one such case…
  5. Major, major spoilers below including some relatively late-game stuff, which arguably belongs in a separate spoiler thread, but provides a counterpoint to some of the ‘random clicking’ observations. I’d say not to open unless you’ve finished the game or decided you have no interest in doing so.
  6. Works on iPad, so I imagine you’d be good.
  7. I bought a load of the 3 month codes from CDKeys, 2 at a time, in quick succession (via PayPal) with no problems. YMMV with the fraud alerts, obviously, but I had no problems.
  8. Wordle 385 1/6 No skill involved, obvs, but was a bit of a rush seeing the last letter flip over to green.
  9. My LG CX remote allows me to navigate in the XSX dashboard. I only discovered this by accident and was utterly bewildered that it worked.
  10. Pretty sure this isn’t what this is meant for, but reuniting covers with originals... Black Steel: https://rave.dj/C66H3Rtu1ggyvw Hurt: https://rave.dj/phJFlXAkXc8cww Cortez the Killer: https://rave.dj/1sXpyxf3SBZYgQ Back on the Chain Gang: https://rave.dj/25PfPFMJf3YsCQ
  11. Yo the Bear: https://rave.dj/fFrAWxKzeboGgA Damned vs Bomba Estereo You Make Me Come To Town: https://rave.dj/EC1OJS6b-N9cSA Sylvester vs Talking Heads Senshake: https://rave.dj/SSHUCEkrmDmA5w Terry Hall vs Kelis (awkward start but clicks around a minute in) Tramazi Together https://rave.dj/Tu7maQkBpL9_yg Beatles vs Black Grape
  12. Cannonball Kunta: https://rave.dj/bXfS58cmi986lw Hit Me With Your Insecurity Stick: https://rave.dj/sWFetDEaC3v1dA
  13. Pretty anonymous Adidas identikit, and surely they could have got the players back from holiday to model it for that one shot, BUT a) proper badge with proper colours, b) beautiful Bobby Robson quote inside the collar and c) a video to remind me we weren’t always failing to make the league one play-offs. Can I be 9 years old again, please?
  14. Sorry! Forgot all about it! A2Z3: A2Z4: A2Z5:
  15. Sorry - with the lack of replies (apart from Sean’s) I thought people had lost interest. Answers: For next week at work I’m doing a TV show version, plus a way-too-easy-for-rllmuk video game one. I’ll post the tv one in here when it’s done.
  16. Not wishing to be cruel but even your ‘typing the alphabet’ skills let you down there (you’re short of a Q) Answers for number 2 are: I’ve also uploaded the last 3 - third is 90s themed, fifth is basically all from inside the last 5 years or so, following complaints of middle age bias from some of my younger workmates.
  17. Attempt number 2 - hopefully a little more challenging, but still with some relatively easy ones in there so as not to completely exclude the non-film-buffs in my workplace
  18. Absolutely - no problem at all. I’m planning another one for this week, and after the results both in here (to be expected) and at work (rather less so) with this one, I’ll definitely be ramping it up a bit in terms of difficulty. Will post the new one in here later in the week.
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